Foods to Ease Morning Sickness


The majority of pregnant women experiences some morning sickness during their nine months, so if you are feeling nauseous, throw up on a regular basis, and are experiencing general abdominal discomfort, you are not alone!

Foods to Ease Morning Sickness - Pregnancy

Morning sickness is seen as one of the most unpleasant pregnancy signs. But when you are feeling rough, it might help to remember that studies show that women who are nauseous and vomit regularly at the beginning of pregnancy have less chance of suffering a miscarriage.

It is impossible to eliminate pregnancy nausea and vomiting completely, but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do to ease your discomfort. Morning sickness is caused by hormonal changes in your body, but foods are the best way to make you feel better.

Here are some pointers you can experiment with to help you get through the day without too much vomiting.

Identify your triggers

Most women will find that certain foods are more likely to result in vomiting than others. Monitor what you eat, and avoid those foods that make you gag, just find unappealing, or foods that force you to make a detour for the bathroom.

Fast foods and fatty meals might trigger morning sickness in some women, while others can’t handle fish or meat. Listen to your body’s signals and stay away from the ingredients that trigger your sickness.

A good breakfast sets you up for the day

Try starting the day with some bland, whole-grain crackers, a dry slice of toast, or some plain breakfast cereal without milk.

I found that eating foods like these before I even got out of bed really helped me feel better throughout the day, and lots of expectant moms have the same experience.

Stay away from high-fat and spicy foods

Fatty meals, fried foods, and spicy foods are harder on your digestive system, and staying away from them can make all the difference.


Opting for foods that are easier to digest like fresh fruits, low-fat meals and yoghurts might be easier to keep down.

Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated is the key to a healthy pregnancy. Not only does vomiting make you lose lots of liquid, which you need to take care to replenish, drinking lots of water can also minimize your pregnancy nausea.

Even if you still find yourself vomiting multiple times a day, it is easier if you have consumed plenty of water or other clear fluids like herbal teas.

Eat low-acid foods

Not only are some foods more likely to make you vomit, the foods you eat also impact how unpleasant throwing up is for you. See for yourself.

A chicken madras will leave a nasty acid trail all through your digestive system when you vomit, while brown nice, nuts, avocados and beans will be forgotten as soon as they are out of your system.

Milk, yoghurt, or ice cream can also help neutralize your stomach acids, and make vomiting less hard on you. If you are going to throw up anyway, you might as well choose what you are going to throw up.

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