Want to Lose Weight? Control Your Healthy Food Serving Sizes!

Overeating is one of the main causes of obesity worldwide, but we aren’t noticing that we’re eating more than the necessary and the food servings are increasing.

Over the last years, the servings were increased in restaurants and fast food chains, accustoming people to consume more, hence rising the weight.

Bigger food portion sizes means more calories and not precisely in healthy foods: the typical hamburgers, sodas, fries are bigger and bigger than before, this marketing problem of the big folks is translated in unhealthy behaviors affecting all ages.


Want to Lose Weight? Control Your Healthy Food Serving Sizes!


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The theme is becoming worst in children that are obese for the lack of control in their eating, bad nutrition and zero exercises, leading in the adulthood to various compulsive eating disorders.

Homemade food is, overall, with less kcals than the eaten outside, and you know certainly the ingredients that were used.

Is it Possible to Reduce the Servings? Surely, here are:

8 Ways to Reduce the Portion Sizes

1.- Take Out of Your Mind the Concept of the “Clean Plate”

Raise your hand if you haven’t cleaned up a dish, no matter the size, because we had to do it?

I’ve had sometimes this behavior and this isn’t good, because you eat more than necessary and it’s pretty unconscious.

It’s better to consume a rational portion and to stop. Possibly, the leftovers can be saved for other day or even put in the freezer too. In that way your stomach doesn’t result overloaded.

2.- Take a Break of 10 Minutes

The stomach has about this lapse of delay to communicate with the brain that is full. While you chat with your companion let pass this time, or if you’re eating alone, make something you like; listen music or reading, before serving again. After this time, if you’re still hungry, eat a prudent serving size of vegetables or salads (I know it isn’t easy, specifically with desserts).

3.- Never Ever Eat Directly of the Box or Package

If you buy a meal to eat on the go, put the correct portion on a dish and save the rest of the package. Sit down, calm and enjoy it chewing slowly.

4.- If You Eat a Lot, Choose Healthy Options

There is no problem with abundant meals with vegetables, salads or soups, whenever they are, with low fat dressings because the calories involved are few, so the portions can be big. Anyway, be aware that vegetarian meals aren’t exempt of overweight problems if you’re trying to lose weight.

5.- Use Small Dishes to Put Your Yummy Food

Visual control is a good measure; less space means better emphasis in correct servings – a small trick to distract your brain 😉

6. -Pick Up Individual Servings in Food Rich in Calories

Whether you prepare or buy it, try to control this point. Will you buy an ice cream? Instead of purchasing a familiar package, pick up several individual ones. Choose a small package of French fries and not the super – bigger one.

When it comes to nutrition, read the labels to check out if it’s for one person or more, also read carefully the kcals of the same.

7.- Put on the Table Just What You’ll Eat

It isn’t recommended serving sizes that you cannot handle. To avoid the point 1 pay attention in serving exactly the food you want, and in that way, you’ll be conscious of the situation, if you appeal to an extra portion.

Never skip meals on purpose to lose weight, this can lead to unhealthy yo-yo patterns in your weight and health.

8.- Still Hungry After the Meal? Add Volume

With smaller portions, may be you want something more at the end. You can try fruits like an apple, orange, or watermelon.

Desserts are great, but why not trying first the healthy fruits option and later if it’s, absolutely necessary, at least choose a low-kcal one.

Food Serving Sizes

What am I forgetting to add? Do you have other tricks to control your intakes?

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    You aren’t alone Rosa – I'm guilty sometimes haha!


    Thanks for stopping by Natasha!



    Thank you so much for those tips!!!! I usually small portions…..I said usually 😉
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    So true. We do smaller portions and the healthy food/low calorie option. cut cut the recipe proportions to half or even less if it is a high cal recipe.
    My recent post Strawberry Daiquiri

    Joy Zhang

    Gera what a wonderful post. I think everyone always struggles with serving sizes, especially when the food tastes so incredibly delicious. I laughed out loud when I saw the kids faces buried in pie because, well, I sometimes catch myself wanting to do the same thing whenever I find something delicious. But you are right, controlling portion size is KEY to losing weight, thank you for your insight!

    Carolyn Jung

    One great trick is to use a salad plate instead of a dinner plate for all your meals. That way, you can fill up the plate so it looks bountiful, but you're really eating less than you normally would.
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    Great post! Darn to #4…I love doing that…=)
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    Excellent post! I couldn't agree more with everything you say here about controlling portion sizes. I practice all of these regularly.


    You put together some good general guidelines here, Gera. I'm not sure really how I control my portion sizes and intake but it seems metabolism driven. My appetite drops sharply when I miss a few days of exercise. It always has.


    Thanks! This post is fantastic! I am happy to report that I have actually instituted many of your suggestions above – the one thing I'd like to sort out is the 10 minute delay thing. I love to eat and once I get started, it is very difficult to stop until…well, my plate is clean! So I normally try to eat out of smaller bowls. Awesome.
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    Mitch Ribak

    I completely agree on how the serving sizes can even alter the size of our bodies. I believe in the theory that small serving throughout the day is healthier and lighter than feasting on large servings. However, there are some delightful dishes which is just too tempting.


    Candice useful tips also! Yes proteins boost fullness during the day 🙂

    Thanks for coming by!

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