Food Bloggers: Culinary School Wants your Cooking Skills

Hi and thanks all for your kind comments of last week, fortunately I’m better now.
As introduction this week, I’ve a delicious, short and very tempting proposal for my food-blogger-readers:


Food Bloggers: Culinary School Wants your Cooking Skills – Picture of Food - Canapes

A culinary school is looking for food bloggers to write about their recipes. Just pick a recipe from their website and write about it in your blog. What you write is up to you:

• Did you like it? Would you cook it again?
• Would you substitute anything?
• How would you make this low-fat?
• Could you make this vegetarian?
• Did anything funny happen when you made it?
• Shoot a video of you making the recipe
• Be creative and have fun…

Does this sound like fun? Email recipe.guest.bloggers[at]gmail[dot]com with the URL of your food-themed blog if you’d like to participate. You will receive a list of recipes to choose from and, once you have been approved, you will get a modest stipend to cover the costs of your ingredients.

Email right now to the email-address of above to participate – remember to replace [at] and [dot] before sending the email 🙂

Happy Cooking!

New Update6 October – the email was lacking a letter, now is solved. Send it to recipe.guest.bloggers[at]gmail[dot]com


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