Start Blogging Without All the Fuss

* This is a guest post by Tanya

If you have a plenty of time to spare blogging can be a good hobby. Do you know that blogging can also get you good money? You do not need having a writing caliber equivalent to that of writers working for Washington post. All you need is good language skills to convey your views in a clear manner.

Start Blogging Without All The Fuss

It is not very different from writing essays in schools or colleges. Writing assignments in schools and colleges are limited to a single subject however, in blogging you have a wide choice and you can just write about anything you like or you are interested in.

Many people who are eager to blog on the things that interest them often find lack of writing skills to be a great hindrance. One should remember that writing is a skill that attains perfection only with practice.

Most great writers of today were once amateurs training their hands on writing for years. The best thing to do is start writing whatever that comes to your mind. In the beginning your writing might be a bit out of context or little verbose or sometimes illogical. Never mind about the outcome but just start writing.

Many of them are also afraid of the criticisms by their friends and visitors who would leave a funny comment on their article. Remember comments on blogs can be moderated and you can choose whether to publish a comment posted on your article or simply delete it without publishing. If you aren’t sure that you could be a versatile writer, specializing on a niche of your interest would make you a great blogger in due course of time.

Some of the tips to climb the blogging ladder include:

# Producing unique articles

# Optimizing the articles with relevant keywords

# Providing the information that people are in search of

# Generously accepting the views of your audience

# Interview other bloggers

# Updating yourself in the niche

There are great examples of blogs in the internet which had a humble beginning and have grown into an enormous tree of knowledge.

Blogs that were started as a hobby or fun have often times become providers of great income and many have also become professional bloggers. If you had been longing to blog for a long time, this is the right time to begin. However, be careful and mindful when you pick you niche for blogging.

Author Bio:
Tanya has many hobbies and interests. As well being a keen blogger and article writer for many sites, he has also recently created a site focusing on depression symptoms .

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    Great advice…and the boost for being OK at not being professionals!


    I love the affirmation in this post. Very positive, very upbeat. Nicely done.


    Absolutely positively wonderful post and so inspiring! Blogging is so addictive because it allows you to be creative and reach places you never knew exsisted in your self, very rewarding, and then meeting others like you Gera makes it even more worthwhile! cheers!
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    sanjeeta kk

    Lovely read, Gera. Thanks to Tanya. Developing writing skills is a talent which comes by practice and needs lots pf patience too. There are many blogs which have excellent articles and info on the net, but many times the faulty English and indifference in the flow of writing puts you off.
    Thanks for stressing upon developing good writing skills to reach to the wider audience. Best wishes.
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    Good post. I'm passing this along to my hubby's daughter who is embarking on her first blog and setting up her website.
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    I ♥ these guests posts Gera. This one especially takes me back to my timid days when I began blogging. Still so much to learn… beautifully written Tanya!
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    Very interesting, as always! Thanks Gera.




    Good information! I I do find to have readers you have to read and comment on other blogs;whate coms around, goes around.
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    Karen W.

    Well written advice and something that seasoned bloggers are now doing, guest blogging is a superb step in getting noticed amongst fellow bloggers πŸ˜‰
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    Quite ineteresting and informative…

    Winelady Cooks

    Interesting post with great info. Thanks Gera and Tanya


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    Not Quite Nigella

    Always great advice Gera. I love how you're so helpful with new bloggers! πŸ˜€
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    Nice post Gera. Thanks to Tanya for offering insight and encouragement.


    Gera, great pick, using Tanya's article. Lots of down to earty good advice.

    Jennifer Cote

    Keeping us on our toes, aren't you, Gera! Yes, great tips πŸ™‚
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    Very good advice, thank you for sharing, Gera! πŸ™‚
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    Mitch Ribak

    Great advice for beginners..I find this post really simple but I like it’s simplicity as it covers the necessary helpful tips for starters, WITHOUT ALL FUSS πŸ™‚ Good job on this!

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