Guide How to Import Blogger to WordPress with Error in Your Google Account and Can’t Authorize

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Moving from Blogger to WordPress and get an authorization Error in your Google account (Gmail), “access-denied”, stopping all the importation process? Also having a limit-size Error when you’re transferring your Intense Debate comments to WordPress? Well, you aren’t alone!

This is my experience with my unconventional move to and the solutions I’ve found. Really hope this tutorial-series will be helpful to other bloggers.

And YEAH finally I’ve ended my migration! 🙂  It feels awesome not to be working in WP-migrating themes that should take few days and not weeks, after my announcement of my move to WordPress.


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I decided to write my first “new” guide post in WordPress, giving all the details with the unexpected problems found and the other ways I needed to take ending, successfully, the transition.

I’ll be posting 2 different articles in successive weeks, explaining:

1) How to Import Blogger to WordPress when the Access to your Google Account is Denied

2) – a) How to Import Intense Debate comments to WordPress while getting an Error in maximum limits with your Exported xml file
b) Essential WP Plugins you need to Install Immediately to Reduce Spam, Spammy Pingbacks & Trackbacks and How to Avoid your crazy Ping-Spamming

So relax, take a cup of coffee (with chocolate much better) and enjoy the ride with the first part!


1) Guide How to Import Blogger to WordPress with Authorize-Error in Google Account

I won’t cover the “normal” process of the transition, because there is extensively covered in my articles of reference at the end of this post. I’ll cover the non-conventional ones I needed to take. Let’s go:

  • Install WordPress: checked
  • Backup your Blogger blog – means Export it: checked
  • I’m using my custom domain, so I need to switch back to my checked
  • On WordPress plugin Directory, find the plugin to Import Blogger into WordPress. Install: checked
  • Start the Importation: checked
  • Begin Authorization to grant access of the WordPress to Blogger via your Google account: checked
  • Going to your Google account, really a Gmail, and accept to connect the Blogger blog with the new WordPress blog…and cannot grant access: FAILED!!! WT**F!!!

I received the following error-message:

The page you have requested cannot be displayed. Another site was requesting access to your Google Account, but sent a malformed request. Please contact the site that you were trying to use when you received this message to inform them of the error. A detailed error message follows:
The site “” has not been registered.

Or I’ve had also the nasty version in Spanish:

No se puede mostrar la página que has solicitado. Otro sitio web estaba solicitando acceso a tu cuenta de Google, pero envió una solicitud errónea. Por favor, ponte en contacto con el sitio web que estabas intentando utilizar cuando recibiste este mensaje para comunicarles el error. A continuación verás un mensaje de error detallado:
El sitio web “http://” no se ha registrado.

Of course my site was properly moved and installed. The propagation to my new server was ended very few days ago. This error turned out my migration from Blogger into WordPress totally cancelled!


Roadblock 1 – Transfer Blogger to WordPress

Days to find out how to solve this problem! I tried everything, cleaning history of different browsers, clear cookies, different machines, other gmails / administrators and wait a day to see if I had luck…nope 🙁

It was impossible to contact support, to whom? This was an internal error-problem between Blogger and
My site was brand new on WP, without content just the post after the installation, and I put only a note warning that I’m in transition, plus receiving spam constantly (see it later on the WP plugins takeway in next post)


* Solution to Roadblock 1 Authorize-Error, Export Blogger to WordPress

I was reading in forums / posts with this problem – believe it or not – it’s quite common! Finally, I needed to change the direction of the move: Convert my exported backup blogger file.xml and importing directly as a WordPress file.wxr

In other words, convert files of Blogger.XML to WordPress.WXR

This application will save your life: go to enter your Blogger file.xml and ‘Convert’ to WP.wxr


App Convert Files Blogger xml to WordPress wxr Image


With the brand new WP file go to WordPress Tools / Import / WordPress.

Now, you’ll be using the Import Tool for to!
In my case, I passed from a transition of Blogger to a migration from to – bizarre.

Theoretically the next steps were easy, just to import that file and done…but nope 🙁


Roadblock 2: Import File.WXR to


WordPress Importer plugin from wxr file image


Install the plugin WordPress Importer and upload the File.WXR.

But again a problem arose; depending of the quantity of posts/comments/images, etc your file xml has, then now your converted WXR, can be big and if it exceeds the 2 MB the importer DOESN’T WORK. If you try it, it’ll return back to you: file too big.
My file was near 4MB!


