Replacing Cakes With Cupcakes

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Why does the general population think that cakes are the best thing for birthdays and other celebrations? Sure you can make a cake have it’s own identity, but can’t that sometimes be boring? Shouldn’t the guest at any particular party have as much fun as the person or persons the party might be for? Maybe it’s time to start thinking outside of the realm of traditional cakes for parties and think about using cupcakes.


Replacing Cakes With Cupcakes

There are a variety of reasons one might want to use cupcakes over cakes. Here are a few:

• They are far easier to decorate.
• There are a variety of different cake flavors to offer.
• There are a variety of different icings to offer, and you can even suggest no frosting for guests who can’t have frosting.
• Each cupcake can take on its own personality.
• A special theme can be expanded upon if you decide to use cupcakes.
• Cupcakes are portable; someone who can’t stay for the party till cake is served can be easily offered a cupcake to take with them without disturbing the integrity of the cake prior to serving time.
• Cupcakes are fun.

Why don’t we start off with a few themes that will help you visualize just how much fun cupcakes can be.

Having a Halloween party? Just look at how much fun and laughs you’ll get out of some of these ideas.

• How about a nice eyeball to keep eye on all the other surround cupcakes: Icky Eyeballs Cupckaes
• Frankenstein is always a Halloween favorite, so why not have him add some spice to your standard cupcake? Frankenstein Cupcake Recipe
• What’s a Halloween party without Franks good buddy the Mummy? Mummy Halloween Cupcake adds a little love-ability to the old raggedy mummy.
• We can’t leave out timeless favorites like the neighborhood Witch Cupcakes, the blind as a bat treat Bat Cupcakes, the always creepy and crawly Spider Cupcakes, and then of course there’s everyone’s favorite the jack o lantern cupcake.

Having a baby shower? Cupcakes can be the ideal medium to create adorable treats for the mother to be and all her friends.

• A cute little bib will charm everyone with it pastel colors and cupcake recipe of your choice. Check out Baby Bib Cupcakes
• Adorable baby footprints are sure to bring out the “ahs and oohs” in a Baby Steps Cupcake
• And everyone loves a cuddly teddy bear. You can make a Chocolate Teddy Bear Cupcakes cupcake design for your next shower.

Christmas is a wonderful time to consider replacing a traditional cake or dessert with some adorable and creative cupcakes. Brighten your holidays with a host of designs that will keep everyone smiling and coming back for more.

• Delight everyone with a jolly snowman from the Snowman Cupcake design.
• Santa’s elves can help make your Christmas treats cheerier.Christmas Elf Cupcakes.
• Don’t have snow where you live? Then why not simulate it with some yummy snowflake cupcakes? Look into Winter Fantasy Snowflake Cupcakes.
• Combine an entire batch of cupcakes to make a festive Christmas tree, with each individual cupcake it’s own individual festive entity. Christmas Tree Cupcakes may be your perfect holiday solution.
• No time to build a gingerbread house? Think gingerbread cookies are boring? This adorable gingerbread cupcake could be your ticket, Gingerbread Cupcakes
• And of course, we can’t forget about good old, lovable Santa. Santa Cupcakes make for a great “Ho Ho Ho” centerpiece.

If you are wanting to create your cupcakes from the ground up by avoiding the instant cake mixes, you can find a variety of different recipes that will suit your taste buds and those of your family and friends. Here are just a few suggested recipes to get you started:

Snow Globe Coca Cola Cupcakes
Coca Cola Cupcakes
Amy Sedaris Cupcakes
Key Lime Cupcakes
Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes
Black Bottom Cupcakes
Cheesecake Cupcakes
Eggnog Cupcakes
Rum Cupcakes
Fairy Cupcakes
Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes

This is just a sampling of just how creative cupcakes can help you. From birthday parties to even weddings, you can create a variety of different styles of cupcakes to embody the entire theme of the day. Each cupcake can become its own work of art within the total theme.

So pull out the mixing bowls and all the ingredients needed to start making that next occasion special, unique and most of all, fun!


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