Healthy Eating Habits and Diets can be Sweet Too

You know how vital is to have healthy eating habits and the potential overweight problems involved. I guess you want be full of health, aren’t you?
Healthy recipes, to lose weight and diets are recurrent points that always should be re-checked learning new practical tips and advices.
Sometimes you need all the help possible to achieve your goals, so I want to share a blog that can fulfill your expectations, Diet-to-Go Diet Blog.

Diet-to-Go Diet Blog
Really you’d enjoy exploring this site because it has wonderful recipes, fitness and dieting information.
Desserts, who said you must avoid during a diet? Common sense and good health guidelines can take you to mouth watering recipes for your sweet tooth.
It’s familiar for you that I crave sweets, but not permanently they should be with high proportion of fats and enormous quantity of calories.
This is a refreshing example on things well done.

Strawberry Dessert

Do you feel guilty only watching? Why? You can eat it this or similar ones mixing with adequate exercises and controlling the calories intake on daily basis.

Simple and delicious strawberry shortcake:
You need to cut the strawberries up (1 cup) and simmer them in pre-heated some orange juice (2 oz or 57g). In that way the natural sugars will be enhanced. Taste it, if it isn’t sweet enough add 1 teaspoon of sugar or a replacement according to your taste. When it’s cool, serve it over angel food cake, which is made with egg whites. Other option is to put a low fat ice cream at your choice.
To garnish the dessert is essential for the eyes, isn’t it? Top with fat-free vanilla yogurt and decorate if you want with mint.

You’ve now an impressive and healthy dessert, really effortless. This is only an example recipe, but there’re more that can be matched with your lose weight program or diet. Before visiting the diet-to-go diet blog, I recommend you to prepare your kitchen and to see your pantry because you’ll feel the necessity to cook but in a healthy manner!

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