Milanesa a la Napolitana a Culinary Savory Delight that You Will Not Forget!

I bet that you won’t resist trying a milanesa a la napolitana, a savory treat found in the Rio de la Plata (Uruguay and Argentina)…everyone adore it! and it should be known in the international culinary world.
To begin, the milanesa alone is a thin slice of beef, eventually chicken or fish breaded and dipped in beaten eggs (more salt, a touch of pepper, parsley and the indispensable garlic!) then shallow-fried or baked. Here is a recipe of milanesa from Deb.


Milanesa a la Napolitana a Culinary Savory Delight that You Will Not Forget!

The name “milanesa” and the preparation, arrived with European immigrants to South America referred to a cotoletta alla Milanesa.
After seen a brief glance of a milanesa, now straight to the neat and delectable milanesa a la napolitana.

Culinary History of the Milanesa a la Napolitana

The magnificent milanesa napolitana wasn’t born in Nápoles Italy as you can imagine. The milanesa napolitana has its name of a restaurant “El Napoli” (in memory of the city in southern Italy) near a famous stadium Luna Park – where takes place concerts, boxing, festivals and more – in Buenos Aires, Argentina about the middle of the XX century.


Milanesa a la Napolitana with French Fries

The legend tells that some day a “vip”-often client arrived, too late in the night, asking for a milanesa. It was the last one and the cook was so tired that it burned one side. The owner of the restaurant said to the desperate cook, in order to not get angry to this client- worst if he was boxing-related – to cover the milanesa with tomato sauce, ham and mozzarella cheese and to put to gratin.

The original dish was presented to the customer and he was ecstatic!
Later on, the name “milanesa to the Napoli” derived to the “milanesa a la napolitana”. Any moral in this story? Yes, the moral is that from an error you can get a potential success!…in this case a glittering culinary success 🙂

The milanesa napolitana should be eaten while the cheese is still melting. It can be accompanied with French fries or a succulent salad.


Milanesa a la Napolitana with Salad

Here is a recipe in English language of a milanesa a la napolitana you can follow. My recipe is in my memory and in Spanish! but remember that you can make the milanesa fried or a healthy version, baked.

Variants for the same:

* Suprema a la napolitana: instead of beef use a chicken breast, the rest is the same.

*A fast-food adaptation: add a fried egg on top and sometimes bacon.

The milanesa napolitana together with the chivito are the most “staple” savory popular dishes in Uruguay.


Milanesa a la Napolitana in the International Culinary World

Now it’s time to listen to you…would you like to try it? Already cooked it or know different versions/names? Mmmm, sorry the sticky-melted cheese is still on my mouth…

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    This is very popular in Mexico, too and I love it. I try to make it every once in a while to remember my mom's cooking. Thanks for bringing back some good memories 🙂


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