Crash Diets and Yo-Yo Dieting are Not a Good Idea for Weight Loss Diet Plans

Healthy weight loss often concerns: Tired of doing infinite diets to lose weight without any type of results in the long-term? Noticed that your favorite dress has been increasing your size dangerously?
Other frequent sentence: I need to lose weight so I’ll begin a diet. Do you know all the consequences of the diet you’ve chosen?
If you’ve answered a Yes to some of these questions you need help with your safe weight loss but do it in a healthy manner!

Help with Weight loss: The Fettuccine, pasta doesn’t get fat in moderate portions and with low fat sauces.Fettuccine with tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese, olive oil, parsley and basil after my training. I need carbohydrates to restore the energy. The pasta doesn’t get fat in moderate portions and with low fat sauces.

Weight loss, healthy eating and workouts are intimately related and they need certain daily balance to have same harmony to lose weight.

Are there weight loss secrets? Not really, but it can be a risky task for your body and often quite impossible. The true – not a secret- , generally speaking, is only pure maths. You eat in kcals more than you burn, hence the remaining calories are converted into fat.

Nutrition Facts:

– Some cyclists need for their training diets of up to 7000 calories per day.
– Swimmers like the famous Michael Phelps can eat till 12000 calories crazy!
But this is the norm? Not at all!
The average adult person needs 2000 calories on daily basis, more and less depending of the activity and other parameters.

In my case as an amateur sportsman I’ve surges of 4000-5000 kcals on long races; I’m an eating machine with an appetite insatiable but, can I maintain this rhythm? No way, because if I continue this food-doses and lower the energetic demands, I’ll end like a cow! I need to come back to a standard 2 kcals to maintain a reasonable weight.

I want to make some reflexions about quick weight loss diets – extreme diets or crash diets. Furthermore, the ugly yo-yo effect in this “quickest” way to lose weight.
I truly hope that they’ll be of utility and they’ll help in losing weight.

Crash Diets and Yo-Yo Dieting, Really to Think

When does the problem begin? When you want to do diets for quick weight loss, for any reason, without consider the “healthy eating” involved.
Does your car function without gas? No, well your body either! Honestly, how long you’ll last eating some carrots/apples daily?

The crash diets are the worst weight loss – diet plans you can do. Suddenly you “stop” to eat the necessary daily calories. I recognize that for foodies can be hell days….
The same you can archive doing exhausting exercise routines without any type of controls, taking diet pills or giant quantity of diuretics.

May be the first days you see a fast weight loss, but what did you lose? Water, and in evil scenario.. proteins of your muscles.
You think you lose fat, but sorry to tell you that you only lost health!
The water lost is because low calorie diets origin the burning of glycogen (the gas and pure energy of your body).

The glycogen is the source of your stored energy and basically is made from glucose (coming of excess carbs). Principally it’s stored in your liver and muscle cells. The theme is that the glycogen come accompanied with water in a relation of 3:1 (3 grams of water against 1 gram of carbohydrates). Then, you see, you only lost water!!

And the yo-yo motion begins….the crash diets aren’t “effective” & safe diets in the log run. After certain time, you gain weight again and the oscillation is constant…because you aren’t eating healthy. They’re a trap!

Potentially all the diets can have the yo-yo effect, depending how you follow them and if you change your eating habits or not.

Why Does the Yo-Yo Diet – Effect Appear?

Your body needs a minimum amount of calories per day to burn, this is your metabolism. When you follow a low calorie diet (a crash diet) the body thinks that there’s a shortage of food and it begins to burn fewer calories, so low your metabolism.

Once you leave the crash diet, the body can continue with the decreased-unadjusted metabolism for weeks, even several months depending how extreme the diet was. The result is the increment in your hungry and you gain weight easily. Everybody knows a person or friend that who did low carbohydrates diets- diets for quick weight loss (really?) and become fatter than before.

