Chocolate Milk a Gift with Better Nutrition than Sport Drinks and Kreativ Blogger Award

I was reading this news again about health & fitness – chocolate related… yummmm that called my attention.
The appealing data is recurrently coming over and over, from time to time since several years ago. Here it was published too chocolate milk: the new sports drink?

Chocolate Milk a Better Nutrition than Sport Drinks
The interesting point is for general active people (not only athletes) that low-fat plain chocolate milk can be good or even better as sports energy drinks like Gatorade recovering from vigorous exercises.

I wonder…I assume every now and then, you make some kind of workouts, more or less intense, depending of your physical condition.
No? Well, you should, to minimize back problems and back pains. May be this introduction with 15 tips & benefits to stay healthy, can help you.

Both drinks supply carbs, fluids and electrolytes lost during the training, but the marvelous chocolate milk supply extra proteins making a rapid recovery of the exhausted muscles. Sometime if you’ve a spike of a “workout passion” you may consider this nutrition advice as an option.

Chocolate milk has as advantage that is cheaper, more natural and sensuously irresistible! The problem is that it can spoil after some days, hence you’d drink soon, big deal, isn’t it?


Kreativ Blogger Award

I’ve received a Kreativ Blogger Award from Rebecca of Chow and Chatter Blog. Thanks a Bunch!!!
She makes emphasis in adorable food, healthy eating, food-traveling – literally doing real trips and weight loss.. wow we’ve several themes in common!

Kreativ Blogger Award

The rules to this award are as follows:
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3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
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After being multi-tagged, now more info about me:

  1. The maximum distance I’ve run till today is 150 km (93 miles) approx in a multidiscipline adventure race (running, biking, trekking, swimming)
  2. When I was a kid, I discovered while cooking, that hot oil onto a pan and water, aren’t good combination, actually is a fire explosion 😀
  3. I love outdoor activities, between them camping. Long time ago it was revealed for me that to eat only peanuts for lunch till dinner, the liver doesn’t like…you’ll feel kaboom hehe!
  4. Sports I practiced: swimming, karate, tennis, basketball, taekwondo, capoeria, kickboxing, duatlon, triathlon, adventure runner.
  5. I enjoy in a great manner scientific and technical themes because my educational formation is in engineering.
  6. In wines if I need to choose one right now, I’ll pick a dessert wine like a Sherry, Port or Ice wine.
  7. I like mayonnaises but in little doses because one day a dish was totally overflowed with same and that is why I want it to be minimum.

And the Kreativ Blogger Award goes to……..

Oyster Food and Culture by LouAnn

My Colombian Recipes by Erica

Check out these magnificent food bloggers!!

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Thanks for the delicious tips, and congratulation on your award!


I love chocolate milk! Grumpy found a strawberry "power milk" this weekend that he really liked too!


Hi,it is a nice post with have a nice article….


Wow, what a fit guy! I read the same article about the benefits of low fat chocolate milk as a post workout drink. Now I have a glass after my runs. It's definitely a good treat to look forward to. Oh, and I also will choose port or sherry if I had to right now;o)

Mitch Ribak

I like my chocolate milk with cinnamon. I add a half teaspoon of ground cinnamon and a small pinch of chili powder. Then I garnish it whipped cream and then dust it with cinnamon again.

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