4 Tips to Trick Your Sweet Tooth


4 Tips to Trick Your Sweet Tooth - Guest Post by Shannon Wills


It’s probably the world’s biggest irony – anything that tastes good is bad for our health and makes us obese while our taste buds are not too happy with too many foods that are deemed healthy. Yes, it’s the fat and the sugar in food that makes it so tempting to our palate, but then, when we consider the downside (disease and obesity), we must find a way to strike a balance between health and hedonism. For those of you with a sweet tooth who worry about putting on weight and ruining your health, here’s how you can trick your taste buds into achieving satisfaction even as you safeguard your health:


•     Limit your portions: You don’t have to limit your taste buds in your attempt to stay healthy, instead choose a dessert that you really love, and eat just a little of it. This way, you satisfy your sweet tooth and your craving. You also learn how to control yourself. When you reduce the size of your serving by half or share with a friend, you have the luxury of choosing desserts that compromise on taste with their “low fat” and “artificial sweetener” tags. I’m not saying they’re totally tasteless, just that they don’t come close to the real thing.


•      Fill up before you indulge: One golden rule when dieting or watching what you eat is to never give in to craving or try to satisfy your taste buds on an empty stomach. Instead, fill up on healthy foods that you love (like fruit – my personal favorites are the citric variety and those that have a tangy taste) before you dig into that tub of ice cream. You won’t be able to eat more than a few spoonfuls, but you still have the satisfaction of eating what you crave.


•     Choose desserts that are non-fattening: If you love fruits like I do, you could blend frozen chunks with or without some fresh juice and freeze the concoction to enjoy later as a tasty ice sorbet. It’s delicious, non-fattening, and healthy as well. Some people find that frozen yoghurt in different flavors works just as well in satisfying their sweet tooth, and yet others love to dig in to ice popsicles that last long and don’t contain fat (although they do have some sugar in them).


•     Limit the sugar and fat: Another way to trick your taste buds is to pick a dessert that is a combination of both health and temptation, like a bowl of fruit with a little chocolate syrup poured over it and a sprinkling of nuts. It’s tasty and healthy and best of all, it does not make you gain weight.

As you can see, it’s not that hard to stay healthy and indulge yourself occasionally too.

This post is contributed by Shannon Wills . She welcomes you comments at her email id: shannonwills23 (at) gmail.com


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Great tips for me! I have a sweet tooth, haha, thanks Gera!

5 Star Foodie

A timely post as most of us are so tempted by so many holiday sweets!


thanks for the tips..

Chow and Chatter

good tips RD approved !!


Great tips for the holidays! Thank you!

Residential Investment

That is the million dollar question and the answer is so simple! Stop having sweets. Every time you have them you cause a spike in your blood sugar, followed by a low an hour or so later when you'll want sweets again!


These are excellent tips Gera and Shannon! 😀


Adding to the filling up before you indulge, drinking lots of water helps as well. And maybe taking a breather between the main course and dessert, as it takes the brain longer to realize you are not hungry anymore.

~ Kristi


Great tips! I too love frozen fruit. If I really need a sweet fix I will eat frozen grapes!

Cajun Chef Ryan

Great list of tips indeed with the heavy holiday foods and events kicking into high gear!


excellent tips, I love fruit and making them into smoothies


Wow thanks for these tips they will truly come in handy


@5 Star Foodie
@Chow and Chatter
@Cinnamon-Girl Reeni♥
@Residential Investment
@[email protected] Quite Nigella

Thanks a lot for your lovely comments on behalf of Shannon!!


all good tips, but so hard to stick with!

Fresh Local and Best

Great tips, and also a good reminder for us cooks to offer healthy and choices for guests.


Great tip on healthy eating,thanks 😀


I know, I know – it's just once a year…. for an entire month!


Great article and good tips.


Okay, I know this is about diet…but WHAT is that picture on top? That's all I care about! It looks delicious!


Such a wonderful tips, perfect time as there are too much food, too much temptation.

The Cookinglady And Friends

Just when we are eating all the sweets and candies, you have given us great information that we need. Thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays.


Thank you for these tips. I have an unsatisfying sweet tooth, so I'm not sure I can do these 🙂


I like the advice the "Skinny Bitch" gives… taste everything but don't eat anything. That's how I handle the sweets – this can be a deadly season!!

Carolyn Jung

I also believe in the late-Julia Child's motto: "Everything — but in moderation.'' In other words, enjoy what you like, but just enjoy it in small portions on an occasional basis.'' 😉

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