11 Mistakes and Ways Why Your Social Media Fails

UPDATE: 31 May 2013

Social networking in different social platforms can be funny, but also time-consuming and sometimes disappointing. May be you thought that setting accounts with Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest – put the name of your preferred social site here – is the magic bullet for all your problems.

Sending your offers or articles to them and presto! the sales / traffic skyrocketed. Really?
I’m seeing again and again that not everybody has clear social media concepts and the correspondent results aren’t what you want.


Typical questions related to social media I find often:

  • Why would you use social media?
  • How do you know if social media is for you?

Questions, questions: Let’s see a simple answer.

In your offline life, unless you live in a lonely island, fishing and hunting to survive, you need to contact other people, for work, pleasure or just being for your friends, and then you’re doing social media offline, you’re networking. The life online is the same, the only difference are the social platforms.


11 Mistakes & Ways Why Your Social Media Fails


There are bad practices, for ignorance, for not understanding social behaviors or because somebody told you that you need to have presence at social channels, but you’ve no idea why.

First thing is doing it correctly and you’ll see the social benefits.

Today the social benefits apply to everyone, customers, companies, bloggers and the like.

For example, for bloggers here are some bonuses with your social networking.

  1.   Proper social networking strategies can improve your blog as a brand plus your expertise with your peers.
  2. Link building is a good consequence boosting your rankings in search engines.
  3. Appropriated comments can build traffic and can make solid relationships.
  4. Your way of blogging can influence, in a good form, over other bloggers


Social Media Best Practices and Which Ones You Must Avoid:


# 1 Null Real and Human Social Presence

You don’t use Twitter, Facebook or call them what you want.

I can’t believe how many bloggers don’t use them at all or yes they’ve a Twitter or Facebook account, but, only and just only, to send their own posts to them, and some cases, automatically.

Is this social networking? Nope – this is called broadcasting and for certain, your readers don’t like. Sorry, but your blog / brand will suck.
Zero interaction with other bloggers isn’t social networking. For this stuff you’ve the RSS readers to subscribe to your favorite blogs.


# 2 Never Reply to Comments on Your Blog

Let’s face it: There are bloggers that never reply to a comment at their blogs – it doesn’t matter the quantity of them.

Someone took the time to read and expressed her/his feeling about your article, and you zero! nada!

I’m not talking about spammy comments, so why don’t you answer some of them?

I know if you receive hundreds is harder one by one. But with an interesting comment you can do it. Also to some question or doubt your reader can have.

If we go to the opposite site, you receive a few, why don’t you do it? You need to build a community around your blog and engaging with your readers is a good way to accomplish it.


# 3 Never Comment at Other Blogs

You read an article that shocked you, or inspire you on that blog, but no, you don’t comment.

This is very common; stats said that the majority of people leave blogs without commenting. May be you don’t have time, but you can bookmark it and do it on other occasion or with other next posts.

It’s impossible to be commenting in everyplace but you can put aside a fraction of your time of your day to make it. Social networking with other bloggers is vital and visiting plus commenting is a good start.

Even “big fishes” of the blogosphere you see commenting at other blogs sporadically and really they are extremely busy!


# 4 Never Put All Your Social-Eggs in One Basket

Remember social platforms like Myspace? And Bebo? And Amplify, Posterous, Clipboard?

Myspace had tons of active members and now is very far of a glorious epoque remaining basically to music lovers and bands, astronomically exceeded for Facebook with more than 1000 millions of users.

Bebo can be sold by AOL and nobody knows what will happen with it.
They have passed just only few years and some social channels disappeared or a nearer to.

Can you put all your social networking efforts and presence in one place, nope! Remember Myspace and Bebo.

This is the reason why you’d be networking in diverse social networks, and don’t forget that your own blog is always your home and not Twitter or Facebook or Google Plus..to name just a few.


# 5 Never Do Social Sharing of Articles from Other Bloggers

Again, social networking is interacting with other bloggers, commenting and sharing their posts with your favorite social sites, when you’ve the chance. But no, you’re selfish and the only blog available and important is yours.

Sure when you notice that other bloggers are ignoring you, perhaps is too late and you lost your readers.


# 6 Ask For Votes but You Never Return

This is a huge pet peeve which I see often in social bookmaking sites like StumbleUpon.

Hey vote for my article! Hey plz RT my post! But after you voted, rtweeted or even commented, this blogger acts like, I don’t know you…till I need your vote again. Come on!

I can’t I take you seriously as blogger less as a person, no matter if you belong to the top A list,  B, or C of the blogosphere. We’re all bloggers and you can’t play with the time of others.


# 7 Never Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Want more traffic, meet new people? Yes, so visit other blogging-niches!

Oftentimes food bloggers should read and comment on bloggers about blogging. Blogging’s bloggers should read and comment in marketing, SEO or business ones and vice versa. You get the idea, the blogosphere is the world.

