Sweet Foods: Practice Self-Control not Self-Deprivation

Craving Sweet Foods: Chocolates Picture

* This is a guest post by Alvina Lopez

If you are one of those people who can enjoy cheesecake made of Splenda and egg whites, then more power to you. There are a variety of recipes substituting sugar, chocolate, and flour for healthier ingredients.

For some of us, those substitutes just don’t cut it. I am one of those people, and I can’t say I enjoy sugar-free products or gluten-free cakes and cookies. They may have fewer calories, but most people (including me) have to eat about ten more cookies just to feel somewhat satisfied.

Craving Sweet Foods: Chocolates Picture


What if instead, we ate- GASP one real chocolate chip cookie instead of ten gluten free ones? The consequences/results: You may lose a few pounds. This may sound surprising, but in actuality, losing weight or maintaining your weight does should not require deprivation and misery.

All you need to practice is a bit of self-control. It may take a while for you to get used to exercising portion control when it comes to delicious desserts. However, once you have the strategy down, you will eat smaller portions without much thought!

Here some issues to consider when you are about to eat dessert. When it comes to weight issues, you should always tell yourself: Mind over body!


Chocolate Cake: Consider Your Calorie Intake for the Whole Day

You feel a chill down your spine: another birthday cake in the office. It seems like there is always some reason to celebrate in the workplace. Doesn’t anyone actually WORK anymore? The truth is you don’t have to fret every time there are desserts at your office or even in your home. Instead, you should do a simple version of a cost-benefit analysis.

For example, think of what you’ve eaten over the course of the day. Did you eat a whole plate of tacos and French fries for lunch? Then you should probably have just a bite or two of that birthday cake. However, if you had a salad for lunch and probably won’t have a very large dinner, treat yourself to a piece of cake! Either way, at least have a bite. If you deprive yourself for too long, you will end up eating the whole cake when no one is looking.


More is Not Always Better

This is probably the most important rule of thumb to remember. Just because one cookie tastes delicious doesn’t warrant you eating another nine of them. Eat slowly, enjoy yourself, and STOP after one or (at most) two cookies/pieces of cake/pie.


Stress Eating: A Definite Path to Weight Gain

People often turn to desserts when they are stressed at home or in the workplace. This is because carbohydrates provide you with extra energy and release certain hormones into your body, like serotonin. It is important to find other ways to control your stress. Go to the gym, walk around your neighborhood, or have a cup of coffee with a friend!


Alvina Lopez is a freelance writer and blog junkie.  She welcomes your comments at her email Id: alvina.lopez @gmail.com.

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claudia lamascolo

I love these candies, they look amazing! Great guest post! I love all the comparisons great read! Loving the read.. hope you have a great weekend… great to have you back xoxo!


I whole heartedly agree. Give me the really stuff any day.


Great points…not sure I could ever resist a genuine chocolate piece (not some faux-thing)!


Very nice post Alvina. You have made great points. I especially like the one about stress eating. I know many who do eats this way have struggles with weight gain. The ups and downs in sugar levels and weight are certainly not healthy.
Eating anything you like with restraint, as you pointed out, is the right choice I do believe. Substitute sweeteners and other chemicals I think are far worse for us than refined sugars!


A great article! So true. I never dprive myself of food…




To each his/her own. I don’t mind Splenda and I won’t eat egg yolks. Since I’m not a sugar junky (although I love to bake), guess I don’t think I’m missing anything.
I agree that some of the specialty diet recipes (gluten free, etc.) can taste bad and the texture is questionable, but there are some REALLY GOOD specialty diet recipes as well. Maybe more taste testing is in order.


I think stress eating is one of the worst things anyone can do, I think it sits up there with boredom eating, sitting around with nothing to do and you start munching on crisps, biscuits etc, hmm a major no no 😉

Vernessa Taylor

Hi Alvina,

You are quite right! Self-control and moderation are the keys to managing numerous life situations, so diet and eating habits fit right in.

I’m with you … I’d much rather have the real thing! 🙂


I recently just learned how to limit my sweets intake..LOL!


Great Post. Adoro chocolates.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Fran the Online Writer

Hi Gera:
What a wonderful guest post you have here. The pictures are so good, I felt like eating one piece.

Alvina Lopez, have done a great job of tempting to eat the real thing and not the egg white and artificial sweetner .

Good post.

Fran A


Hi Dino,

You just arrived when I posted a guest post exclusively of food LOL.

You’re right this is a social blog – love social media – more blogging topics sometimes with a tech profile AND food connections, bizarre combo, isn’t it? As a techie more foodie, both topics appears frequently here. And of course I like analogies between them.

Thanks for coming by! and to know, now, that I was included on the Brankica’s e-book – I didn’t know it (I was in the middle of the transition to WP when it was released and near working in backstage)


I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said! But honestly stopping with just a bite or two is hard for me – I have an all or nothing mentality that I am working very hard to change.


I am in total agreement – I just took off 25 pounds this year (15 more to go)with “mindful eating.” If I deprived myself – I might feel the need to go crazy when I had a blip in my day (I always have blips in my days). I am learning portion control. Finally.

Sanjeeta kk

Agree to each and every statement refereed to in the post..I look out for sugar/butter substitutes for all my bakes and never frost my cakes unless the occasion demands. Lovely article.

The Chocolate Priestess

My stress level is generally quite high, has been my entire life including the bulk of my childhood. I’m not surprised what I’ve always struggled with my weight as well but depriving me of something is also a sure fire way to make me eat more of it later.


I practice moderation all the time…well, maybe, Sundays, I do tend to misbehave a little 😉

Interesting post…thanks for your dedication on keeping us in check.

Flavourful wishes,


Everything in moderation – mom really did know best.


Well this is good advice. Portion control is key but also having a life worth living, which includes sweets and junkfood sometimes, is a must. It’s all in the balance.


Yummmm to that photo. In just seeing and feeling the good feelings that photo just brought me is said to be enough satisfaction to ones mind. The smell of fresh coffee or the homey smell of freshly baked pie and/or bread…again is said to satisfy ones taste-buds. To fall into the prison of the see-food diet, meaning eat everything that you see is such a horrible trap. This trap also leads to the comfort zone eating habit. How much do we really need to eat….or are we once again fooled by media’s advertisements and idealism’s?
Food for thought 🙂


As a girl with a total sweet tooth, this article is really helpful for me because for so long I have tried to deprive myself – but like you, I just end up eating MORE of the “good for you” desserts to stay satisfied so I still end up unhappy… As does my waistline. I think if I follow these tips, though, I can keep it in check! What’s your favorite dessert?


I think my previous comment has been rejected. I try again. 🙂

I thanked you for great post. I can’t stop eating chocolate and it will never change, i guess. 🙂

Mitch Ribak

So true! I have never been able to find any comfort in the artificial flavors. I always take a bite or two of every cake brought in the office and it is pretty easy for me to stop from over eating. Unlike past, I now have control over my desserts consumption.


I’m with Lana up there – I have SUCH a sweet tooth! I’m glad there are ways to get around it, or at least to live with it and not feel so bad after eating a piece of cake or candy. Thanks!! 😀


I’m glad I found this article, not only do I LOVE food (that’s what one of my blogs is about- whenever I eventually get it up and running!). But I am also a huge stress eater. Food is so comforting to me and even if I’m having a terrible day and nothing seems to be going right, food temporarily eases my pain… the problem is it’s only temporary and then I regret it later or the next day when I can see it on my thighs. Lol. But I’ve been trying very hard over the past few months to practice moderation, I definitely have my slips but I’m working on it!

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