Crash Diets Health Risks In Short-Term and Long-Term

I bet that you’d admit that crash diets are very dangerous to follow causing mental health disorders….you’re depressed or more irritable than usual. The big problem could be the potential unhealthy eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia.

Nutritional Risks in the Short-Term:

* Deficiency in sodium and potassium. This is extremely dangerous, because your body use them to control the muscles, nerves and heart. If they become very low the possibility of heart attack is high.
* Deficiency in vitamins.
* Deficiency in iron, anemia.
* Several vital organs can suffer like brain, liver, kidney and heart. As I explained before, low carbohydrate diets make the body function badly, for the lacking of energy. And guess what, your body start to burn muscle (proteins) so the damages and failures can be disastrous.

Heath Problems on the Long-Term

Crash dieters can have osteoporosis (your bones become fragile for the limited intake of calcium) getting as a result, broken bones! The list of harmful effects can continue and is endless.

Low calorie vegetarian diets can help with weight loss? Not necessarily, think twice or may be you can have overweight with vegan foods also.

Healthy Tips and Alternatives to Have Effective Diets

You’d avoid crash diets and make safe weight loss diet-plans to stay away of yo-yo effects. You know that the better is to have balance and healthy eating habits on the long-term.
For doubts you can have, you’d consult a nutrition specialist to take nutrition classes.

Controlling the food portions and reducing gradually the calories – but staying in a reasonable quantity- makes your body’s metabolism to not slow down quickly. If you adopt safe weight loss measures together with some regular exercises, you’ll see how your weight goes down
. Here are 15 tips to help in losing weight with more benefits and to create healthy habits.

Have you weight loss plans? Do you suffered the yo-yo effects or have made a crash low-cal diet?
Tell your thoughts and food adventures in comments!

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C.G. the Foodie

Excellent information 🙂


We've talked about this before… Exercise is key to staying healthy and at a happy weight.
I eat what I want for the most part, but I do notice if I limit my carb intake – at dinner – I tend to drop some weight 🙂

Great post as always, Gera!!


Love the common sense write up. Its funny how people are always searching for the magic pill or diet when it is really a simple math problem – balance what you use in calories with what you consume – if you want to eat more, you need to bump up the exercise.

Your body does this naturally when training for a race or increasing your miles and you just are hungry all the time. My problem is when I get injured, the sudden ceasing in actibvity does not necessarily correlate to a loss in appetite. =(

Rosa's Yummy Yums

Thanks for the interesting post! I don't diet and eat a bit of everythiing.

Exercise is as important as a balanced diet. Let's not forget that the way you feel/your mood can also affect your weight (stressed, sad, happy, etc…), therefore it is crucial to be as happy as possible in order for your diet to work or for your weight to stay stable.




Thanks for all the great info Gera! I've done all kinds of crash dieting and restricting and over exercising. But that was then this is now. I don't do drastic things like that anymore – just make sure I am exercising, eating healthy, and watching my portions. A healthy balance. All things in moderation, right?


this is a great article Gera! I strongly believe in having a well balanced diet. I am a trainer and fitness enthusiast so I work out on a daily basis and I'm always doing something outdoors as well. I have a well balance diet of lean proteins, good carbs and definitely load up on the grains because it provides a lot of energy!

I maybe a foodie but I am also a believer in being strong and fit!


urgh, you already know I went on a diet extreme…dieting REALLY does not work at all. Diet isn't supposed to be abt restriction. It's just about taking care of yourself, ENJOYING healthy whole foods, and allowing a few indulgences here and there without obsessing over it.


My friuends have been the victims of the yoyo diet effect. It's terrible as they try so hard but losing weight is very difficult 🙁


I loved the information you posted….we have all been on these diets at one time or another and it is definitely not healthy. I have found moderation, healthy foods and exercise is THE only way!
And thanks for visiting my blog!