You can meet new interesting people, new concepts and all are benefits. Are you doing it?


# 8 Ignore Mentions of Your followers at Twitter or tagging at Facebook

Unless you’ve more than 100.000 Twitter followers and several thousands of Facebook‘s friends, if you receive something interesting of a follower, why are you ignoring it?

I understand, if you’ve hundreds by day, isn’t impossible, but if not, why? And the worst, you ask for a RT or ask your followers to see some ad/article how it looks on your blog and when you get the feedback from them….I didn’t know you! Hey at least they deserve a little thanks, don’t they?


# 9 Send Internal Messages but You Don’t Want any Feedback in Return

You ask something via DM (direct message) at Twitter and you unfollow immediately to not receive any answer.
This is not the first time that I’ve received this type of internal message but when I reply it – I can’t.

StumbleUpon is other example. I can set up my StumbleUpon account for “everyone”, all can send me messages, but again, several times when I reply to a message received, my answer is rejected because she/he doesn’t accept anything on return. Selfish behavior, isn’t it?


# 10 Never Use Your Real Name Anywhere

In your real life is your name “real state guru”? Neither your friends call you in that way.

Nobody can take seriously if you comment with these similar names. Blogging are relationships not some keywords and you can piss off the owner of the blog where you’re commenting, truly in a bad way!


# 11 Never Spam Forums or Other Bloggers with Spammy Comments

This is a common practice, you said: “Great post” and to worsen the things, you put an extra link in the comment area, apart of the corresponding to the url field.

Consequences are of a high probability that the spam filter will catch your comment and send it to spam folder. Or manually, the blogger will do it.

For certain, the blog’s owner won’t want to hear from you again! The same situation applies in forums, where you can be banned permanently.


Now It’s Your Turn…

Which bad social practices would you like to add? Are you doing some of them? Have you been “touched” with those behaviors?

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    Gera is a techie & foodie passionate about how to succeed in social media. He focuses also on successful blogging tips and food connections. You can connect with him on Google +. Subscribe to his Free WPulsar Newsletter about WordPress Plugin & Theme Reviews, Blogging and Social Media.


    Thank you!! I think all bloggers have time constraints to comment and to reply readers, but when there’s a chance, it should be done.


    Sorry you’ve had problems with ID, me too 🙁
    Agree limited time is a key factor for many people and you said it is necessary to do the best as possible!
    Thanks for coming by 🙂


    Great tips Gera! Of course I am guilty of some of them like only twittering my new posts. I have so many followers that it makes it hard to be more personal. It’s all so time consuming…I wish there were more hours in the day for me to devote to this.


      – This is a common problem for many bloggers, it’s just to put a little of the week to interact at twitter. I know isn’t easy and I wish also longer days 🙂


    Hi Gera,
    Great post and tips.
    I always try to comment on someone blogs who has commented on mine. But I know of some blogs that I have continued to visit and comment on, and they never seem to return the visit. I just quit going there.
    I try to return every comment with a visit to their blog and a comment. Inless it’s a question that other readers might be interested in.
    I can definitly be better at the social interaction, it’s just so hard to find the time sometimes.
    Thanks for the grat post. Tips ever blogger needs to read!!!


      – I’ve the same reaction about “normal” bloggers that you never, or very sporadically, see any type of feedback, or call it what you want. For those ones – deleted of my feeds. Time is gold 😉
      Great you like the article!


    Yes Yes Yes this is definitely worth of the post of the week and then some Gera. You are so straight up and accurate with this one! Supporting one another via social networks is beneficial and loads of fun too. Well at least I have fun with it anyway 🙂

    Have a great weekend!!
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      Enjoy the article and so happy you like these social points of view 🙂
      Have an excellent weekend to you also!!


    Great reading and advise as always, and I am so glad I got to this post earlier this weekend to spend more time savoring all the valuable insights.

    Happy Weekend to you my friend.
    My recent post Miso – A Tasty Treat Meant to be Shared


      Blogging should be funny, and with a positive mood!
      Great you enjoy it 🙂
      Have a great Sunday!


    I’m not blogging to actively sell anything so I don’t regard mine as a niche blog (actually I’ve two blogs, but the other one is just a ‘fun’ one) and I’m one of the most unsociable people on the planet in my ‘real life’ – pretty much the person on an island type of personality – that said, I reply to nearly all comments (there are always one or two exceptions) and I do visit other blogs all the time, follow them using RSS, etc. I’ve got a facebook but have never got into it – and it’s my third or fourth try at using it. I suppose you could say that my online life kind of reflects my offline life… it’s small and handicapped by health problems.

    Nevertheless, I’m thinking of getting myself an experimental blog which would look like a normal blog to anyone else, but to me would be my way of pushing my limits and reaching out to the blogosphere and social media – in other words, allowing myself to share with others more. So, I’ll see. But thanks for this post, it’s always good to get an impression of the social media world from a different viewpoint.


