7 Useful Free Software Applications for Bloggers and Internet Surfers

Whether you’re an Internet surfer or a blogger you need to use and know some basic skills about your computers’ software.
You’re reading this article, then you’ve an Internet connection and arguably you’re a blogger, right?

I want share with you 7 programs I use, to download – completely free – that can save you time, also you’ll manage in a better way your daily routines and to minimize problems in your system.

Big brands have powerful & paid programs for any type of task you can imagine, but there are available free similar versions that can save you some bucks and work wonderful.

Of course, there are thousands of free programs available, therefore I’d like you to put in comments your favorites and why you use them – I’m always opened to explore new ones!



Dropbox - Online Storage & Data Backup

If you’re constantly on the go with a desktop computer, laptop and / or mobile you can have different versions of a file. Which one is the newer? This program lets to synchronize a file or folder with the Dropbox’s servers and any other computer linked to your account. The file and folders still are on your computer but they are being permanently backup-ed.

You won’t need to travel everywhere with a USB memory with your photos / songs / spreadsheets and so on. Just install it in all your equipments and automatically your files at Dropbox are synchronized. When they’ve a green checkmark, the synchronization is complete.
Dropbox is for free up to 2 GB of data and can be increased up to 8 GB if you refer some friends.

Dropbox extra info and download


Memokeys - Word Processing Software

This simple and power application allows you to create shortcut key combinations to store whatever you want.

Why you must type the same thing over and over along the day, if you can do it in a clever way and avoid the carpal tunnel syndrome.

For example instead of typing your complete name store it as “F5 + N” (n for n-ame)

And instead of the URL of your blog: myblogname.com is much better to type “F8 + B”, easier, isn’t it?

Your complete home address is better if it’s “F9 + A” or “F9 + H”

Your email address could be “F10 + E”

Choose the combination of keys you wish!

This software application works in everyplace you need to input text.

MemoKeys extra info and download


OpenOffice.org - Office Suites

OpenOffice is your alternative to the Microsoft office, but for free!
This product has a word processor, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics and so on. The internal menus are similar and you’ve it available in many languages.
It can be downloaded and used entirely free. Do you know that you can generate PDF files directly from the word processor?
A complete office software package easy to use that worth to try.

OpenOffice extra info and download


CCleaner - Diagnostic Software

This free cleaning tool is very useful when your PC (available only for Windows) is a mess. When you see your computer is slow, very slow and you don’t know the motive, this make your computer faster and more secure. (If it’s a virus or ad-ware check the next applications)

When you browse in Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (still using it?) or other browsers you save a huge collection of things: huge temporary files, old-updated add-ons, all sort of cookies (not precisely chocolate chip cookies!) to name a few. Also your Windows system area is invaded for these files producing a great chaos in your system. Regularly, e.g. one a month or some weeks, it’s convenient to clean your PC with it and you’ll notice the difference!
It also erases traces of other programs that you don’t know that are running in background but they are adding more disorder to your computer.

CCleaner extra info and download


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - Spyware Removers

This freeware tool will save you several headaches removing malware, spyware from your machine. It’ll disinfect your equipment in a fast way and in quick scan mode it can take about 10 minutes depending of the quantity of files in your system.

Browsing the net I caught some months ago an adware – near a “virus” that kidnapped my computer, deleted some files, and when I wanted to reboot the system appeared a big cartel saying something like “your PC is in infected with XX files, download this program to erase it” and if you watched the link, it was to a software company (certainly a bad one!) to purchase the license. At the same time each 10 minutes, the same warning appeared with a strident noise together. After installed Malwarebytes, it removed completely this adware.

Malwarebytes extra info and download


AVG - Antivirus Software

Do you have some antivirus installed in your computer, don’t you? If not, immediately download one, whatever you want, but do it now,
because you’re in serious danger to lose everything, and worst sensible data.

There are several antiviruses available, but this free version can give you a basic antivirus and antispyware protection, for free.
You can reduce the potential problems taking the precaution of avoid opening unknown attachments in your emails, updating & running the antivirus frequently and also browsing the net with the latest browser’ versions.

AVG extra info and download


Evernote - Remember Everything

You can use Evernote when you want to save your ideas, notes and then find them in any computer, laptop or phone.
Clip a web page, grab a screenshot or even record a voice memo and the program will organize and make them searchable for you, available literally anywhere.

Evernote extra info and download


Now it’s Your Turn..