WordPress Importer plugin Maximum File Size 2MB Picture


Once more on the road looking up a solution. Or you touch PHP memory limits (I don’t know if this work) or better you split your WXR into several smaller pieces, in my case were 4 of 1MB.


* Solution to Roadblock 2: How to Split a WXR file

Thankfully to this small free program WXR File Splitter found on WP forum, you can split your WXR (WordPress XML RSS) file, for Windows.


How to Split a WXR file Image


As every program tried from web, it’s paramount to check who made it and verify it before with antivirus / malware or software you trust.

Then you set to split into files lower than 2MB and you can import, one by one, to complete the transition. Today there is a new version 1.51 – I used the version 1.02.

It was magical and said Yay!! when I saw appearing all my posts 🙂 – but not all the comments received and done by me on my blog. I lost lot of them 🙁    (I’ll talk about this point together with the Intense Debate comments imported too, later in the second part of the series)

I’m doing this tutorial for Youif you’re migrating and you’ve some of those problems with the importation. But really I don’t want to repeat this experience anymore! 😉

Now yes – at last, I could move on with the “normal” process of the transition from Blogger to WordPress.

But I’ve left pending all the Intense Debate comments (about half of the total of my comments), because I was waiting a solution from support of thousands of duplicated comments I’ve in my installation of Blogger. I couldn’t import them till I ended with a healthy-smaller file to handle (my next post)


I want to share as references, articles I’ve read for all this process of migrating from Blogger to WordPress – Thank You all:


As you’ve seen, I’ve been so busy in backstage dealing with the migration issues, fixing hundreds of links / comments etc. I’d add also improving the WP security (solving themes), learning about WordPress-itself, plugins and dealing with my new theme, plus all the upgrades I’ve had in the middle.

But wait! This is the first part of a series of 2 articles. The second part is coming next week with all the process related to the IntenseDebate transition, more WP plugins you’ll need to activate instantly after installing WordPress. Stay tuned 🙂

Note: I need to go on with several tech-tasks for a while, so my best of the week series will wait for several weeks. I’m starting also slowly to move my “social machine” on my preferred social networks. Those weekly recaps will be again live when I’ll have more time to compile them – hope soon.

It’s nice to be online again! Till next week with the second part!


Part 2: How to Transfer Intense Debate to WordPress with File Size Error plus WP Plugins for Immediate Installation

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    Gera…for some time I had wondered if you were going to resurrect from the cyber transition ashes. There you were visiting me this week to put a smile on my face. You were missed ;o)

    Glad to read that you are slowly figuring all this out. I wish you all the best in surviving this cyber mayhem. If anyone can do it…you certainly will iron out all the rest of the reamining wrinkles.

    See you soon and flavourful wishes,


    Gera, so glad you survived the transition! And how kind of you to share with others the details of how to do it!


    Doh! I am so glad you are here, and you’re lookin’ good!


    Sorry about all the problems you experienced Gera! Glad to see you all moved and posting again! Thanks for showing us how you solved your problems – very helpful for people.


    Oh my, sounds like a PITA! I’m thinking of moving to wp too but it sounds so troublesome! Thanks for the info anyway, will be bookmarking this if I migration ever comes to mind again!

    Vernessa Taylor

    Hi Gera,

    Watching your progress on solving the myriad problems cropping up, I was really cheering for you! One thing about technical difficulties, after the pain comes the pleasure.

    Excellent idea to share your learning in a 2-part guide so others can benefit.

    Your blog is looking good (and as tasty as ever).


      Hi Vernessa,

      Really they were a myriad of problems, but fortunately it is over 🙂

      While I was writing it was getting longer and longer so in 2 different posts is more “edible” each and plus more SEO-friendly.

      Glad you like it, it isn’t ended, but it’s a good start in the new WP!

      Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.


    Hey Gera,

    I was faced with the same problem in December ’10. I did the same thing as you did. But the disadvantage of this is that you won’t get the right permalinks, so I had to use some other plugin to fix it (don’t remember the name of it). Anyway, thank you for sharing your story.

    Jeevan Jacob John


      Hi Jeevan,

      Oh you had the same issues, well great you had solved and all it’s ok by now.
      Yes the permalinks are problem, first the structure to match the blogger-type. Then I installed a plugin to fix most of them and now it’s controlled by permalink finder.

      I tried to expose my experience of the transition to help others with similar issues.
      Thanks for coming by!


    Thanks Shaan! I wanted to show the alternatives when this error appears and change all your plans 😉


    And what a guide it is, Gera!

