Blogging Ideas: Using Stats Inspiration to Enlighten Your Blog Like a Zen Master

Blogging ideas: where can they come from? It’s crucial for every blogger to have inspiration on its journey on the blogosphere. Blog-post ideas can emerge from unexpected sources, from outside and inside of your blog.

No matter the niche, you need to have something in your mind, fresh, pretty unique, a different standpoint of the crow and extremely appealing to your readers.

Blogging Ideas: Using Stats Inspiration to Enlighten Your Blog Like a Zen Master

Is it possible? Of course, let’s see the common ways to enlighten you from the outside and I’ll show you the funny way to your inside – like a constant – meditation – Zen source.

Outside Ideas For Your Blog

# Get inspiration in social media

# Read magazines, newspapers and traditional media

# Read comments done on other blogs and pick up ideas

# Get inspiration with Flickr

# Researching trends or hot news in your niche

# Read Q&A; on Yahoo Answers

# Solve common problems of your readers that you see repeated in next posts

# Explain the advantages or disadvantages in a post of a product you’ve just tried

# Tell about pitfalls you find in your niche

# Listen podcasts by bloggers intended for bloggers

# Tell stories of your own like successful blogging recipes or from others adapted, in your own version

# Tell the last event you’ve participated and what you learned of it

# Stimulate your brain with Google suggestions

Be Creative In Your Blogging Ideas – Inside Your Blog

Well, and if we look up inside your blog?

There are basically two, yes there are more, but I want to focus on the following:

* Read carefully the comments you receive on your blog and you’ll have blog topics galore for your future posts.

* And the other inspiration source – it is the cherry of the cake for today: your stats! Yes your statistics deep – inside of your blog or an external source like Google Analytics is the answer. Breath, breath again to meditate and entering in Zen-mood to have full potential to examine the data of your statistics.

Blog Topic Ideas from Stats

How often do you check them?

Several times per day hey – you can be a stats-addict, stop! and do some more productive like writing or visit other blogs.

Almost never – hey do you really care about your blog? You’ve no idea how is going there, you’d treat your blog like your baby constantly growing.

The ideal-zone is verifying your stats some times per week to improve your SEO (search engine optimization) in other words: to adapt your blog according to your popular keywords, you’re receiving visits frequently from search engines.

Check out my weekly roundups and you’ll find articles about SEO and link building. In most of the cases they teach you how to research, analyze and improve the keywords to bring power to your blog.

On the other side, your stats give full information for your mind.

As an example I’ve gathered 18 long tail keywords from people who have visited my blog.

As you’ll see they can inspire you for posterior posts or to answer them, this will be the case.

As a tribute to those anonymous persons (hope some of them have subscribed to my blog!) here are your replies:

The Sweets:

“what foods are sweets”

“examples of sweet foods”

Do you really need examples? Subscribe to this blog and you’ll find them frequently.

“low calorie sweets for people having sweet tooth”

Yes, it’s possible to eat sweets in a healthy way.

The Culinary:

“empanada bake or fry?”

Fried empanadas can be crispier but baked are “healthier” and tasty too. It’s up to you!

“where did mantecados originate”

Good question, visit this article about polvorones and mantecados and you’ll need them urgently.

The Social:

“good social media concept?”

A good social media concept could be “remember that behind all the pics, videos and text there is people!

“social media blogging giveaways”

Mixing the power of social media more blogging and giveaways, you can generate lot of buzz.

“blogs with successful social media”

Are you talking about my social blog? Thanks! Here are recipes for blogging success.

“using social media for blog”

Crucial decision for all bloggers, if not you’re out. Soci

al media should be part of your blogging strategies in your long-term plans.

how to fix social media mistakes

“how to fix social media mistakes and 2010”

Ok you made mistakes in social networking, ..well for future interactions avoid doing these social media fails, but, begin right now.

The Funny:

“hugh hefner’s picky eating habits”

I know he is more known for all his bunnies than for his picky eating habits!

“women are sweet and deserve sweets”

As a man, I think the same, they deserve the sweetest! Hey women, feel the same?

The Healthy:

“selective eating disorder symptoms adult”

We have a potential problem here, you’d check my article refereed to compulsive eating disorders

“what is the main problem with crash or yoyo dieting?”

A lot; crash diets and yo-yo dieting aren’t healthy behaviors.

“food blogging the newest eating disorder”

Perhaps some foodies crossed the line, what do you think? Is it possible in some cases?

“hypertonic hypotonic isotonic for kids”

No only for kids, for adults too! You’d know why these drinks are different and their uses.

“is yerba mate tea good for you”

Sure and you’d learn the yerba mate benefits.

“is eating 240 calories of sweets bad”

Well, it depends of your metabolism, the quantity of calories your body require and if you’re active doing some type healthy exercises or not.

Now on you!

It’s amazing all the helpful & funny information you can obtain from your stats – do you use them as inspiration? What other remarkable ideas for your blogging are in your mind? Tell us in comments!

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