4 Reasons Food Tattoos Are So Popular

* This is a guest post by Janet

You look delicious; I could just eat you up. Seriously. Your tattoo is making me hungry. A while back, Adam and Wendy posted an awesome collection of food tattoo pics. From sweet treats to salty meats, food tattoos are growing in popularity.

Everybody loves to eat, sure, but why are food items such a great choice for body art? If you break down the various ways we connect to food on an emotional and personal level, it’s not hard to see why food serves as popular inspiration for tattoos.

4 Reasons Food Tattoos Are So Popular

Food Is Love

Food = love. It just does. We cook with love, we feed the ones we love and sometimes, when words are not enough, we use food to express our feelings.

In difficult times there’s nothing better for self-love than a heaping helping of comfort food. So when it comes to choosing an image that we want on our skin what could be more perfect than a favorite food?

Food represents love on several different levels and often our food preferences are inspired by the relationships that introduced them into our lives. Families bond over dinner; first dates that turn into marriage usually start with a shared meal.

Eating and cooking is often motivated as much by love as it is by hunger. So perhaps a cupcake tattoo actually symbolizes the memories of cupcakes your mom used to make. Or maybe a Sweet potato is a shared passion with the love of your life.

When a tattoo choice is of a beloved food, it may actually represent a much greater love in our lives.


Food is Sexy

Our need to eat is as primal as our need to reproduce which, in a way, intrinsically ties food to sexuality. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac and strawberries and cherries are as powerful sex symbols as Marilyn Monroe.

There’s just something about certain foods that inspire intimate thoughts. So when someone wants a subtly sexual icon, images of food are a delectable idea. Especially when the tattoo itself is placed somewhere on the body that really turns up the heat.

Strategically located images of edibles can easily invoke thoughts of indulgence and guilty pleasure. This almost sub-conscious effect makes food tattoos the perfect way to be flirtatious without being gratuitous.


Food Is Identity

Many people define themselves through food, whether it’s the food they cook, the food they eat or the foods they were raised on. Every country or region has a distinct cuisine that plays a vital role in the lives of its locals. If we grow up immersed in any heritage, we tend to identify ourselves through that particular style of cooking.

From grape leaves to curry the core ingredients and flavor profiles associated with our culture come to represent a piece of who we are.

Sometimes the best way to express a very personal part of ourselves though tattoos is to pick something which represents our unique background. Whether it’s a national flag or a national dish, the sentiment is the same.

Even if food is not a large part of our background it may have developed into a crucial aspect of our present life. As people grow and discover a passion for cooking either as an enthusiast or a professional that affinity drives who we are.

When people love food so much that they dedicate their lives to it, it’s an easy decision to devote a tiny piece of the epidermis to it.


Food is Forever

I used to love a lot of things that I don’t care much for anymore. But my favorite childhood foods still make me warm and fuzzy. People who get tattoos at a young age often realize that their tastes and style are likely to evolve over the years.

So even though fashion is fickle, tummies know what they love, which makes food tattoos a fairly practical long-term choice. If it’s your go-to food now, there’s a good chance you’ll still be eating and loving it 20 years from now.

Sure there are probably a million reasons why people choose edible icons for their body art, but when you really think about how we as a society relate to food in our lives it’s easy to see why tasty tattoos are all the rage.

Guest post by Janet.
Janet writes for New Look a laser tattoo removal clinic in Houston Texas. She is an experienced blogger and freelance writer with a great love of food and tattoo art.

Image by Mez Love


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    I love food tattoos, especially the all-black ones depicting pork cuts…


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    fun idea not for me though


    What a novel concept in tattoos…woot! A food tattoo never struck me, and I think it's cool. Yes indeed, food is sexy and food is forever – so why not a food tattoo! Interesting read Janet, and thank you Gera for bringing in so much variety into Sweet Foods! Have a great week!!
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    janet rose

    Cool Post– Gera and Janet….I AGREE…Tattoos and Food go great together! This is a wondeful idea. I have a great BIG tattoo on my right leg….now, something for the left leg…something sweet, I think…oh…I know cake. Thanks for your variety of posts on your site, Gera. It's fun coming here…and, thank you Janet for your insights. Enjoyed the post very much. J.A.Rose-Bartlett


    Amazing tattoos. I think the "pork products", sections of the pig was probably a student in culinary school (Butchering 101) who thought of a great way to cheat on a test 🙂
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    Food tattoos… what a fun concept!


    How fun! I never gave food tattoos much thought! But I know more and more people getting pigs and cupcakes all the time!

    Winelady Cooks

    Well if you love food why not go for the tatoo. It's not so strange, it's just a passion for some.

    Great post.
    My recent post Keep the Antipasto


    Oooh tattoos and food two of my favorite things! This is a great post!!! When my kids were still underage I forbid tattoos until they were legal…. I bought at least five 18th birthday tattoos so far!

    Tattoos do represent stages of our lives. This is perfect advice for a young person, " realize that their tastes and style are likely to evolve over the years".

    Food is the perfect tattoo, those pics are awesome. Gosh why didn't I get one… I have a fish, sunflower, rose, and hummingbird. I've seen lots of fruits and cupcake stencils and an apple pie too. One of my old friends had the beef chart tattoo on his hindquarter!

    My next one has to be food, right?


    Too old to be into tatoos but understand the appeal and love the food is heritage… tradition… it's just such a part of us! (Okay, literally)
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    I agree with Rita, I know nothing about tatoo's except they look painful to get, but some are very pretty. Many wear them well. Interesting read..
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    Food tattoo, that' s interesting Gera!


    Thanks for all the comments on behalf of Janet!

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    Go to food- yes, but I would still think long and hard to avoid something trendy. I wonder if the cupcake tattoo owner will someday cringe.

    Not Quite Nigella

    Great post! I do wonder what I would get as a tattoo if I were to get a food item. It's so hard to figure out as it's permanent! 😛
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    I have never had and never will have a tattoo, but if I would have one it would be Food Tattoo; the love of my life next to my man is FOOD; great post.


    Now that’s definitely showing some food love!



    Love the new site. Great first post to catch up on. Food tattoos are very popular around here. Its always fun to see the creativity.

    Sanjeeta kk

    A food tattoo! Never thought that food tattoo can make a statement. Thanks Gera and Janet for bringing this to limelight.


    Well, never had the feeling that you would eat someone alive just by looking on his or her food themed tattoo? 🙂 And here’s a cool news: researchers have linked hunger and arousal as like the first one leads to the other one.


    Hahah I love the cupcake tattoo. Personally I wouldn’t get tattoos of food unless it was some kind of fruit, because fruit is heaven in my mouth.

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