Interviewed and Best of the Week: Foodies, Social Media more Healthy Topics

For everyone that contacted me through all type of media, thanks a lot for your good thoughts!
The knee surgery of my mom has finished and we’re seeing the evolution more trying to low the inflammation. Now it’s also the stage of workouts and we hope good result soon.

As you guess I haven’t had any time to write, even to publish a guest post, I’ve received. I expect to return posting something shortly.



I’ve the pleasure to inform you that I’ve been interviewed by Theresa of the Half Hour Meals Team.
This Food Site is full of excellent & easy recipes. Surely you’ll find a tasty recipe that will fit on your palate!
Thanks a lot for the Interview Theresa!

Here it’s the link of the Interview about my Food Blog.


Now to the Best of the Week!

Best of the Week is a series of roundup-articles published every week, touching principally themes related to food, blogging, social media and health. For more information, you can read the first article of these series.

Interviewed and Best of the Week: Foodies, Social Media & Blogging Resources more Healthy Topics

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Foodies – FoodBlogs


* Chorizo– You Strain My Brain

* The Long and Winding Dumpling Road

* Pasta, Pesto, Please

* Puréed Fresh Zucchini Carrot Soup


* It tastes and looks like a Snickerdoodle

* Flan de Arequipe (Dulce de Leche Flan)

* Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Pie and GIVEAWAY

* Grilled Chocolate Banana Boats Recipe (Fruit Dessert Recipes)

* Easy German Chocolate Cake

Social Media – Blogging

Social Media

* Pet Friendly Social Media and Internet Marketing

* 5 Ways to Get Free Stuff On Twitter

* How to Use Twitter Events to Grow Your Network

* Not all ReTweets are Created Equal

* 10 Image Bookmarking Sites As Part of Linkbuilding

10 Tips for Effective Marketing on StumbleUpon!


* How to Sound Like You Know What You’re Blogging About

* 7 Tips to Boost Your Blog’s Credibility


* Eating nuts can lower cholesterol, say experts

* Ingredient in Dark Chocolate Could Guard Against Stroke

* Food allergy diagnosis ‘an inexact science’


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