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I’m returning after a week that wasn’t memorable in terms of the bad weather.
Practically, all the week was with storms and raining, even till yesterday.
Of course the complete outdoor plans I’ve had for the break, were cancelled and only I’ve done a few hours of a windy-running at the beach (not precisely in a sunny & hot day)

The cold-wardrobe appeared in scene again even though is summer…
The situation was ugly with floods in several cities and alas, with persons disappeared carried by the fierce waters.
At some cities of the middle and north of Uruguay (my country), lot of people lost their homes due to the repetitions of the frequent floodings.

Due to the heavy rain, the electricity was cut in some places and for example, in Buenos Aires (capital of Argentine) the situation was worst with cars swimming in the streets in popular neighborhoods, really a chaos.

The bizarre thing is that some days ago, before the carnival week, the days were hot and nice, with temperatures till 35C (95F).
Almost of the outdoor shows were suspended for some days for the bad weather conditions.

The global warming is affecting everyplace on the Earth, changing the climate conditions and producing several extreme alterations to the total weather.


I want to thank personally to each of you who has commented to the guest post about the 4 ways you can love healthy foods you have to eat and also of the mentions of the scheduled tweets I’ve done.
I was very few online but, I’ve been tweeting a little, more @replying and sharing a few interesting articles of notes during the last week.


2 Awards

It’s my pleasure to give 2 Awards, I’ve received from Claudia of What’s Cookin’ Italian Style Cuisine and Kristy of My Little Space Thanks so much!!

The TAQ is different because it hasn’t an image that represents it. The same is the one you’ve in your image folder so the image that I’ve, now is the “stop by to say hi award” therefore I’m sharing two awards with the same pic. This task is always complicated for the hundreds of good blogs that deserve them.

Award to Food Bloggers - Foodies

Without further ado, the following “Stop by to say hi Award” and TAQ go to:

– Vanessa of Chefdruck

– Lori of Culinary Covers

– C.G. the Foodie of Uncovering Food

Please pass these 2 awards (the TAQ image is a beautiful one you can have) to your favorite 6 food bloggers.
Now, you can stop by to say hi! to your wonderful foodie-friends.


Have you had some break that didn’t result as you planned? Did you have a plan B at that moment?

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Welcome back, and sorry you and the surrounding had such bad weather and horrible damages in the area, being through four major hurricanes, I feel for all you. Especially during the time it was suppose to be fun…hope you and yours are doing ok…….and your ready to post up a storm for us…no pun intended …..glad you are back my friend and safe~
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Welcome back! The scenario of flooding is a wee bit scary. Here in MN and North Dakota, they are already sand bagging for spring floods. Of ourse our version of "chilly" and your version are very different! Cngrats on well-earned awards.


Yikes, sounds like it's getting nasty down there. We've had more snow and rock slides this year, but nothing compared to what you guys have had. Stay safe, Gera!
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Welcome back! i'm sorry to hear about your holidays having been ruined by the bad weather… here, Spring is on it's way!

Congrats on the award!


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Welcome dear Gera! Im sorry you have a lot of bad time there, I hear that in Buenos Aires, Other time you have to come to Chile and I will happy to receive you, (je,je) here we have a lot of hot this year! I was in the Beach and the weather was fine! I arrived yesterday.
Congrats by your awards, gloria


I know the frequent hurricanes are permanent danger there. The “funny” thing is that I like storms, but not in a break and having outdoor plans with the family that they were cancelled. Luckily, there wasn’t other extra problems, but lot of people are still having them for the flooding.


Ohh it’s a normal state flooding there in springs…hope the rivers will have a behaving appropriate!


It was a savvy decision the weather can change in the blink of an eye.


Yes the plans will be for other occasion 😉


Thanks Chris! It seems that your cold and the winter weather is coming here, and unfortunately very soon!


Yay for you Rosa, you’ll have a lovely spring there!


So glad to have you back Gera! Shame about your bad weather. Congratulations on your awards =)
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I’d be delighted for visiting you Gloria in Chile 😉 and more with good – warm weather.


Yep, not always the itinerary can be accomplished!


Welcome back!! I am sorry for the bad weather.

Thanks for the awards!


Sounds like the bad weather really affecting your vacation, hope the weather will nice and sunny soon, so you can have your lovely vacation on the beach.


Hey Gera, congrats on the awards! Sorry your 'time away' was less than joyous. That old mother nature has no mercy sometimes! Glad you're back.
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Welcome back Gera. Sorry to hear about the bad weather that dampened your plans. Yes indeed, our poor Earth is really having a tough time dealing with natural calamities!
Congrats on the award! You deserve them all the way!!
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Cookin' Canuck

Gera, I'm so sorry that the weather has caused so much devastation in Uruguay this past week. I'm glad you are okay and hope everyone is starting to dry out.

Congratulations on your awards – you deserve them!
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JB's Cookinglady

Congrats on your award Gera and Welcome Back
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Hi Gerardo,

So sorry to hear about the bad weather. I know how it feels a few months ago we experienced the same catastrophe. Flood water was waist high inside our homes and some people were already living on top of their roofs. A lot of people disappeared and were presumed dead.

We just have to be strong and keep our faith in times like this.

Glad to see you back here and more blessings!


So sorry to hear that you break wasn't as you planned and sorry for people losing their houses in the flood. we had a similar disaster in some cities here in Turkey. People died, children got lost, there are so many damages, etc. Hope everything gets better soon here, there, everywhere.
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Welcome back!!!! Congratulations on your awards.


I am sorry to hear that the weather was less than cooperative for your Carnival. I can sympathize – its been crazy here. So wet, its hard to get motivated for those runs!

Congratulations on your well deserved awards and for sharing the wealth of information by introducing me to new bloggers. You deserve all the recognition you get!
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CG the Foodie

Thank you for the award! I will have to think about who to share it with but for now I am tweeting the link to show it off :o)

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