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Other week has past and I decided to not publish in middle of the week, hoping to get solved by Friday the 100% of the ID comment system, but I couldn’t.
A little annoying box disappeared, but now there are 2 areas to comment…
Support must fix them because all these problems appeared – out of the blue – since 2 weeks ago.

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Meantime, have a great weekend and enjoy the weekly roundup.


The Best of the Week is a series of roundup-articles published every week, touching principally themes related to food, blogging, social media and health. For more information, you can read the first article of these series.

Blogging Tips, Foodies, Social Media - Best of this Week

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Foodies – Food Bloggers


* Chunky Monkey Breakfast Cakes at HoneyB’s

* Strawberry Lemonade, Cinnamon Chips and NOVICA Giveaway

* Craving Chocolate? Quick and Easy 3 Minute Sweet Cake In A Mug

* Sisterhood of the Cookie Pants

* Double Glazed Almond Orange Bundt Cake

* {Daring Bakers} Chocolate & Vanilla Swiss Swirl Ice Cream Cake


* The Italian Stallion Burger

* Parmesan and Black Pepper Biscuits

* Purslane Dish


* Carne Guisada con Zanahoria (Steak with Carrot Sauce)

* Cabbage with Peas and Potatoes – Bandhakopir Torkaari


Blogging – Social Media


* 4 Posts 200 Comments and Lesson Learned

* How to Get Explosive & Targeted Traffic – An Alternative to Guest Posting

* Increase Traffic and Authority by Listing Your Blog

* Why Guest Blogging Works Better Than Article Marketing

* How to Detect and Deal with Content Theft, Autoblogs

* 202 Bite-Sized Tips To Insanely Increase Your Blog Traffic

* When Should You Give Up on Blogging?

* 5 Reasons You Should Not Be A Blogger

* Business Blogging – Benefits, Best Practices, and Blog Topics

* How to Write a Great Blog Post in Just 15 Minutes

Social Media

* How to Get More Local Business Using Blogging and Social Media

* How social media mashups will give you an edge in both engagement and monetization


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This week…most of the daring bakers impressed us with their creativity in the kitchen. I personally don't have the time to join them, however, I'd like to give them a shout out…fantastic work.

Some of your articles on blogging were quite interesting…especially how to avoid people stealing your content.

Gera…once more…I want to thank you for being such a friendly and loyal follower of my culinary journey. Thank you for including my tasty fish croquettes on your roundup ;o)

Have a great weekend and flavourful wishes,
My recent post FISH cakes CROQUETTES and SAUCES


Thanks for the link love Gera πŸ™‚
My recent post New video post- Sundried tomato- basil and cheese cookies


i thought something was wrong with the comments, but then my computer acts up now and then, hope your able to resolve. I read the article on Rome Italy and thought it was someone reading my thoughts, our tenth is coming up and we were always suppose to go to italy then the hubby changed jobs so we are off to jamacia. I love the fabulous round up this week, and btw joined two new sites through your blogging tips so thankyou again! Appreciate you posting the giveaway as well…have a great weekend~
My recent post Italian Pizza Fritta Outside on the Grill Plus Video


Have a sweet weekend,Gera!


Love the ice cream cake, my favorite πŸ™‚
My recent post Light Meal – Creamy Mushroom Soup

Tangled Noodle

I never know if I should start with the sweet stuff or the savory? Thanks for all the great links about blogging strategies!
My recent post Sisterhood of the Cookie Pants


Another delicious and mouth watering cooking and baking. Thanks Gera!
My recent post Ethiopian Spicy Beef Stew with Berbere and Nitter Kibbeh


Thanks for your list, as always. The traffic increase tips are great. And the bundt cake? Thanks for including us and for your thoughtful comment this week. It's not an easy subject and it seems to draw a lot of emotion! I hope you get the tech stuff fixed pronto.
My recent post Photo of the Day- Giant Gummy


Hey Gera – Ugh!!! Must be so frustrating. You are a better person than me for sticking with it despite all the bugs. πŸ™‚ I gave it up.

I've been super frustrated with ID right now because I can't seem to login – it's completely messed up!

Anyway, thanks again for including my blog in this list. It was a great post by Ryan and the third and final of the series went up today!

My recent post Is Your Blog Missing This Key Search Engine Magnet


Nice roundup!

Have a lovely weekend.




Hi Gera! Thanks again for the link and a big thank you for visiting me even if i had been MIA. My machine is not working right and am going to be away for a couple of weeks from now.

Have a great weekend and the rest of the time.
My recent post Cabbage with Peas and Potatoes – Bandhakopir Torkaari


Hi Gera,
I was just drooling over those images in the Foodies section….
Oh btw, thanks for linking my post too. πŸ™‚
My recent post To Thank Or Not To Thank For Retweets


Enjoyed your savory cookies! πŸ™‚


Wow me too thanks! πŸ™‚


The daring bakers is a problem always for my sweet tooth πŸ˜‰
How to deal with blog stealing is a must read.
A tasty pleasure following your culinary journey and have the best weekend!


Ohh my ID comments are overloading my patience.
Of course you'd be interested in the Rome Italy article.
Jamaica is a good trip.
Glad you like the round up this week Claudia! And superb weekend to you πŸ™‚


Really very emotive your post! Traffic articles are always interesting more with a bundt cake at your side with a cup of coffee πŸ™‚
You said right, I need a fix pronto!!


Sweet weekend to you!


Thanks Amanda! The sweet section can be me preferred too πŸ˜‰


Today the savory is wining the game! Great articles about blogging to read this weekend πŸ™‚ Thank you!


Enjoy it Dara, a pleasure – your "Italian recipe" link is so delicious!


Totally mouthwatering recipes these days, Elra, including yours πŸ™‚ Thanks!


You're right! My patience is near to be full with the bugs.
Problems to login ugh I didn’t know it, other one…
Thanks to you and Ryan for the post and I'll be reading it later, the third of the series at your blog.


Thanks Sourav ! This is the problem with foodies and their recipes.
Very interesting your article, thanks for coming by!


Enjoy the recipes and happy you like it:)

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