    I can’t speak about you offline but reading about your online-life – you’re more sociable than several bloggers I know! – and they don’t do anything that you mentioned.

    Regarding facebook, it’s not a must to be stay there, but you can read all the articles that are in my weekly social recaps that are helpful to enter to social networks, facebook included.
    Pushing the limits should be a motto for everybody, in all aspects of the life. Thanks for your comment! 🙂


    You hit the nail on the head with the blog etiquette line up! One I’d like to add is a blog URL at the end of a comment which seems to take away from the comment itself. Often seems to be more a case of self advertising…
    My recent post No Bake-Vegetarian Dessert TROPICAL FRUIT VERRINES Stoned this summer!


      Yes putting blog URLs at the end of a comment is a really bad idea, because you annoy the blogger, (you’ve already a field for that purpose) and the worst scenario is if the blog-comment system has some type of spam filter this comment never will see the sun, because can be sent to a spam folder or directly deleted automatically. Thanks for your additional feedback!


    Thank you for reminding these. It’s sometimes difficult to manage all of these, though. For example, I don’t think I’m using facebook effectively. And I sometimes feel I’m lost when I try to catch them all. But I definitely agree that interaction is the key to success in blog world.
    My recent post http-wwwgiverecipecom-wp-content-uploads-2010-08-pear1jpg


    Gera !

    A fabulous number of retweets and comments here that say it all.
    I’m digging & adding this to my SU favourites etc right now.

    Sweet stuff ( and no nonesense)


    #9 is a nightmare ( not a #9 dream)

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    Hi Gera,
    This is such a great idea.It has been amazing to grow any business on the Internet, I need to market strategically to my customers, using a range for tools from content sharing to email marketing, search engine optimization, co-branding, ad buys, and more, to reach your target audience.
    Thanks for sharing this information. Keep posting.
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    Jean TDR

    Gera, I can’t think of anything to add–I think you’ve hit all the issues. This post should be “required reading” for bloggers everywhere.

    Kim Liv Life

    I just stumbled across your blog and have truly benefited from many of your tips. Thank you! Being new to the blog world it’s sometimes hard to navigate and blogs like yours are so helpful.


    Very informative and interesting post. I took a lot of information from it and will put it into practice. Thanks!

    Leonard Evenson

    Firstly, I would like to express my feelings about your blog’s two-sided nature: I think it’s great; it is more than useful to have both marketing related content and a bit of your personal preference, food. It makes the blog more interesting and friendly.
    Secondly, I wanted to add a few ideas to the social media engagement topic, because this post was written almost 2 years ago, and since then these networks have become more influential. In my opinion, it is essential to have profiles on as many SM sites as possible, and to keep them active at all times. Now, because I know a home-based business owner doesn’t have the time, alone, to be on Facebook all day, it is worth to outsource this task to a virtual assistant. In many cases, there is a fear of being scammed or cheated by the employee because there is no real contact, and the employer can’t make sure the tasks are done regularly and in the right manners, so I researched a bit, and I found a great solution in this employee monitor software that eliminates this problem. I started using it several months ago and I’ve been very satisfied with the change it induced in my business. Things are going much more smoothly now that I have a clear overview of what my employees are doing during their work hours.
    I hope you’ll find it helpful, too!


      Leonard thanks for your feedback and interesting software to explore, more now with VA galore everywhere.


    Jenn you’re welcome! Social media and networking is evolving constantly, so the learning never ends. I’ve done few of them in the past, so I’m guilty too, this is why I’ve clear now, the points 😉


    Karolina great you find me via Mitz tips4pc.com, and I’m with you, SM can drain all your time, perhaps I’m a T-Rex..

    SEO is vital, but is changing every day and more and more SM is affecting SERPs. So for SEO marketers, the motto is nowadays being social too, to improve your rankings.
    It’s evident when you see queries-results with your Google circles included, before the traditional SEO results.
    Social media is here, and blogging, social media marketing and content marketing, between others, is another way to make search engine optimization.

    Thanks for coming by!


    Yep Karolina SM with something viral is ideal, nevertheless with a lot of shares it can become interesting. If I don’t remember wrong a study from Kissmetrics revealed that more than 50 genuine tweets, Google take notice. The next steps were hundreds of tweets, not simple to accomplish.
    Agree, Facebook signals are null for Google. This is the reason why, when I’ve time, I prefer Google plus for that task.

    Big fish eat little fish, always (companies too), but with some smart-online-marketing small local companies have developed successful campaigns, e.g. with good Facebook pages and interacting with their clients – that fact increased sales. Therefore not a SEO-point but concrete results, more sales for the company. It’s easy, of course not; there are pros and cons like in everything.

    No problem about rants, love them 🙂

    Many thanks for your feedback!

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