    Many of my readers ask me about migrating to WP; now I know where to send them.


      Ana tried to reflect my not-pleasant-unplanned experience when I did the move from Blogger to WP.
      Hope that can be useful for people that are having these problems out there.
      Thanks for coming by!


    Mimzy Wimzy sorry to hear that. I’ve passed that stage and I didn’t like either. Hopefully some of my experience can help a little.
    The best of the luck to you!


      Wow I know – you must be delighted 🙂 Great news!!
      I recommend as browsers Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Avoid Internet Explorer, no matter if it’s the latest version or not.


      Now you’re on WordPress, you can already enter in the Commentluv plugin premium giveaway for WordPress, I’m having right now 🙂


    You’re very welcome Ro!!
    My experience with the transition from Blogger to WP is being useful – great! 🙂


    I mentioned to you I was thinking about the move from blogger to WP. After reading all about your “MOVE”, I find it so complicate to go ahead with it. Better I wait the first step took you. WHat took you days, I am sure it will take me “months”.
    If I happen to do I will let you know.



      It’s a good move to go from Blogger to WP. My case wasn’t the standard; there are easier ones that you can do it rapidly.
      Anyway, I’m here if you want some advice about it 🙂


    Ok so the blog I’m working on right now is a food blog and my friend got me the site and set it up on his server, etc etc, and it’s on WordPress. But it’s been slow going getting it set up since this is all new to me, and I’d like to work on another more personal blog about no real specific topics and was thinking about setting it up on Blogger (as recommended to me by a professional blogging friend). Should I just set it up on WordPress as well or would it be easier for me to set up and manage myself on Blogger? I wanted the food one on WordPress because I want it to be more of a professional site.


      Blogger is easier but if you think on long term, WordPress is the option. Is it worth the extra effort? Definitively! You start on Blogger and after few months / years you need to do a complete migration to WP and perhaps like mine.
      Thanks for all your comments!


    Hi Gera! I wanted to say thank-you for posting this! I referred back to it many times when I was migrating my blog and it was a life saver. I ended up importing to first too and then to .org. I would like to add a tip – when downloading your posts from you can chose what posts to download by date – in this way you can do it in small files. I did a half years posts at a time and ended up with 7 files. It went so smooth after that – no problem importing them to org. Thanks again!


      Reeni, I didn’t know that you were migrating and this post was helpful to you! Good to hear that my experiences can assist to other people.
      I see you’ve had many of the roads that I needed to take, sorry about that.

      So interesting the tips about If I had known that posts can be downloaded by date, the second part of my transition would have been much easier.

      Happy to see that you’ve crossed the river and you’re safe on the WP arena 🙂

      Thanks for your feedback!



    Your saved me with this 😀


      Bedta happy to hear that 🙂


    Bill, having old WP versions is a potential big security problem.

    My advice is to see how is supported your theme with the latest WP version (today the 3.3.1) If the same has positive reviews on newest versions, is great, but if not, well you’d think on other themes, or themes that support latest updates. I know is a hassle, but worst is having themes that cannot update to new WP versions and the hacking problem is much worst.

    Of course, backup before install anything, and switch to the default theme Twenty Eleven. In that way, you know that the update was successful, without worrying about your theme beforehand.

    So, the procedure will be:

    Copy your custom codes or sidebars text (this save time later)
    Check on WP repository the performance of all your plugins (if any have bad reviews on the newest WP version, wait several days to see if the problem continue)
    Switch to the default theme Twenty Eleven
    Deactivate all your plugins
    Activate plugins that have positive reviews
    Activate your original theme

    Hope these advices can help. Let me know how it goes!


    Barb happy to hear that! Virtual hugs to you too 🙂


    You’re very welcome Reyna 🙂


    If you got an error in your authorization, you need to take an alternative route, like I did.

    You can maintain the PRs if you do it properly.

    To retain the same structure like you had in Blogger, you need to choose in WP the -> custom structure: /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html

    Hope this tip can help a little and thanks for coming by Sunish!


    Sunish, great to know it!

    About the domain, yes it seems that via Google you have for only 1 year.

    This is a risky play, I don’t know how it can work, because once your domain expired, is available for purchase for everybody and also I don’t know if the normal price is maintained in this condition.
    Anyway, you’d consult to Goddady. Also you’d consult to Enom/Google perhaps there is other alternative. Sure they are big boys, but sometimes they answer consults when you need to pay something 😉

    Let me know how it goes!


    Pfffff this was so helpful that you deserve tons of thank you comments.


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