Dainty Appetizer with Cream Cheese and Pleasant Perfumes Can Improve Your Sleeping

It’s incredible that we’re near the end of the year 2009, with the new year 2010 arriving soon! People are becoming anxious and in a hurry trying to finish all the tasks that urge on these dates.
Now it’s the season where frequently appears the magical turrones or torrones, sweet whine wines or delicious liqueur wines, glorious sweet foods, notable desserts and chocolate…but abundant quantities of premium chocolate delights.

Inevitably we tend to uncork also special wine bottles stored to these extraordinary occasions, not often with good result ;).
Particularly foodies are attracted on this purchasing-frenzy-season to give away the best gifts possible with new kitchen tools and cookware among the traditional gifts.

In South America (and more concretely in my country Uruguay) holidays mean summer coming and big contradictions! Banquets, countless dishes, asados and ice creams, lot of them.. more extra dry and glazed fruits! All these foods are incalculable calories eaten but with the normal sedentary lifestyle, people “remember” to do some workouts or dieting to look suitable for the beach 😀

I decided to plan a little this holiday shopping season and organize some of the events that will be coming.
Meantime I prepared in a few minutes a quick and dainty appetizer as topping on you want.

Dainty Appetizer with Cream Cheese and Pleasant Perfumes Can Improve Your Sleeping

* Cream cheese
* Ciboulette
* Red pepper
* Green pepper
* Semi sweet pickled cucumber
– Pinch of black pepper and paprika
– Optional chilli and hint of garlic

This snack turned out to be very tempting but I made a “mistake”…I leaned few of the crackers on a table where just was a perfume bottle. The result I ended with a floral – snack!
After this happening I reflected how important the aromas are in daily life.

Do you know that several scientific studios link to good sleeping with charming perfumes? Of course there’s the opposite situation of an inadequate sleeping with unpleasant scents.
The smell is the only human sense you could say that “never” sleeps. So you know, a nice perfume in your room can help your sleeping.

Meantime, I wonder, do you feel eager with the new year 2010 coming? Do you sense that pleasant fragrances can facility sleeping?


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


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I love the smells of vanilla and coconut! Smelling like a freshly baked cake at all times is my key to happiness and a good nights sleep 😉

Chef E

I want a few of those cheese crackers right now…I also keep candles around each room. The soy let off a fragrance even if you do not burn them, so I agree it helps relax you when things smell nice…like after you cook something good and the smell lingers…

Christmas hampers

I know lavender is supposed to help you sleep and I've seen some room sprays like that too but never used them. I can't believe it's 2010! I feel old.


I liked the topping it looks yummy but I’m just confused it has too many pepper in it as I can’t have spicy food.

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