Mediterranean Diet for Healthy Eating

Mediterranean Diet for Healthy Eating

* This is a guest post by Jack

If you are looking for a way to enter the healthy eating and healthy living world, the Mediterranean diet is right for you. Mediterranean diet is not just another diet or a diet plan but it is a way of living, a way of living for the Mediterranean people for more than 5000 years now.
Research around the Mediterranean diet has shown that this way of living reduces the heart attack incidents; it increases the defense of the body against cancer and reduces the incidents of Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases.


Mediterranean Diet for Healthy Eating


What Can I Eat on the Mediterranean Diet? Well, Really it’s More a Way of Living

So what is someone supposed to eat and how often, if (s)he decides to adopt the Mediterranean diet way of living? First of all it should be noted that since the Mediterranean diet is a way of living it certainly does not deprive anyone from anything. What happens with the Mediterranean diet is that your body and mind learn to live and eat healthily and do not seek anything beyond this. By adopting the Mediterranean diet you change the way you think about the meals, their size and frequency. Following it, you learn to love food and you are not deprived of the foods you love.


The Mediterranean Diet Food Pyramid

The Mediterranean diet pyramid is a nutrition pyramid that has been introduced so as to guide beginners and new adopters as to the way they should nourish themselves. Basically at the very top of the Mediterranean diet is: Fruits, vegetables, nuts, pasta, dairy products and whole grain products.


Since we all start the day with breakfast, it is very important for this first meal of the day to be rich and to consist of the basic components of the Mediterranean diet. The choices are plenty and variations are numerous. Your breakfast can be a toast with honey and white cheese and an egg or it can be plain yogurt or yogurt combined with nuts and fruits. In the Mediterranean countries breakfast is usually, whole grain bread, a few slices of white cheese, a few black olives and a few slices of tomato or cucumber.


Snacks are eaten throughout the day and they can be various in-season fruits or nuts with dried fruits. Nuts are high in calories and high in fats but most of the fats are non-saturated fats. An excellent snack is the combination of raisins with Almond nuts. A snack that would give you all the necessary energy and stamina to make it through the day.


Lunch should be of medium size mostly consisting of vegetables in many forms and fish. Here you have many choices. You can have healthy salads topped with dairy products such white cheese, ricotta, feta, Beyaz Peynir or Halloumi cheese, or it can be a nice vegetable soup. The choice of fish is indeed great and it varies from tuna, salmon to sardines, mussels and oysters all of which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids very valuable and beneficial for the brain and heart.


Dinner should be the lightest meal of the day and eaten as early as possible so that it can be digested before bed time. Dinner can consist of any of the components of the Mediterranean diet. It can be a salad, a fish dish and a toast or sandwich with cheese. Meat is part of the Mediterranean diet but it is in the bottom of the pyramid. White meat such as poultry should be eaten once or twice a week and red meat a few times a month.

It should be emphasized that olive oil should be used in salads and cooking as the source of good fats and in replacement of butter. Olive oil is the basis of the Mediterranean diet and one of the sources of longevity of the Cretan people.

As a conclusion and as a take away, we should understand that Mediterranean is a way of living and eating well but at the same time is a way of healthy eating for a long and healthy life.


Guest Post by Jack Guest article by Jack. Jack writes about mediterranean diet and other healthy ways to lose weight and live a better life.






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    Kristi Hines

    I’ve always been interested in this diet plan as it should be customizable for vegetarians (or those who still eat fish at least). 🙂

    Joan Nova

    Totally agree with everything as regards food choices, but find that dinner as the ‘lightest’ meal of the day is difficult and not really desirable.


      Really enjoyed reading your guest and I agree. You are right it is a way of life and no junk food; only healthy and by the way Tasty foods.


    I was reading about this diet last month and sounds like a good diet.


    The Mediterranean diet in my opinion, is the healthiest diet structure. I was raised on a traditional American diet with a bit of a Mediterranean flare in that my mother believed in a healthy, high grain breakfast. Dinner however was a bit heavier than what the Mediterranean diets depicts.

