Are Celebrity Diets really better than yours?

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Celebrity dieting secrets are barely secrets anymore with the advent of TMZ and the like we are today given an overdose of what celebrities are doing, wearing, buying and yes… eating. There is a craze surrounding celebrity diets, just look at all the dieting program endorsements by celebs like Weight Watchers (Jennifer Hudson, Jenny McCarthy), Atkins (Al Gore, Jennifer Aniston), Zone Diet (Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Madonna), Baby Food Diet (Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga, Gwyneth Paltrow) and countless others.

Does this marketing trend really mean that celebrity diets are better for us “ordinary” folk? Think about it; are these diets outlines the only thing celebrities are following to lose weight or are there an exercise and detox routine in place too? There are countless things pointing towards the fact that just because a celebrity says a way of eating is working for them it will not necessarily work for everyone else. In a sentence, everyone is different and their lifestyle and their individual metabolic rate and physical condition is the only thing that dictates what will work or not.


Celebrity Dieting: Are Celebrity Diets really Better than Yours?

To prove our point that celebrity diets do not work for everyone else we have a few points glossed out here:


One of the most glaring discrepancies in following a celebrity diet plan is the huge gap in lifestyles. Where celebrities have countless hours in the day dedicated to keeping them groomed and beautiful most of are lucky if we get a few hours a week to ourselves. With lives being so busy and having to cook, clean and cater to one’s family or even just juggling a full time job with a social life takes a lot of attention and energy as we do not have a village on call to take care of everything in our lives.

If we hear about celebrities surviving on a can of baby food from lunch till dinner we should know its easier for them. They probably did not even have to open that can. Not to say that celebrities are lazy its just that they do not have to do these things and can spare the time and the resources for their vanity. We have friends and families that we have to take care of without any nannies or hired help so its bound to be a bit difficult for us to follow the dieting regimes of the celebrities and achieve the same results.

Personal Attention/Resources:

If you have seen one of the several celebrity diet programs like the new “Kirsty Alley’s Big Diet” you will have an idea of how much money, time and effort is put into these celebs losing the bulge. Kirsty Alley has come up with her own line of diet products that she developed to her and other “like her” lose weight. The most we could come up with in search for personalized diets is a recipe that uses lesser fat or crabs.

We do not have professionals in the food industry create magic potions for us that will suit our lifestyles and our taste buds. Not only that celebrities get their pick of the best trainers with the most cutting edge approaches to weight loss and fitness, we are lucky if we can spare the $100 to buy the program on DVD! Its just not fair to expect from yourself to lose weight on celebrity diets, a good diet would be something that you can squeeze into your “fitness regime” of a full-time job and a family or friends.


Another reason why we think our own diets are better than their celebrity counterparts is because they can be adjusted to a level that suits our health issues. People suffering from diabetes will require a different dieting regime than someone who has a blood pressure problem. It is just not possible to follow celebrity diets without knowing or caring for your body’s underlying conditions. This is why every celebrity-endorsed diet warns to consult your GP before starting any regime it means that this diet was not made for your body so do not expect the same results.

Fitness Level:

We might win when it comes to stamina in our fitness levels compared to celebs but we definitely cannot out run them. They might be burning the exact same amount of calories through exercise that we do through work but because their workouts are aimed at muscle building the results are very different.

Muscle burns more fat and celebrities like Kelly Rippa, Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker are living breathing testaments to that. It is not realistic or fruitful to want the same results as these pumped up divas. Even if you have a lot of muscle mass you need your diet to target your body’s requirements and meet its needs rather than Madonna’s.


The motivation for celebrities is that, for most of them their bodies and their faces are imperative to their work. We do not have that pressure, if we put on a few pounds it won’t mean that we will stop getting certain offers or appearances. The celebrities have to keep their shape because if they do not they might lose work. Why do you think Gisele Bundchen and Gwyneth Paltrow got back in fighting shape a few weeks after they gave birth? Because it is part of their job, they have to look a certain way to be marketable and even if no one says it out loud the extreme plastic surgeries and strict diet and exercise plans are screaming just that.

Modeling, TV and Film are all an industry and their motivation is profit so they pour a lot of money into the way their assets (celebrities) are presented. Whereas our motivation is more realistic it can be vanity, or health issues or even self-esteem and these are not immediate threats to our livelihood. We are not under pressure constantly to look a certain way so we can eat healthy and take a bit of time to lose the weight when celebrities cannot.

So, the next time you hear that Victoria Beckham only eats Bananas to survive you should know that it cannot work for you or for any of us. Putting that kind of stress on our bodies will have us heading to an early grave. If you are thinking of dieting, do what suits your body and lifestyle because losing weight is easier if you do not have to stress about what others are doing and how they look. Losing weight and keeping fit are very important fixtures in our generally over weight society but losing the weight the right weight is equally important.

