Moving to WordPress in several weeks

Again I’ve some issue with the IntenseDebate comment system. Apart that I’ve 2 areas to comment (a problem never solved by them till now), other problem is that one single reply of a comment I’ve done by email, generated thousands of my own replies (there are still there, I was bored after deleting some hundreds).

Moreover, some comments are missing frequently and the last pearl on this week, after IntenseDebate deactivated the CommentLuv plugin to update it, they also deleted the URL field on my comments. May be they solve it in some days (or not) and support can respond it, in an eternity or never, as usual. Therefore this is enough with ID and I don’t want to return to blogger comment system, then I’ll be moving all my blog to self-hosted WordPress in several weeks.

UPDATE Jan 27, 2011:
I’ve received an email from support explaining about the URL issue and they will try to remove this glitch of thousands duplicated comments for a single reply. If they aren’t deleted, when I move to WP this huge duplicated quantity will go with me, not good.

They will also remove extra installs on this actual Blogger platform to have a better transition.

Also they informed me a WP plugin to import IntenseDebate comments from Blogger blog to WordPress. This is very useful. Thanks to support.


UPDATE Jan 28, 2011:

Support was intensively working on my template/blog and it seems is overloaded of JavaScript. After I deleted several JS widgets I’ve again 1 single area to comment, but yes it’s still lacking the URL field. The cleaning up of the blog-code can help, or at least can reduce, potential problems in the transition of the posts to WP.


If you want to comment, please use ID of IntenseDebate or enter with WordPress or use twitter.
If you wish to use name and email, the URL isn’t there; in this case put it in the area of comments your blog-link. This isn’t an advisable practice, but this is an exception and I’ll support it.

I had a pillar article to publish on this week, but after seeing other problem with the ID comment system, I suspended the post and subsequently, also posts that were ready in my draft folder – I’ll reserve them for my new WP home.

I’m preparing technically for the move and it’ll be “funny”, because I’ve half comments in blogger and the other half in ID.

Which are my next movements?

– Host my blog in reliable server, with a reasonable cost and a good customer support.
I much appreciate for WP users, which are using and why? Any suggestions?

– Transfer my own domain from Blogger to

– Try to maintain my principal emails on my own domain if it’s possible @

– Choose a WP theme, to begin free; later I’ll study the most sophisticated paid WP themes. Again, any suggestions?

– Move all my post with comments, half in blogger and the other half in ID – I don’t know how it’ll be the result of these mix of systems on the new platform, the worst scenario should be doing it, one by one, by hand….

– Update all my images on the new platform; this must be done by hand – time and more time…

– Update all my new links to try to not lose the “SEO juice” I’ve till now.

– Choose and install plug-ins. Which recommend you, as most helpful?

– Update my RSS feed to the new server maintaining the RSS feedburner.

And more tasks …and …and I hope I’ll have the less possible headaches in the transitions, but in programming often are unexpected issues.


Doing a brand-new blog, with new domain is much easier than dragging posts and comments behind to the new platform.
Then I need to focus completely in the transition. I’ll be most of my time in blogging, making the necessary steps to accomplish successfully the move.

This means that I need to sacrifice my social-networking-time for the technical-time required (I hope the less possible!)
In other words, I’ll stop visiting/commenting/sharing posts of other bloggers, till I conclude all the essential tasks to migrate to WP – sorry people!

I expect to be posting normally in my new WP home (after cleaning all the dust e.g. wrong links, settings, etc) as soon as I can, but I bet that will be several weeks in the middle.

I’ll stop using Stumbeupon and other social sites, perhaps a little on Twitter/Facebook but you can contact me anytime, I’ll be working in my blog-backyard.
Also, I’ll not post the “best of the week” series, until I end the migration – because I’ll not have time to read the articles.

In next weeks, I’ll publish and pick the winner of the CSN giveaway with and, perhaps, this will be the last post on this blogger platform.

For people using self-hosted WordPress: any kind of suggestions, articles-related, tips or ideas are welcomed 🙂

For all my actual readers and new readers – I expect to meet you virtually again as soon as I can.

Best for You,


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    You will be sooo happy when you get there.


    Hi, Gera. I’m quite happy with WordPress and hope your transition works well for your informative and entertaining blog!




    Gera, I’m so sorry you are having all these technical difficulties. Better you than me, of course, because you have the knowledge and skill to deal with it and make a transition. I’ll be looking forward to following you on your new (I’m so low tech I don’t even know the word to use!) is it platform?


    Gera, best of luck, I know when I transfered a blog from Blogger to WordPress it was not fun. I love WP and wish you the best of luck and patience my friend.
    My recent post Special Ingredients – Tonka Beans


    Sweets Foods live, woo hoo!!!


      Thanks for the visit Kathy! I didn’t move yet here the ID comments 🙂


    This is the WordPress, right? Liking the cleaness so far…take your time – can’t wait to see you on the flip side.