Which are your preferred desktop free programs and why?

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    Gera you are doing a great service for your fellow bloggers. There were some softwares I have used and also am presently using…especially the AVG anti virus…excellent by the way!
    I’ll look into the rest a little later…when time permits of course.

    On another topic…the World Cup:
    This afternoon I had a chance to watch the second half of the game with my client who was nice enough to continue our meeting at a cafΓ© no less;) …it was loads of fun. We all truly felt the your team played splendidly and were also very impressed with how good sports they were when they unfortunately lost. No matter…you guys made it much further than many other teams that were looked upon to be the best. Therefore…be proud. I am looking forward to the next world cup when your team goes against my Italian team ;O))

    Ciao for now, Claudia


    I have norton but and not happy with it , glad you posted this will have to get something new this sounds like it…thanks again


    Great post Gera. I learn so much from you!
    I use Avira for my anti virus and PhotoScape for my photo editing. I’m definitely going to check out this OpenOffice!


    Always your post are nice and useful dear Gera, love it! rain there?? here rain a lot I saw the soccer game and I think Uruguay was fantastic is a pity they dont win, but you lnow how Holland is,, huggs gloria


    Great post. Thanks for sharing some great info for the tech challenged like myself.


      Rishi Pandey

      hey tell me some thing about hacking u know about it….


    Sorry to hear about Uruguay – great game! Again, your posts are so awesome. I just heard about Dropbox and intrigued. Have tried CCCleaner. I used Evernote when I was writing my doctoral dissertation and I can attest after months in archival research, I can’t imagine not having it!!

    Karen W.

    I like the sound of CCleaner, I’ll give that a go, I been using AVG for years now and it’s latest version are top notch, it’s always getting it’s database updated so that’s the one for me, still πŸ˜‰

    Harsh Agrawal

    Very useful list and one more Tool which I can’t live without is Windows live writer.


    Great information. I’m definitely checking out a few of those programs.
    I agree with Harsh Agrawal above, I like Windows live writer (most of the time πŸ˜‰ )


    Use AVG and will look into CCleaner. Sorry about Uruguay – but you sure did have a fun run!


    Great post! Before I became a Mac addict, I used Open Office and loved it. I would recommend it to anyone.


    Great list Gera! I am going to have to give dropbox a try. I think it will be very beneficial for me!

    Not Quite Nigella

    Thanks for letting us know about those Gera! I have to admit that I only knew about a few of those so I’m really interested!

    Cristina TeenieCakes

    I’m not very creative in finding free software. I do like off of your list Malwarebytes and Evernote. Great list and thanks for sharing this informative into on great, priced-right tools!


    Thanks, Gera! I really like DropBox and AVG also. I have not used CCleaner but I need to, so thanks for that.

    I echo the others who say you’re doing a great service for bloggers. Much appreciated!

    Carolyn Jung

    Thanks for the great list. Quite a few of these are new to me, too. Will definitely check them out.


    I was rooting for your boys, they did so good and came so close!

    As far as free software, I do like Open Office, use it at home. Not so much to avoid paying for MS Office (I have a copy), but Open Office is so less prone to virus attacks.

    Tangled Noodle

    This is such a great resource of information! My husband has used MalwareBytes’ anti-malware – it does a fantastic job and was very easy to use/install. Highly recommend!

    jo oliver

    My hubby used AVG on our computer. I dont know how all that stuff works so I let him attend to it lol. I need that memo keys that looks really useful. Thanks!


    Thanks Gera πŸ™‚ Thank you for these great information, I’m going to read more about Dropbox and Malwarebtyes which I think these are useful to me.

    Barbara Bakes

    Agree Open Office is a great free download. I’ll have to give CClearner a try.


    Thanks for all the great info Gera! I am going to check out Open Office and Evernote. I would of never found them without you! I use Picasa to store my photos and Google Docs for my recipes.


    CCleaner looks like a very useful app. I don’t have too many free download suggestions for social media, but I like my free pdf creator app.

    Karen W.

    Since I posted here and downloaded CCleaner, I’ve never looked back, it’s like having my computer back to how it used to be, it’s running a lot faster, thanks Gera πŸ˜‰


    Hi Gera!
    I use Evernote as a Chrome Extension. I have Dropbox, but somehow I forget to make good use of it like I should.

    Google Docs is another good alternative to Microsoft Office Suite. The Drawing Tool is really neat.
    Thanks for the other tools and links.

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