Want to Lose Weight? Control Your Healthy Food Serving Sizes!

Overeating is one of the main causes of obesity worldwide, but we aren’t noticing that we’re eating more than the necessary and the food servings are increasing.

Over the last years, the servings were increased in restaurants and fast food chains, accustoming people to consume more, hence rising the weight.

Bigger food portion sizes means more calories and not precisely in healthy foods: the typical hamburgers, sodas, fries are bigger and bigger than before, this marketing problem of the big folks is translated in unhealthy behaviors affecting all ages.


Want to Lose Weight? Control Your Healthy Food Serving Sizes!


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The theme is becoming worst in children that are obese for the lack of control in their eating, bad nutrition and zero exercises, leading in the adulthood to various compulsive eating disorders.

Homemade food is, overall, with less kcals than the eaten outside, and you know certainly the ingredients that were used.

Is it Possible to Reduce the Servings? Surely, here are:

8 Ways to Reduce the Portion Sizes

1.- Take Out of Your Mind the Concept of the “Clean Plate”

Raise your hand if you haven’t cleaned up a dish, no matter the size, because we had to do it?

I’ve had sometimes this behavior and this isn’t good, because you eat more than necessary and it’s pretty unconscious.

It’s better to consume a rational portion and to stop. Possibly, the leftovers can be saved for other day or even put in the freezer too. In that way your stomach doesn’t result overloaded.

2.- Take a Break of 10 Minutes

The stomach has about this lapse of delay to communicate with the brain that is full. While you chat with your companion let pass this time, or if you’re eating alone, make something you like; listen music or reading, before serving again. After this time, if you’re still hungry, eat a prudent serving size of vegetables or salads (I know it isn’t easy, specifically with desserts).

3.- Never Ever Eat Directly of the Box or Package

If you buy a meal to eat on the go, put the correct portion on a dish and save the rest of the package. Sit down, calm and enjoy it chewing slowly.

4.- If You Eat a Lot, Choose Healthy Options

There is no problem with abundant meals with vegetables, salads or soups, whenever they are, with low fat dressings because the calories involved are few, so the portions can be big. Anyway, be aware that vegetarian meals aren’t exempt of overweight problems if you’re trying to lose weight.

5.- Use Small Dishes to Put Your Yummy Food

Visual control is a good measure; less space means better emphasis in correct servings – a small trick to distract your brain 😉

6. -Pick Up Individual Servings in Food Rich in Calories

Whether you prepare or buy it, try to control this point. Will you buy an ice cream? Instead of purchasing a familiar package, pick up several individual ones. Choose a small package of French fries and not the super – bigger one.

When it comes to nutrition, read the labels to check out if it’s for one person or more, also read carefully the kcals of the same.

7.- Put on the Table Just What You’ll Eat

It isn’t recommended serving sizes that you cannot handle. To avoid the point 1 pay attention in serving exactly the food you want, and in that way, you’ll be conscious of the situation, if you appeal to an extra portion.

Never skip meals on purpose to lose weight, this can lead to unhealthy yo-yo patterns in your weight and health.

8.- Still Hungry After the Meal? Add Volume

With smaller portions, may be you want something more at the end. You can try fruits like an apple, orange, or watermelon.

Desserts are great, but why not trying first the healthy fruits option and later if it’s, absolutely necessary, at least choose a low-kcal one.

Food Serving Sizes

What am I forgetting to add? Do you have other tricks to control your intakes?

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Gera really wonderful post! absolutely interesting,and is really true! I love your posts!
I love "Use small dishes to put your yummy food" really good.

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oh boy, this is great information for sure and one of the toughest things to do is diet as a blogger thats posts food and their own taste tester…I gained 14 pounds being a blogger foodie, so my suggestion and advice, love who you are not what you eat! lol
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Thanks Gloria! Putting the delights in small dishes is an auto-show off that you're eating more than in a big plate.


Haha foodies have this problem often, including myself. The only way is burning it doing aerobic exercises…and adequated food portion sizes!


I have trouble finding foods that I like, but then when I do….I always over eat. Good post.

jo oliver via stumble
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great tips as ever sure your not an RD LOL


Informative and well-written post. Obesity we can agree is a worldwide problem, but childhood obesity is really tragic. I see overweight children everyday and it is heartbreaking because that is the future. And they just are not getting the guidence they need. Great post about something important. Cheers!


Move your body! (I don't nearly enough writing all day).

Not Quite Nigella

Yes portion sizes are definitely getting bigger and I find a lot of takeaway food very greasy and salty! I like to wait 10 minutes after I eat and I usually find that I'm not hungry then.
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Beautiful post, Gera! I have to agree that people these day, old and young, are dangerously getting bigger sideways, including pets!! I really hope more people will read your wonderful tips and really follow them. For me I play a lot of badminton and drink freshly made juices which is very filling and nutritious.

Cajun Chef Ryan

Indeed, foods and drinks that are high in fat, salt, sugar, alcohol, and empty calories should be eaten in limited quantities or not at all.

If you really want to lose weight but not have to starve through the process you can eat all the steamed or raw greens and vegetables you want, and all the fresh fruit you can eat. You don't have to limit your portion size for any greens, vegetables, beans, or fresh fruit as long as there is no added fat, salt, or sugar in the cooking process.

So many people have been brainwashed that they can loose weight by eating smaller portions of certain items, for example, eating 1/2 a hamburger is only 1/2 the calories. That is like saying I will only smoke 1/2 a cigarette, so I will reduce my chance of getting cancer by 1/2! It does not work that way folks. If you really want to get healthy you need to limit or omit your intake of foods that are high in fat, salt, sugar, alcohol and empty calories.

Empty calories are those that come from foods that are high in energy but low in nutrients.


Super, super post, Gera. Great info. Great recommendations for controlling weight. I think the teens in my area of NY need to read it. Unfortunately, over weight young adults in central ny is out of control and, based upon the way they dress, it doesn't seem that they realize it.
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Couldn't have said it better Gera. This is a cause close to my heart.
I make smaller portions of everything when I make food. I get more cookies out of a batch, more energy bars (if the recipe says 12, I'll definitely get an easy 16), make individual desserts etc. I find my kids are more mentally tuned to the number of cookies I've always offered them, so they expect a number, not a size!! I'll say this helps me. I've also begun substituting plain flour with healthier alternatives, and now use LOADS of fruit in my baking..
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Very good tips! I try to control my portions, but sometimes greed takes over ;-p…




Thanks for coming! Overeating is a very common problem, more with so many delights there!


Not I'm not a RD LOL! Only a foodie and health fanatic 🙂


Thanks! Toddlers drinking sodas, children eating – really overeating – all type of junk food plenty of fats, trans fat and super bigger combos lead to unhealthy adults; is a problem!


Yes Claudia this is the other side of the theme, keep moving!


Fat and salt are increasing proportionally with the portion sizes!


You've touch a point I've noticed, pets are included! Yummy fruit juices and badminton are good measures for a healthy lifestyle 🙂


Totally agree Ryan, I like your precision about the theme! Control of the portion sizes apply principally to foods full of salt, sugar, fats or calories.

There is no problem with vegetables as long as, the dressings are healthier in case of salads. Starving isn't the way, these are called "crash diets" and the effects are worst that overeating with yo-yo binges.


Thanks! When you see that your waist is increasing dangerously, stop and think what you can do and not purchase new bigger wardrobe to fit in them 😉


Thanks for coming by!


These are useful ways to not increase the servings. More fruits in baking is much better than full cream baked ones.
Leftovers and surplus are always problematic – in my case too. Thanks Deeba!

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