I can only lose wight on low carb diets…calorie restriction has never worked for me


Very useful information! Thanks Gera!


shucks, I am so guilty of crash dieting..Thanks for all the infos


Thanks Gera for a wonderful post that is imformative to many of us.

Thank you.


@5 Star Foodie
Nobody fits well low-carb diets and end fatter than before. And yes, control and reasonable eating works better 🙂

Excellent article and agree in 100%, moderation 😀

@C.G. the Foodie
Thanks so much! 😀

The problematic part is at dinner, because the body accumulate cals for the night! 😉

Yes how many people looks for magic instantaneous pills! I’ve the same issue; if you low the activity is hard to low to eat 😉

We’re in the same wavelength Jessie ! Well said 🙂

@Rosa's Yummy Yums
Rosa you’re saying a interesting point your mood affect a lot the and depressed tends to eat more! 😉

It is good to know that Reeni! All things in moderation…that’s the key 🙂

I know I know!! Food-low calories restriction is the worst ever and you become fatter. Few indulgences without obsession is the perfect goal to help to weight loss 😀

@Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella
The yo-yo diet effect is devastating physically and mentally 🙁

Glad you think this article helps to lose weight. Healthy foods and exercise Yes! There isn’t other healthy way! 🙂

Low carb diets are big problem and without a healthy solution 😀

Thanks so much Elra! 🙂

Hope this article will help a little 😀

Thanks a bunch and happy to try to avoid the yo-yo effect 🙂


I agree. Crash diets are bad for the health and do more harm than good in the long run. It's better to do everything in moderation 🙂

My comfort food network

Moderation is the key to any diet.

Femin Susan

Exercise is key to staying healthy …. Cheers.

Chow and Chatter

great post Gera as an RD i agree LOL


I believe the most important thing about diet is to do exercise and to eat what we want, but in small portions. Otherwise, we ended up craving for what we think we cannot eat and things can get out of control.


I do low carb diet. but i cannot do crash diet, but low really works for me. I rarely exercise which i should, but so far, the low carb has really helped me keep a stable wt for the past 15 years.


Hi,Thank for sharing have this nice post….

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Thank you for sharing. Cheers !

Tangled Noodle

Great health post, Gera! I've learned my lessons about crash dieting and severe calorie restriction; I may have achieved a slender form, but I was physically weak, rather fuzzy-headed and I'd lost the simple joys of eating! Now, I've found a happy medium where I work out regularly and eat in moderation – on a consistent basis. And, I'm back to enjoying my food without feeling guilty all the time . . . !


Maria said…

Personally I hate crash diets and I can not stand when people do them. Yes it will alow you to loose weight but only for that short period of time. What people dont understand is that once you go back to eating again your metabolism maintains at the rate you caused it to go to, therefore when you eat normally again you will put back on the wieght you lost plus more. In relatiy most of the weight you are loosing through a crash diet is not fat but muscle and water weight. Crash dieting is extremley dangerous and can permanently damage you organs. Maintain and healthy lifestlyle and excersie. People need to stop being lazy and loose weight the healthy way.


here's usually what I spend a month on supplements:

Dren – $25 for a 30 day supply, a fat burner/meal suppresent, it encourages me to drink water instead of soda simply due to the fact it's a 12 hour time release capsule which says clearly on the box "do not drink caffeine with this product".

Animal packs – $25 for a 45 day supply, a multi-vitamin (for weight lifters) that I absolutely cannot go without.

Protein shake mix – $56 for a little over a months supply, I take at least 2 shakes (with 2 scoops) daily to keep my protein intake up to 190 grams.

Flaxseed – it's so cheap, I guess it's really not an issue, I've had a bottle for 2 months and am only halfway down, I take one capsule 3 times daily as directed.

Plasma Jet – $40 for a month supply, a great pre-workout nitrous oxide booster that helps alot.

So right now I'm spending around $140 every month on supplements, I'm getting ready to start school (college) again, live with my girlfriend on our own, and average around a $100-$120 budget every two weeks for groceries

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