We all have heard that people with weight problems are usually addicted to food and the comfort it brings. How do you get rid of an addiction? If you are addicted to smoking you quit smoking the same goes for Alcohol and other addictive substances. The difference with food is you cannot quit it… if you stop eating you die. So, we have to somehow get rid of our addictions while we use the substance in smaller doses.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster, doesn’t it but there is hope. Our bodies are not “addicted” to natural substances just processed food. A few of the most ridiculous diet regimes that celebrities are following today in hopes of keeping fit are:

·    Mariah Carey is allegedly on a “Purple Food Diet” where she eats only purple fruits and vegetables, that’s not only ridiculous but also very inconvenient for someone who has to go eat out with friends. You can get the same benefits from fruit and veggies of other colors!

·    The
waif like Victoria Beckham is on a “Salt Water and Vinegar Diet”, She soaks herself in a hot salty bath before going out to make her look “thinner” and drinks a concoction of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water before every meal. Anyone else want to look like a corpse?

·    Another outrageous diet is the Kate Winslet’s, “Facial Analysis” the actress apparently looks at her face every morning in the mirror closely to see any open pores or wrinkles and decides her diet based on her skin condition. Really? You could not just avoid processed food to get the “glow”!

·    Last on our outrageous celebrity diet list but definitely not the least is the Jennifer Lopez’s Grapefruit Oil Diet. What she does is sniff grapefruit oil to release enzymes in her liver and in turn help you lose weight by breaking down fats. If this worked the people involved with the production of this oil must have been stick thin!


Celebrity Eating & Celebrity Diet Plans are Better than Yours?

Bottom line, if you want to keep fit and lose weight you are the one who has to come up with a plan that suits you. Just because it works for some high maintenance celebrity does not guarantee it will work for you. The web and libraries have a plethora of information on the subject and you can always consult your GP to get the optimal way for you to lose weight.

You can take the basic principles of a celebrity diet and make them work for your lifestyle because they do spend a lot of time and resources to finding ways to keep fit. Just always remember to put your own spin on the diet to make it work best for you as celebrity diets are really not better than ours. Their diets suit their lifestyles and we need diets that will suit ours; think about that before sniffing some oil!

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Interesting and fun read, I agree. Very good points you make! Also, though, to be fair (?) to the celebrities, I'm sure so much of it is made up – I mean, purple diets? Smelling grapefruits? I'm sure they're laughing at the absurdities (while they're happily eating their hot dogs!)
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So funny, this was hilarious!
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Fun read. Of course so many of those diets are just plain silly.(Purple? Really?) Common sense is a lovely quality.


Great post! The celebs are a funny breed! When I see grapefruits… sniff sniff… did I just loose a few pounds??? Outrageously funny!!
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These are crazy! I don't know how they can stick to them. I would have irresistible cravings for real food!

Not Quite Nigella

Hehe great article Gera! I would never follow a celebrity diet. They always sound a bit crazy not to mention nutritionally unsound! 😛
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Great post and funny! 🙂
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Fads, fads, fads. These 'diets' definitely don't work for regular people like us!


A very good article. Very well formulated. Uggghh, that baby food diet is disgusting! Some are pretty hilarious too ,-)!




Wonderful post! Fun and interesting.
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Thanks for all your comments on behalf of Letitflow!
My recent post Are Celebrity Diets really better than yours?


I vote for the word DIET to be withdrawn from the dictionary!!!
Good read…funny at times…but overall bored with the subject in general.
Looking forward to your future post.
Flavourful wishes, Claudia


Great post. I don't believe in any diet. We should listen to our bodies and eat when it calls for food but not to over eat. We all know that feeling – full and bloated and SO uncomfortable.
If we moderate sugar and saturated fats, with a healthy balance between protein, carbs, healthy fats, that's the "diet" perscription for a fit and good life.
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Carolyn Jung

When all is said and done, there's only one diet that really works — eat less and exercise more. It's that simple. We all want the magic pill, though. But there really isn't one.
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Oh my..that Grapefruit Oil Diet sounds..bad…food is too good to give up!


It seems a glitch of the commentluv plugin. I edited the comment and now your next comment has the correct one. Thanks for coming by 🙂


Solved now your post is the correct one 🙂


some of those diets sound so silly! a lot of Celebrities are always constantly dieting.


Beautiful post. It's very informative. Indeed we are all different and need to know what works best for us. I think some celebrities just look so sick and unhealthy. I will stick to mine. At least it has worked so far 😀
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Karen W.

I've always thought that celeb diets are complete madness, maybe they should all just try "normal" healthy eating and get over it 😉
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I don’t think we can really trust what the celebrities tell us about their diets. Some pretend to eat regular food, or have some quirky diet, but the reality is that most of them have their own personal trainers and dieticians.

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