Blog Commenting and Social Networking Policy. Do You Have One? Here It’s Mine!

Blog Commenting and Social Networking Policy

If you’re following me for some time or if you’re new here (Hi!), you eventually know, how I move in the blogging area of doing/receiving comment as well as with my social networking via all my social sites.

For me the word blogging is synonym of social networking. I take this blog as a pure social media event, every possible week. Many bloggers have blog comment policy but I want to do a step further, therefore I’ll expose clearly which are my thoughts about commenting and receiving comments more how linked are also with social media.

It’s incredible that this post explaining my social-mind about commenting / social networking was “lost” on my archives of unfinished articles since several months. First I started with my move to WP, next my move offline (hate it! still dealing with problems) and now with several projects in parallel for this blog and online – but with few time for all together.


Blog Commenting and Social Networking Policy


Well without further ado and if it wasn’t obvious my position about blog commenting /social networking, here it’s:


Blogging Commenting Policy


1) Receiving Comments on this Blog

* This is easy – don’t spam my blog! I’ve installed GASP plugin and other tech measures to minimize automatic spam. But human spammers enter frequently, it’s impossible to stop all of them.

What do I consider spam?

* “Great post”, “thanks for sharing”, and..I don’t know you…and to worsen things, with a link to a spammy site or equivalent then.. deleting…deleting

* Commenting irrelevant comments no related to the article with a link to a spammy site, …deleting…again.

* Commenting relevant comments to the article, but they were extracted literally from other comment on other blog, in this case, as soon as I detect it, I’ll be deleting them fastly.

* If your personal name is “weight loss help”, “Web Hosting…” or “real state…” (really??) chances are very high that I’ll be deleting it, unless it’s a coherent and interesting comment. Also spam-filters will be probably sending you to spam: then put your real name always or eventually your [email protected] keywords.
Perhaps, for a good comment and if I’ve a name on your email address, I’d add it to your keywords, then the same would be like : your name @ your keywords, but it depends a lot of the type of comment and my “editor” mood on that day 😉


It’s OK – Name: [email protected] Blogging Tips
Wrong – Name: Pro Blogging Tips           (Unless, I know you a lot from other site)

* Don’t put deep-links to articles/sites in your URL field (e.g.
It’s evident that is done for SEO purposes and I’ll edit your URL, only showing You have also the Commentluv extra field, below in the comment area, to show your latest posts (I’m not requiring registering to show them, so you can show till 10 post of the same!)

* Putting links as signature at the end of the comment isn’t necessary; you’ve the URL-field for that purpose. If it’s an external link, it’d be completely relevant to the topic in question, if not, eventually I can edit the comment and delete this extra link.

* I suggest associating your email address with Gravatar and it’s much better to have a picture or avatar, instead of a faceless standard blue logo. They are only seconds to set up!

Feel free to comment about the articles what you want, liking or not, but in case you disagree with me, be polite and constructive – this is the best way to proceed in any case. We are all humans and we can have different opinions about everything. Like food, there tastes for all 🙂


Grey Area – Getting Borderline Comments

As always in life, not all is black or white, there are greys. The same apply to comments received, that deserve a special attention: the borderline comments. As my traffic has increased 3 times or more after my transition from Blogger to WordPress, the same affects to spam also 🙁
Although I’ve spam-filters, a handful of spams still are getting through and like most of you, my time is becoming less and less to explore deeply to each comment.

For instance: recently, I’ve been receiving legitimate comments, with proper names and links to not “bad” sites. But, after some minutes I start receiving also more legitimate comments, but now the same person changed from name @ keyword 1, now to name @ keyword 2. In an hour I receive perhaps 7- 10 comments all with same name, but different @ keywords. It’s obvious he’s manipulating the links on my blog only for SEO – come on people! After a few cases like that, the result is banning these persons or labeling as spammers permanently!

As I track my real-time stats, the situation get worst when I see tools fetching my site after several hours/days to see if the spammy-link posted were accepted or not.

My blog is partially do-follow + keywordluv enabled, and to fight those evident spammers, I’ve installed the nofollow free plugin that only allow do-follow links, after 5 legitimate comments. I bet that those borderline comments in cascade are motivated to reach the minimum number to be do-follow links. I tell to those persons / spammers that I’ll put again nofollow in that cases and probably that spammer will be banned, directly.

UPDATE 16 September 2011: Apart of the link you obtain on the URL, you’ve an extra link in the CommentLuv field.

My blog is now CommentLuv Premium plugin enabled.
With this great 8-1 multi-plugin, I can control spam, trackbacks, twitterlinks, keywords and so forth.

Now instead of Keywordluv, is KeywordName Luv. In other words, to get the @ Keywords after your name, you must have 5 comments approved. In that way, I can reward to my real readers and to refuse one-comment-spammers just for link-keywords (they can still put a valid comment, but not with @ keywords, till they reach 3 comments)
After @, the maximum number of keywords allowed are 3.


