Five Mid-Morning Snacks

Healthy Mid Morning Snacks


Mornings are the toughest part of the day for many of us, and after coffee or an energy drink, we can get ourselves motivated. Sometimes we simply do not have the time to brew that pot of coffee, or we forget to bring it with us. Other times coffee just is not enough to get us through to lunch.



Healthy Mid Morning Snacks


Here are five mid-morning snacks that can get you through to lunch and tame that grumpy tummy or give you the little boost to get through.


100-Calorie Goodness

Companies like Nabisco © and Kraft© have developed snacks that fills the bill for a mid-morning snack. They make little bags of Cheez-its© or cookies that have only 100 calories and they do not interfere with your caloric intake if you are dieting. The key to eating these are keeping yourself to having just one bag and saving room for lunch. There is also just enough sugar to get you by and not make you jittery. Find 100-calorie packs in many vending machines and in bulk at your favorite grocer.


A Handful of Peanuts

Peanuts are a great source of protein, come in a variety of flavors, and come in salted, roasted, and raw varieties. They do contain fat but it is not the saturated kind. Pistachios are also a great healthy snack food but are a bit more expensive. Try stay away from the honey roasted kinds that are easily accessible at most stores; they contain a lot of sugar for the amount of food you are eating.



Grapes are very satisfying, and have good water content. They also have natural sugars that give you a juicy little boost. Grapes also come in a vast array of colors and you can find seedless as well. A Zip-lock© bag full of these little health food gems is a great way to get through that mid-morning hunger craving.


Apple Slices

Apple slices are another fruit that works well for snacking. They have fiber, and the natural sugars and low calories are perfect for most any diet. Half an apple should be good for most mid-morning snacks. You can spice up your snack and add a little flavor with a smattering of peanut butter. The contrast in taste is a delight, and the peanut butter adds protein that is excellent for giving you a healthy boost.


Pigs in a Blanket?

Yes, pigs in a blanket. This is not a recipe post, but here is a quick way to make delicious mid-morning snacks for the entire week.

You need a can of biscuits, and a package of turkey sausage links. Turkey sausage has 60% less fat than regular sausage and has that substance and meat that many people crave for a snack. Pre-heat the oven to 400, and open your can of biscuits. Spray Pam or put grease on a cooking or biscuit sheet. Preferably, Pam as there are no calories.

Take out the biscuits and roll them flat with your hand. You can then place a sausage link inside of the biscuit and fold the sides of the biscuit around the sausage so that it is covered. Place all of the sausage biscuits into the oven and bake for ten minutes.

You can even place a small piece of cheese along with the sausage when you are cooking it, or condiments and other surprises if it suits you.

It is a real time saver to make these over the weekend, and then get up and take one or two with you to work in the morning. When you get to work, or are ready for a snack, just microwave them when you are ready.


Which is Your Favorite Mid-Morning Snack?


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claudia lamascolo

I always eat fruit for snacks, not to sweet though since the sugar content could be really high if you don’t watch it… since watermelon is 95% water I usually eat alot of that… unfortunately I cheat alot too lol… I just love my cheese… not a good snack really for cholesterol. Great info and great guest post enjoyed this alot!


    It’s ok to cheat every once in awhile, and cheese is a great source of calcium… As long as you eat in moderation you shouldn’t feel too guilty.


I like to call it my second breakfast. =) Grapes and fruit are always a great choice!


Hi Diane, Nice mid morning snack ideas. Being a dessert freak and a Nutella lover, a slice of wheat bread with a swipe of Nutella is a favorite “get me through” snack!


Cranberries are always a great choice, specially if you add them to oatmeal or cold cereal. And you can never go wrong with pb&j sandwich. 😉


Glad you found this helpful. Thanks for commenting!


I really should try nutella and bread since a few of you have made a comment about it.

Sunny side up might take a bit longer to make but it’s totally worth it. When I don’t have time to make anything I’ll have a protein/breakfast shake or granola bar. It gives me the energy I need until lunch time.


I never eat before 12pm, unless I go out for a walk (I cannot swallow anything in the morning)… Generally I drink a green tea.




Apple is always a large part of my diet because as the old saying goes: One apple a day keeps the doctor away.


My morning go-to snack is:
Plain, non-fat Greek style yogurt with 1 1/2 TBS nuts and raisins.


In the mornings my cup of coffee. I allow one per day unless I go out to dinner and must have that “tinto”. For a snack, I like my berries.


I love fruit smoothies as a mid morning snack. Great write up and reminder of healthy snacks.


I will usually eat a piece of fruit as I’ve always got them handy. If there’s any raw nuts in the pantry I will grab a handful of those.


Diane…well put together post…snacking from 6-11 A.M. is what I do best…especially with fruits and a great variety of nuts ;o)

Gera…I’m glad to be finally back for a visit…I’ve had difficulties keeping up with everyone ;o)

Have a great week and flavourful wishes,


    I’m always snacking too, and fruits and nuts sound pretty healthy to me. Thanks for stopping by.


Thanks for the suggestion. I usually do tea and toast, but I will have to give coffee and bread a try too.

Daniel L.

Grapes and apple slices seem a nice treat. But my favorite mid morning snack would be chocolate cupcake and pineapple juice. Handful of peanuts could be an afternoon treat for me or whenever we bought peanuts to cook from the local grocery store. I agree that mornings could be toughest part of the day, usually I eat rice when I eat breakfast.


I must say that I love those 100 calorie snacks. They’ve definitely saved the day and prevented some diet derailing!


Wow, the content was so tasty and sweet to read. Anyhow, after going through the entire stuff around, seems need to visit refrigerator in the very early morning as ma mom was always asking me to make a visit to it, though, wasn’t a big fan of it, but need to be from now onwards. Thanks. Keep it up.


Sweet foods are really love by kids, so have this nutritious sweet foods for the mid snack of your kids. It is calorific ideal for them because they are very active. They need this to boost their energy.Especially in the morning when they don’t well during breakfast.


what? m just super amazed by knowing the hidden fact that there you people don’t have pistachio in Philippines. Sounds pity but true, according to you. Well, must say, it tastes like amazing, you must get it from somewhere, or should gift that to you on your birthday? hehe, kidding. Hope you taste it. Best of luck.


This list is really helpful – most of the time my coffee definitely does NOT get me through to lunch so I’m going to have to keep these in mind. Another thing I’d add to this list is a banana – those always fill me up and they taste really good with peanut butter or maybe a little nutella if you’re feeling indulgent. Have you tried that?


My favorite snack which usually eats like a meal and a quick meal is toasted pita, hammus and olive oil. I also puree vegi’s in a magig bullet alot. That way I don’t have to spend too much time on cooking and more time working 🙂


The mid-morning snacks suggestions are great and really helpful. A person who is on a diet should not let himself get hungry too much because the tendency to eat too much on the next meal is more likely. Dried fruit snacks are great too as long as no preservatives added.

(Edited URL)


    I love dried mango. I bought some dried pineapples yesterday and the packaging said 0% Vitamin C. How can this be? Did they dry the vitamins right out of it? I love pineapple and I was looking forward to these tasting amazing and being good for me but it must have been something they did to them to take out the good nutrition…

Mitch Ribak

Thank you for a very good selection of snacks.

I would personally stay with Apples and Grapes. Both are my favorite fruits and I am comfortable having these anytime during the day.


Good advice here! I never thought to make my snacks (like the pigs in blankets) the night before and then heat them up on the way out the door – I am a late riser so this time-saving tip is just perfect for me. Thanks 🙂



I would go with grapes or an apple. Almonds are good too. You can also get single packages of oatmeal and just add hot water.

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