Essential Vitamins for Good Vision

* This is a guest post by Sara

For many people, vitamins are rather elusive. After all, there is so much contradictory information available about vitamins that it’s no wonder why so many people are confused by it. The fact is, vitamins play a crucial role in health maintenance; especially with vision.


Picture of Foods: Essential Vitamins for Good Vision - Fruits and Vegetables

While everyone’s vision tends to decline as they get older, taking the right vitamins can slow the process down, allowing one to live a fulfilled life without vision problems. It’s important to know, however, which vitamins are most beneficial to eyesight, as not all vitamins are created equal.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A plays a crucial role in eyesight maintenance. While it is found in a variety of foods, those who do not eat a lot of vegetables or dairy may have a deficiency. Vitamin A has a positive effect on one’s night vision, as well as their overall quality of sight.
Vitamin A capsules are available, sometimes known as Retinol.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known the world over for its supposed immune system benefits. While it is unclear as to whether or not these benefits are truly as powerful as many people believe, vitamin C is proven to have beneficial effects on eyesight.

One of the biggest issues for those who suffer vision problems is macular degeneration, which many scientists believe vitamin C can help ward off. Vitamin C is inexpensive, and capsules are available at any grocery store or drug store.


Also known as vitamin B3, niacin is found quite often in a variety of foods, such as breakfast cereal. Many people believe that niacin can be useful for people who suffer from retinal deterioration, which is why it is often recommended by doctors to those who suffer from chronic eye issues.


Lutein may be the most important vitamin for those who wish to support their vision.
The body requires 6mg of lutein a day, and since it is unable to manufacture the chemical itself, it relies on foods in order to get it.

Unfortunately, lutein is somewhat difficult to get from a lot of foods, which is why so many people have a deficiency of lutein. As a result, lutein supplements should be taken whenever possible.

Vitamins in Foods

While supplements can make getting the right vitamins easy and convenient, the fact is that it is possible to get many of these vitamins simply through eating common foods.

Foods that contain vitamins such as A, C, B3 and lutein are:

• Carrots
• Spinach
• Sweet Potatoes
• Cheese
• Eggs
• Cantaloupe

Eating these foods on a regular basis can be just as helpful to your vision as taking a supplement. Those who find that eating these foods is not a regular occurrence for them specifically should consider taking supplements for the vitamins listed above.

Guest post by Sara
Sara Roberts is a content contributor for just eyewear, a prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses retailer.

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claudia lamascolo

Sara great job on this post. Its turn when you hit 40 someone turns a switch my vision was that way. I found myself holding things three city blocks away to read! (smile) anyone that hit that age knows what I mean… Great tips and article here nice job!
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Great post! I eat so many carrots and supplement with Lutein daily. My eyes should be perfect. The Doc did tell me that in regards to needing reading glasses I'm "ahead of the game" since I don't need them yet.
Gotta admit…it's getting close and I struggle in low light but I'm not ready to give in. 🙂
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Grand posting – sometimes take eyesight for granted – although my middle-aged convinced me not to! I certainly eat my vegetables – but just in case – take a good all-purpose vitamin!
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Great post! I just went to get my eyes checked yesterday, so this is a good reminder to keep good eye health with FOOD…and of course, don't forget the sunshine and Vitamin D!
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Good job with the post Sara…and ever so relevant. We learnt this stuff in Home Sc in school, and it has remained with me since.
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Very informative, thanks! a great post.



winelady cooks

Great info. A gentle reminder now and always helpful. Thank so much for all the great information.

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Great post Sara. My youngest has vision problems since birth. Doctors told me his problems would/could have been much worse without my taking in the essential "vision" vitamins and nutrients you mentioned here!
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My favorite part about this is that all the foods you should eat to get all of the nutrients necessary for good eye health are awesome!

My mom has macular degeneration and I hear it can be passed on to the kids. So, she is adamant about me taking my supplements!
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very informative! Thanks!
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always good for a recap even for a dietitian thanks for the kind comment on the chicken curry


Gera and Sara interesting post, I knew about Vitamin C, but not so much about how the others contributed. Thanks for all the great information.
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Thanks for the post. I take my vitamins, but darn the age…I am still wearing glasses.
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I love all this wonderful info….Thanks for sharing!


a very informative post!!

Barbie Clothes

Very informative, I'll try to eat those foods frequently.


I know carrots are good for vision but didn’t have any idea about eggs. I eat eggs on a regular basis for its protein content since am active in muscle building and it’s good to learn they are effective for better eyesight. Thanks for sharing these tips.


I love the photo at the top of the article. Fruits and vegetables are a sample of the splendor of life in fullness

(Sorry, edited URL)


Overall, veggies seem like a great source for vitamins…they are perfect….on a more related point, carrots are great vision.


Like the post, very to the point for informing readers about the food we should consume to make our vision becomes better! Thanks

Nathan Woodbury

I like it. It’s very good idea to post an article like this. Because most of the time, the part that is greatly used are eyes. And through this vitamins we can protect our vision from any harm.


Thanks for the post. I found it very informative. Taking vitamins in addition to eating a balanced diet is a great way to ensure that your body is getting the nutrients that it needs.


The best part about vitamins is that you take them for one specific problem and can aid with a few others in the same time. Considering that some of them are also antioxidants, taking such supplements is more than welcome. So this is a very useful resource, great work!

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