2) Commenting on other Blogs

I don’t comment on every post I read and also I don’t comment back all the time, even you commented on mine.

* Lack of time!

*  Your last post was already commented a lot and I don’t know what to add. To put just a “great post” I prefer to not comment at all.

* Or your last post is about a theme I’m not interested in or I don’t know anything about it.

* On a specific post, the comments done before are almost “long posts”. As my writing in English isn’t fast I’d wish (my native language is Spanish) and to spend tens of minutes writing it, I prefer to read then, go on.

* If you publish everyday or very frequently, I can’t even visit you or may be I do read and move – time is evil!

* If an article worth commenting even if it’s a new blogger or A- blogger, perhaps I can comment depending of my time at that moment. It’s impossible to be commenting everywhere all the time 🙂

* If I comment on your blog someday and you can comment back on my blog is great, but I know is not always possible.
Top bloggers independently of the niche, don’t comment back – but for “normal” bloggers, yes they should comment from time to time – like my case and avoiding these social networking fails.

I apply the Karma blogging law (I believe in the karma law offline and online, in blogging as well). What does it means?

* If I don’t receive a comment from you in several weeks but – I see you commenting on other blogs on that period – perhaps I’ll read your recent posts but I’ll not comment. If I see some “sign of life” respect to my person or to my blog e.g. sharing my posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, StumbleUpon or voting on other social sites, I’ll visit you when I can, or share some of your posts in my social sites.

On the contrary, if you disappear completely of my blogging-stream and, I repeat sorry!, I see you interacting like commenting, voting or sharing on other bloggers on that term, then since that moment, probably, I’ll begin to ignore you utterly in terms of commenting.

Why I’d comment, if you don’t comment in mine, don’t share any of my posts and don’t vote on some of the popular social bookmaking sites – you’re ignoring me, so don’t expect other reaction from me.
I know it’s hard, but I want being honest and clear about the situation.

As you notice, in my mind commenting is linked with social networking.

I’ve experienced many times this position and, more social I’m – and my blog is evolving on that direction, less tolerant I’m with bloggers doing it. If I’m a piece of “transparent glass” for you, hence you’re also “transparent” for me.

Is it possible reverting that situation? Surely! If you reappear in my blogging-stream again, I’ll change accordingly.

I reiterate, on top blogs is evident that those bloggers don’t comment back or re-share on his/her social channels your posts frequently, because it’s near impossible having thousands comments per week. But this situation doesn’t apply to more “normal” bloggers and feedback between bloggers should be normal currency.

Feedback can be also no commenting here, but linking outside from your blog to some of my posts, therefore I’d receive a notification via pingback. Be aware, that not always I receive a pingback from your post, I don’t know the motive.

Interact with me and I’ll try the same when it’s possible 🙂


3) Replying on My Own blog

I’ll try replying to most of my fresh and new own posts as soon as I can. After many days, I’ll just read the comments – yes of course – I do read every single comment done here!

On older posts if the commenter asks a question, doubt or similar I can reply too, but in several cases I can send, directly, an email if it’s important.

Guest bloggers must reply to all the comments done on their own posts published here, after few days,..not all have done..mission not accomplished…but I’m encouraging to interact with people. This is a social blog, so be social 🙂

I’ve changed my guest post guidelines to request guest posters to reply comments of their own posts.
Off topic for guest bloggers: I’ve increased my minimum of words and don’t bother to send me an article, for free, if you are not a blogger. I cannot go on rejecting and sending several emails per week due to crappy articles or because they have links to commercial sites, not blogs.


Social Networking Policy

* Twitter – if we, both, were following each other ….and you un-follow me, I’ll un-follow back. Probably, I’ll delete you also of my twitter-lists.

From time to time, for this task I check, manually, my “un-follows” with
If you begin to tweet crap, just offers or sent me several DMs with offers…..I’ll be un-following you! It’s necessary to manage my time online wisely.

Specifically for Twitter, I’ve few semi-automated shares from people I trust on their posts and I control them periodically to see their quality. In case I see posts are becoming of low quality, I’ll delete it from some of the Twitter tools I use, like Dlvr, TwitterFeed, Triberr, or not sharing, directly via e.g. Buffer.

* Facebook – if you “un-friended” me – I’ll take notice for future reactions on my part.
I use this application who alerts me if this happened. Recently I’ve disabled when I receive many emails per week, but oftentimes I enable it when I’m in this mood.

Situations that happen frequently, in social sites – if you:

Ask just for votes and you never vote mine, I’ll ignore you at first stage and if this situation continues, I’ll un-friend or un-follow you (The name depends of the specific site)

– Overflowing: e.g. on Stumbleupon if I communicated to you to not sharing with me more than 1 or 2 per week (I can have tens in few hours!) and you insist, sorry buddy, but you’re too noisy (and abusing of my time)…you’ll be deleted of my stream. Check out more in deep my post about StumbleUpon tips and tricks.

