Social Media: 7 Ways to Have a Successful Profile Online

I’m continuing with my social media posts like these ones about foodies & twitter, and your twitter goals.
Now, I want to show 7 helpful points to develop your social profile online and if you’re a blogger, to improve your social networking as well.

Social Media and Social Networking for Food Bloggers & Foodies
I was twittering with Rebecca of Chow and Chatter and she changed her avatar recently. This is a good measure if you feel that the new one is better for you. It came to my mind several aspects related, namely:

1. Monitor Your “Brand”
Your presence in diverse platforms is your social profile online, a brand of you (not only companies should have brands) Every movement you do online is registered and stay for a long time. You can monitor your name and possible reactions to it with services like Google Alerts.

2. Don’t Change Your Username Often
Take a moment and think twice before registering in some site and have some coherence if you’ve other names. The most benefit situation is to have a unique username in every social site. Completely different names can be so confusing.

3. Don’t Change Your Avatar Often
Your avatar is your “brand”, changing it frequently can damage your online visibility because lot of people cannot recognize you, even can ignore you, due to the fact that they didn’t know that you’re the same person behind this new one artistic photo, pet or logo.

4. Own Your Domain
If it’s your desire to have a long term run into blogging, it’s a good idea to have your own domain; the investment is minimal. Also you’d be seen in a better angle from other bloggers and if you want sponsors, this will be an extra bonus.
Some examples that bought a domain lately could be Deeba, ♥peachkins♥, Rebecca, Joanne and Susan.

5. More Active More Success
In my experience, the more active (in a constructive way) you’re in a social site, the more influence & people will notice you. Buzzing a lot can bring you new friends and find interesting persons in the cyberspace.

6. Make Easier Your Social Experience
Social networking can be time-consuming (and an addiction too), so it can be done intelligently. According to the type of community perhaps there’re applications that can be turn on your social experience easier. For example we’ve:
TweetDeck that integrates several platforms like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace all together.
Digsby you can chat with all your friends on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, and Jabber more – Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn accounts.
– Yoono is a Firefox sidebar which helps you to stay connected with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr, Yahoo IM, AIM and many more, all in one place.
– Flock the social web browser, support between others: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Youtube, Gmail, Digg, Flickr, Delicious, Yahoo IM, WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, etc.

7. You Aren’t the Center of the Universe
As in real life, if you call many times to a friend and you don’t have an answer at all, but you see interacting this person with other people, this is a not good signal for you, something wrong is happening between both.
Technology can translate this type of socializing to the cyberspace and more specific to the blogger stream.
Unless you’re an A-top-blogger in your niche (overflowed with emails and comments), it is pretty hard that this blogger can answer and comment on other blogs, but may be this isn’t your case. You’d have certainly this returning-feedback with your fellow bloggers.
In other words, if you’ve readers that come to your blog and visit you, when you’ve a bit of time, return the action, making them a visit, commenting, voting for the articles of this blogger, retweeting on twitter worthy articles.
Get you the idea? The blogging relationship is a win – win situation…do to others what you would like to be done to you!

Which points would like to add to this list to enlighten your social journey?


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Ashley Haywood

Great advice. I'd also like to add that (started by Seth Godin) is a great way to also build pages on a network that can link back to your blog. I'm still building my pages, but I've heard awesome things about having numerous pages.


Thanks for the great info. There were many listed that I didn't know about. I better look in to them. Thanks again.

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