Blogging by Impact – Do You Break The Blog Rules?

Breaking the rules in blogging, if they are done wisely and in a good sense, can pay off in your future.

The enormous steps forward done by the Humanity were – thinking out of the box – in definitions, theories and established-stuff, no matter the topic you choose: Freud in psychology, Einstein in physics and this list can be huge more assorted. These concepts can be applied to every aspect of life; hence I can freely include bloggers to apply to these uncommon ways of thinking.

Blogging by Impact - Do You Break The Blog Rules?

If you don’t feel the necessity of doing it, in a constructive way and at least sporadically, think twice. Bloggers must have their own voice, innovate or make things different and this can’t be achieved following strictly the principal stream day after day.

Personally I’ve broken rules often in my life and I’m satisfied in most of the cases – I know, in some opportunities of course can derive in nice headaches, and at that moment I learnt of those facts to avoid them in my future.
Just to name a few, when most of the kids in my country were studying laws or similar (more than 80%) I studied a scientific-career.
The majority of my friends started to smoke, I refused to poison-myself only to feel I was older or with more personality. Linked to the former I’ve done aerobic sports since I was a kid while most of my friends, more today the population in general, the principal exercise is to do zapping with the TV or clicking a mouse.

You can break established-blogging rules with your peers or internally in your own mind.

Possible Ideas to Step Out of The Box or Suggestions for having Unconventional Blogs:

# Reveal un-sexy truths about profits in blogging that nobody is doing.

# In your niche most of the posts are long, why not to try short series instead or vice-versa?

# Stir the blogging pot in a politely way in your area, with proofs and intelligent comments on other blogs.

# You really didnโ€™t jump already to the social media wagon, why not doing it right now, avoiding several social networking mistakes beforehand.

# On the contrary if social media is all your life, but you arenโ€™t achieving your goals, may be for lacking of long term blogging-strategies or perhaps you need to reduce to the minimum your presence – spending your time in other useful tasks and trying to be a blogger that can stand alone, different from others.

# Never allowed guest-blogging in your blog? Well do it now and keep your readers with new-fresh airs.

# Tired of writing frequently? Why not to convert your site in a multi-author blog like FamousBloggers, TechnShare, ShoutMeLoud, WeBlogBetter and the new DragonBlogger.

# Have a blog layout different from others that can be recognized at glance. Raise your hand who knows a blogger with an orange-side bar like me? (The idea was to have colors “chocolate”- related ๐Ÿ™‚

# Comments at your blogs drain your time? Consider shut them off or do it definitely like Leo.

I know that this post is a little crazy – these are the last effects of the antibiotics I needed last week lol, but whatever! this is me.

Do you agree or not? How about you โ€“ do you break the rules sometimes or you play always in a safe-land?

And ending with a slogan of one of the principal brands in sportswear that I used frequently: “Just do it“!

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    Oh thanks Gera, now I totally don’t know what I am, in or out of the box LOL
    Great post, lots to think about. You are so right about your orange sidebar… I do think of you anytime I see orange now ๐Ÿ™‚


    Great ideas and suggestions and I always love that I can come here and learn something new.


    Thinking outside the box is wonderful advice for bloggers. I see a lot of copycat-type blog focus so I try not to fall under that spell. (Of course, I also see a great deal of excellent writing and personality shining through from numerous bloggers whom I admire — including you, Gera!).

    Given my writing style, I don’t post frequently. But I am considering allowing guest posts, not sure how that would work for me.

    Hats off to you for the ideas and not-so-subtle encouragement. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Amr Boghdady

    Thanks for the Gera!
    Everybody seems to be recommending guest blog posts these days, I think I might start doing that


    Thanks for your comment. Answered by email ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mitch Ribak

    You just spoke my mind. I was intending to do some small posts on my blogs instead of rather long posts, I have done previously. I want to do it for two reasons:
    1. I want to see the effects on SEO by producing posts having words less than 300.
    2. I want to spend less time writing longer posts. Is it bad, if I create 2 posts in time, it takes me to create one?

    I also want to assess the readers’ reaction. If it is good, I may permanently stick with it.

    Experimenting, sometimes, brings very good results.


    Breaking the rules is not that we can be blocked or reported as spammers


    Many thanks for the visit and feedback Lisa. Originally I had my sidebar with a more chocolate color, today is more “normal” but the links are still there. Great you’re coming from Rosas’ blog she’s a wonderful blogger.

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