I reply you some of your questions, @replies, DMs, internal messages and you don’t bother to reply back, or worst ignore me often- sorry but again you’re gone!

Freshly on Google Plus and more with my #FollowFriday Google Plus post, I started to see people who follow you and immediately un-follow you (by the moment this can be done purely by hand) so for this twisted minds, I’ll un-follow you too as soon as I notice.

I don’t follow you if you share exclusively your own links or you share bullshit. I respect your decisions on what you share, but my streams and time is mine 😉

The same criteria apply to other social communities I’m involved semi-frequently with, namely BlogEngage, Blokube, WPJunkies, SERPd, Foodbuzz, Bloggers, etc.

Don’t expect that I’ll share / vote up a post from you, if it doesn’t deserve it for its quality, no matter if I know you or not.
I tend to vote or share independently if I know the person who has written it or not, more if they are excellent posts in my weekly-limited-time online.
But in case I follow you on my RSS readers or social streams, possibly I’ll give you more ups on my social channels 🙂


Networking By Email

* If you pitch me by email to put a link to your newest article on my posts and I don’t know you, at first stage I’ll suggest you to comment on my blog with Commentluv enabled (in that way your article will show for all the people). Other possibility is to write a guest post for my blog, but if you continue sending these types of emails just for the link, I’ll delete them directly.

* I’ve said before on point (3) but I must stress, if you try to be a guest writer on my blog, don’t send me low quality articles (bland, not formatted, not internal links, not the minimum of words – worst copied from somewhere).
If you send me an article that is pointing out to a commercial site, sorry I’ll treat you as a sponsor and not as a guest blogger.

* Out of the blue, you subscribed me to your newsletter (without any permission from my part!) – and I don’t know you – well.. I’ll mark you as spam and your IP will be black-listed in several servers. From now on, your newsletter will be spam – think twice before do it!
(I never click in unsubscribe-links coming from spammers, because overall it’s a form to confirm the address for sending more spam)
If I know you, may be I’ll require to change of email address or to delete it from your mailing list (this is always a good idea to have specific emails just for newsletters, different of your principal emails)

* You send me press releases and you try that I share them with my readers, it depends a lot of their quality and compatibility with my topics.

* You sent an email with BCC, granted – I’ll delete it.

* You sent emails to me but with CC showing alllllll other emails in it, you don’t understand anything, …again deleted!

* You sent me an email offering your SEO services…no doubt, delete it and marked as spam right away.

* Don’t send me an email saying I like your blog and after reading inside it’s evident that you don’t know my name!, or my posts or my topics. If you want I’ve an about me page for more information before connecting with me.

* You’re welcome to send me offers to share with my readers and followers like giveaways, review of your info-products, software or physical products, but they must be related to my blog topics: blogging – social media and food connections.


Why am I doing all these precisions?

Because time is gold. Time is completely democratic: all have 24 hours a day no matter gender, social position, age, etc so the trick is to manage this gem wisely, during days and weeks …..and more in the relationship with other bloggers.

On my long-term blogging strategy, I’m doing several new tasks, apart from writing and networking, hence my time is scarce, and these are the online reasons why is happening (I’ll take some time, but I’m working on that):

Coming up in the – blogging – social media field with a foodie touch….

# Newsletter
# Podcasts
# More Product Reviews
# Slides – Presentations
# Videos

#Out of this blog, working in my own Mini-Niches

And to spicy up in the middle, increasing my guest posts on other blogs and to be more active on new social sites (failing on those points by the moment, but I’ve pending in my calendar)

As you see, there’s a lot of work to do and I expect ending most of them satisfactorily, according to this successful blogging recipe.
Of course, I can’t forget the other “offline life” with family, friends, work and healthy workout habits all necessary to have certain equilibrium 😉


I know it was a long post! If you read it till here, thanks so much – You’re a Champion 🙂
If You Skimmed it, you’re Awesome too – hope you found something interesting!

You know, it isn’t easy to reduce in few words, the most common of the interactions between bloggers 😉

I wish the offline relationships were honest and show clearly what you can expect from others, plus what you can give also, but the real world don’t work like that…therefore it’s possible to make the intent in the online world…


Do you have blogging policies / social networking policies on your blogs?
Do you consider it necessary? Which of the points mentioned, are you doing different and why?

Tell me your experience – I’d like “listening” your mind 🙂


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    Good to know about that “great post – thanks for sharing” thing because I do say that. Wouldn’t want anyone thinking I spammed them.
    I wish I had more time to comment, re-comment, etc. Unfortunately the day job takes precedence. But I do try.
    Thanks for more good tips, Gera. I always learn something when you post to your blog.


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