Poll Results about Social Media, Foodies, Blogging and Health: Best of the Week

The best of the week – poll has ended and now it’s time to get conclusions.

First, I want to thanks publicly for all the feedback received about this poll to:
Claudia, Hesham, Claudia, Deeba, Rosa, Soma, Elra, Natasha, Belinda, Java, Ashley, Sophia, Mary, Amanda, Lazaro, Anncoo, Christine, Joan, Lou, Patty, Erica, Claudia, Reeni.

With your comments, votes and ideas I can improve even more this section, according to your tastes and mine 😉
I know there are readers just lurking and for all of them, also, a big thanks!

Without further ado, let’s go to the results:


Foodies Poll Results, Social Media, Blogging and Health: Best of this week
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Foodie Topics: 29,5%

There is not surprise at all, that foodie topics are the majority with a 29,5% . It was an expected result and the stats are confirming it.
Of course, I’ll continue posting foodie themes and whenever I’ve a chance, I’ll make additional extra categories.

Social Media – Blogging

– Blogging: 16,8 %
The intention of the poll was more targeted to non-food areas. You know, apart from being a foodie, I’m a tech-geek (if not, you know it now).

If you’re a blogger, I guess you’d interested in how to become a better blogger reaching your goals, whatever they are called, more: traffic, subscribers, comments, ad-clicks, fans / followers, retweets, social votes, etc etc.
It’s evident after the result that you’re attracted to helpful & concrete blogger articles, and you’ll have them!

– Social Media: 9,5 %
Bloggers aren’t isolated islands; they need the reciprocation of their peers and to interact with other people, in other words: social networking. Although social media topics have had “lower votes”; they’ll continue appearing, depending of the published during the week.

As I published before, I’ll be increasing gradually and constantly, my own articles about blogging and social media at the blog, because I adore them like a chocolate cake!

Making Money Online: 7,4%

I see that not everybody is interested, but when I’ve a chance and I find good articles, they will appear, perhaps with lower frequency.

Search Engines / SEO (Search Engines Optimization) / Analytics: 8,4%
I recognize that these articles aren’t for all, but let me ask you, honestly: are you interested in better organic traffic from big search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing)?

If the answer is yes, you’ll need making your blog SEO-friendly, know about your keywords and, from time to time, to explore plus understand your stats for knowing your weakness and strengths in this analytic area. This is the reason why these articles are important.

I’ll publish still some of them as long as, they aren’t too heavy. At the same time, my own stats are confirming your interest via outgoing links about those topics. So move on to the next point.

Tech – Security: 5,3%
There is very little interest – still I’ll read it for myself, but I’ll delete this category.

Health: 14,7%
Well, we’ve arrived to the origin of the poll!
Apart of food and tech articles, to get some balance, the healthy articles are important for me, but after several weeks of study of my stats, they disagree completely with the voting; the outgoing links pointing out to health posts are minimal.

Sometimes researching for health articles, I’ve spent more than 1 hour digging into extensive and inedible posts (near to medicinal essays) or going to the opposite side, horrible articles only for selling fake pills and hilarious diets – in middle of hundreds, they are few articles that worth reading. This behavior is the entire week, no matter the day.

Although, I’ve dozens of health sources at my RSS reader, it’s still difficult and time-consuming to find interesting articles.
Therefore I’ll take a Solomonic decision: I’ll be posting health material when I’ve enough good articles, instead of posting a weekly roundup about the same. So the frequency could be each 15 days, more or less and depending of the material found.
In that way I’ll respect the will of my readers and at the same time, to manage my time in a better way during the week.

Fitness: 7,4%
I’ll apply also the same concept of the health articles to this subcategory.

Any recommendations? Suggestions? Please share your thoughts in comments.

Now let’s go to the best of this week!

The Best of the Week is a series of roundup-articles published every week, touching principally themes related to food, blogging, social media and health. For more information, you can read the first article of these series.

Poll Results about Social Media, Foodies, Blogging and Health: Best of the week


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