      Yes this is WP but a basic default theme. I’m cleaning all the “dust” after the complicated move and it’ll take several days. Lot of work to do yet!
      In some days I’ll use the new theme 🙂

      Thanks for coming by Belinda!


    I’ve moved my blogs to wordpress as well!!! Happy Weekends!


      Ohh this si great! Happy Weekend too!


    Oh BTW, I’m using Disqus for my comments now..


      Visiting you later! Why Disqus? I prefer the native system now 😉

    John McNally

    Good luck with your move to WordPress Gera. I have a Blogger site but I much prefer WordPress. I’m sure that once you get used to it, you will love the wordpress blog.

    Blogging in Leamington Spa, England


      Thanks so much John! Now I’m fixing lot of links & broken posts after migration. WP is evidently superior and also has a bigger learning curve to use it than Blogger, but worth 🙂


    Hi Heidi,

    So sorry to hear that – I know your feelings I’ve had the same problems over and over for months. Send email to support, perhaps you can have better luck.

    You’ve 3 options:

    – Switch again to blogger system. You’ll need to have a backup of your original template, because the process to uninstall of ID sometimes left the template wrong coded and you need to apply again your original template. All the comments done with ID will be lost.

    – Switch to free, there are several restrictions about what you can put on your sidebars. You can import your ID comments, depending of the size of the file. I needed partially this process to end my migration.

    Switch to WordPress self-hosted like I’m now and you can import your ID comments, some will be lost on the road. My first new post here, will explain all the process I needed to do till I end importing most of the comments.

    Of course there are other options, like tumblr, typepad, etc but I don’t think is a good idea none of them.

    Thanks and good luck!


    I Was thinking of moving too but am too lazy 🙁 Good luck with the move though!

    Winelady Cooks

    Hi Gera, I’m sorry you are still having problems. I haven’t seen any posts from you recently and I was hoping that you didn’t get lost in cyberspace – : ).

    Hope all this gets resolved soon for you.



      Hi Joanne,

      Yes you’re right – I’ve had many delays/problems and postponed many times my first new post in WP – but I’ll be publishing very soon, again 🙂

      Thanks for your good wishes and for coming by!


    Thanks Peter and hope the same with your transition!

    Mitch Ribak

    Though, I read your other posts about the completion of your website’s transition, yet this was an informative read. Now after reading this I would really congratulate you on successful transfer. The process is indeed troublesome 🙁


    Molly my thoughts? The answer is easy: I should have done it before! The possibilities compared to Blogger are endless. The downside is quite technical and you need to have some tech skills or have a webmaster or VA to manage your site. Do you have other site not on WP?


    Olga sorry to hear your problems using Headway. Unless you’d use a complete ready WP theme, without touching anything, some tweaks are necessary in most of the themes.

    The problem with the sidebar could be because, while you’re dragging and dropping, the size of the sidebar perhaps is incompatible with the other widgets you’ve already installed. Then when you drop it the same is installed randomly.

    I suggest before drag and drop to enable “Arrange Leafs” and “Resize Leafs”, so you’ve a clear landscape of where are the things situated and also the size in pixels of each of them.
    My experience is to enable both of them before moving something, and take a look of the measures of the things you’re going to move, because if they are larger than the size available the same will end, again on the bottom or the left depending of the space available on your design. When you’ve clear where to move, disable Resize Leafs, so you don’t touch the sizes of anything.

    My language isn’t English is Spanish, so I must also deal with manuals in English. So I recognize that isn’t easy when it isn’t your language.

    Really I don’t understand why you need to code, practically isn’t necessary, just editing in the VE live and save. Indeed isn’t advisable to be retouching code without fundamental reasons.

    About CSS, HTML they aren’t essential but help knowing a little. I suggest start with basic HTML that will help you no just only with WP themes, if not with how to format links or images.

    This is useful for example when you’re posting in the dashboard in the HTML tab instead of the Visual tab.

    Here is a link full of resources about HTML, just read the basic, get started, fonts, images, colors and no more than that.
    About CSS you don’t need by the moment to use HW. In my case I used very little and I used some code already accessible on other pages.

    Hope some of this can help a little!

    Good weekend and thanks for coming by.


      Olga hope you can find the culprit. I’ve installed W3 Total Cache and sometimes in the first stages with every change I did, never showed up at first. I disabled this plugin while I was designing and presto. In more recent HW updates, I hadn’t that problem, but perhaps is a good idea to make changes having W3TC disabled (in that way there is not delay due to the cache and things aren’t mixed)

      I suggest to test stuff with Chrome browser, is a good alternative together with Firefox. Don’t understand why the sidebar goes to bottom. In all my cases were because the size (or by the height or by wide), but your case seems to be of other type.

      If you’ve the possibility and have a developer license, you can install in a experimental blog to touch all the stuff and later apply to your main blog.

      You can also take a mini video of 1 – 2 minutes via Screenr or Camstudio (both free) to show the problem to support and send it via email to them.

      The best of the luck to you and good week!

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