    Great post.

    claudia lamascolo

    I couldnt agree more… dinner should be the lightest meal… unfortunately most of us do it backwards… I dont eat all day till night, going to have to change that maybe I will lose some unwanted weight! Great article`


    Interesting – I recently lost 30 pounds (ten more to go) on Weight Watchers – but as I look – I seemed to have chosen the Mediterranean diet (no surprise since I’m Italian). It is a huge help NOT having dinner be the heaviest meal of the day!


    This is a wonderful diet, but I agree with Joan about dinner, it would be hard for me to keep with the light version it would be very difficult. Great post, as usual.



    Very interesting! My diet is quite similar to this one, although I really have breakfast.




    Who knew?! I’m 100% English but my diet is 100% Mediterranean. Cool! 🙂


    Hi everyone and thank you for your comments.
    Indeed the Med diet is a great diet and according to Unescu it is the world’s healthiest diet. It is a balance diet that’s why it is easy to follow and people love it.

    Some people mentioned that it is hard to eat a light dinner. That’s true but if you think about it the less calories you eat at night the easier will be their digestion while you sleep. It is a matter of getting used to the habbit of eating less at night. Once you get used to it you feel better and have more more changes to eat a good breakfast in the morning which is also important.


    Thanks for the wonderful article! Mediterranean is easier to apply in our daily life, plus they are delicious.


    @kikolani – one of the beautiful things about med diet is that you can customize it according to your own taste and preferences since there are many food items to choose form and yet keep a balance on what you eat

    @Joan-I agree it is difficult to follow a ‘light dinner’ policy but it is equally important as having a good breakfast. If you cannot keep it light then what you can do it make sure that you eat at least 2-3 hours before going to bed.

    @rita – Yes that’s exactly what mediterranean diet is, it is a lifestyle and not just a diet

    @Erica – Any diet that is balanced and not restrictive is good. Med diet is among the best you can get

    @redkathy – The origins of med diet go way back among the mediterranean countries but yes it is a diet for all

    @Claudia – if you can manage to change that habit you will certaintly lose weight.

    @norma – Try it out for a week (having a light dinner) and share you comments again.

    @Vicki – very well said, totally agree.

    @rosie – you can find more information about all the aspects of mediterranean diet in my web site,

    @Dewi – thank you for your kind words!

    @Sean – we have many easy to make recipes in our web site and you can easily try them out. Let us know the outcome


    Mediterranean is my favorite cuisine and I can do it all day long. warm with flavors, fresh and healthy! Thanks for this beautiful article.


    Totally makes sense. Healthy fresh foods and all things in moderation. My body does so much better when I close the kitchen by 7. Not always practical but makes a big difference.

    James H

    I agree, even i have been to Mallorca, and didnt think that it was so called DIET food at all.. I have always enjoyed my food there always


    hehe I need no prompting to eat Mediterranean food but I like having this extra info Gera! 😛

    Mitch Ribak

    I love Mediterranean cuisine. This diet mostly consist of fresh, seasonal whole foods and not processed foods. Preparation is also simple. Rarely deep-fried.


    @afvallen- med diet has its roots to Mediterranean countries and that includes Spain as well. Indeed the food is both great and healthy.


    Great recap on all the reasons that the Mediterranean diet is a good one, even if you discount taste, it just makes sense.

    Kristi Rimkus

    Great job describing the Mediterranean style of eating. There is so much research regarding the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. I’m going to start incorporating more of these meals into my diet.


    My best friend is Persian and their diet seems very similar to this one… Maybe that’s why she’s so tiny! I should just eat everything she eats and see if it’ll work the same for me. 🙂


    Hi! In the article you talked about unsaturated fats. Well if I want to gain weight then should I go with saturated or unsaturated fats? Also if possible please show me some examples of the one helpful in gaining weight.


      I guess you should go with saturated fats. IMO, if you want to gain weight, go for high carb foods 😀


    I agree on the fact that dinner should be light. It should be if we are on diet, Our body is not much active during night specially when you’re sleeping.

    Kristina L.

    Hi, Jack!
    Living a long and healthy life is most certainly the way that Mediterranean people are being used to. I am a big fan of Mediterranean kitchen and I like cooking everything with olive oil. However, I had no idea of the food pyramid that you presented here. In the future, I will try to stick to it, in order to take the fullest capacity out of this diet.


    Research has shown that the traditional mediterranean diet also reduces the risk of heart disease. Hmm, it’s time to try that 🙂

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