How You Manage Your Culinary-Cooking-Food Budget in Recession Times? (Poll)

With the debt crisis and the worldwide recession present, practically all family-food budgets, restaurants and the international culinary world have been affected in more or less degree.

Culinary - Cooking - Food Budget in Recession Times?[It’s so difficult to shot a food-color-picture about banking crisis and recession ;-).
I received this food-gift from a friend, perfect targeted for a foodie: a bottle with carrots, peas, red pepper and maize inside, the big surprise comes because I thought it was made here, but no..”Made in China”).
This bottle can represent the different nuances and colors of the recession all over the worldโ€ฆas you guess, I like to try to establish connections among different thingsโ€ฆBy the way, I’ve added some spoons with semi precious stones to spice the photo up]

Let’s continue – between family, friends and “friends of friends” spread in the world; I haven’t precisely encouraging news about global recession. These first hand news I’ve, (not from internet or newspapers) come from real people in North America, Europe, South America, Middle East and Asia – the entire world – less Africa ( I don’t have some friend or family there yet!).

For example the unemployment in Spain is bigger than 3 millions of persons (the worst in Europe), that is equivalent to my whole country Uruguay without jobs (we’re in Uruguay, 3 millions approx.)

However, lets think positive and with concrete actions. From the point of view of foodies and/or home cooks, I recommend you to read this article of Savory Tv: Top Chefs Offer Money Saving Tips for Home Cooks

I want to sound out the views of my readers on how is their situation and if it’s affecting them (maybe isnโ€™t affecting, much better!)

Is the Recession Affecting Your Culinary/Food Budget?

– Less delivery, more homemade food

– Reducing all the budget not only food

– Affected but food is untouchable

– Avoiding fancy ingredients

– Always ingredients first quality

– Less eating out at restaurants

– Cross fingers I havenโ€™t been affected

– Other: say it in comments!

Please vote on the left & up of your screen and share your comments about this poll!

Note: My poll about food passion as culinary career or for pleasure? has ended with lots of comments! In the next post let’s analyze the interesting results obtained. Stay tuned!

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Louise Ross

Hi Gera,
I dedicate a blog to recession-strategy grocery shopping and cooking and the responses I'm getting are phenomenal — it seems Everyone is trying to shop and eat well for less, me included ๐Ÿ™‚

The misconception is that cutting back of grocery expenditure means eating rice and beans, which of course isn't true; one just needs to be strategic.

For example:
1) plan ahead 2) write a list 3) buy whole foods not packaged 4)buy produce in season 5) use coupons (for whole foods not packaged)
5) cook and eat and home 6)eat leftovers for lunches 7) avoid wasting food … the tips are endless!

Louise Ross,

Rosa's Yummy Yums

I don't go out to eat, rarely eat meat or fish, make everything myself and look for seasonal/regional produces…



Femin Susan

Wow! Thanks for sharing…….


I find that buying in bulk when it's sale helps tremendously in terms of saving money. You get more for your money when buying in bulk.

I also plan ahead on what meals I will make for the week. Also having bulk food also reduces trips to the supermarket since you already have it on hand therefore you're not spending too much money.

Carolyn Jung

Yes, we don't eat out at as many fancy, high-end restaurants like we used to. We look at price tags more frequently. We check the paper for sales and coupons. The upside is I'm trying a whole lot of new recipes at home, and when we do go out for an expensive dinner, we appreciate it and savor it more than we might have before.

Hugging the Coast

Not much has changed for us, food-wise because we try to be careful shoppers for staple items, then stockup whenever gourmet and specialty items are on deep discount.

I visit 3-4 supermarkets every week anyway so I can keep up with the sales, and also get some staples and little luxuries at the local dollar store.

Cajun Chef Ryan

Less eating out at restaurants is our main way of saving on the food budget!


@Louise Ross
You've the perfect blog about this theme! Agree with all the tips and always it is possible to improve & extend in time the food budget. Thanks for coming by Louise!

@Chow and Chatter
Wow so nice and useful article how true all the points! Good done Rebecca! ๐Ÿ™‚

@The Duo Dishes
Interesting approach to cook in batches, I didnโ€™t think it – the freezer is ideal for that! ๐Ÿ˜€

A funny and attractive article that I'd link out ๐Ÿ™‚

@Rosa's Yummy Yums
To look seasonal/regional products is the best way to have fresher & lower price ingredients! ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes you're right! Bulk purchases save you money and time very important today both ๐Ÿ˜€

Frugal shopper Olga? With the delicious recipes you've, you need constant tasty products for your cooking ๐Ÿ™‚
Ohh cherries, a future ice cream with them??

Isn't easy to change habits and find quality-food at reasonable prices. This problem applies to all the countries, in mine too!

@5 Star Foodie
To eat out less at restaurants is very common, my case also. Sometimes cooking is like chemistry, you need quality to obtain a successful culinary definition ๐Ÿ˜€

@Femin Susan
Thanks for your visit Susan!

@Carolyn Jung
Nowadays the general rule is that fancy restaurants can have fewer diners! Cooking at home is the trend to save and when you eat out, you really appreciate, even, more than before!

@Hugging the Coast
This is savvy and useful. I visit several supermarkets per week also seeking good food and better if it's a gourmet-delicacy with a interesting price ๐Ÿ˜€

@Mihaela Lica
In recession times you really walk more and perhaps your eating habits can change in a positive way like your case ๐Ÿ™‚
Gardening implies fresh vegs/fruits often on your kitchen and you know rightly the origin!

@Cajun Chef Ryan
Agree Ryan! Owners of restaurants must be very creative to retain their customers!

@Donna @ Way More Homemade
Sorry to hear that ๐Ÿ™ Job loss is unfortunately very common everywhere. Cut budgets often are painful and difficult tasks, but substituting ingredients is a good measure to begin, at least, in the kitchen. Thanks for stopping by Donna!

C.G. the Foodie

I buy local produce through a farmer cooperative. Buying whole foods as opposed to processed foods also lowers the food costs!


I make nearly all our meals, but that's mostly due to where we live (in the middle of nowhere). I'd say that most of the food (not all, but most) recipes on my blog are low-budget.

People need to learn how to cook. It's a basic skill that is often overlooked.


hello gera
usually i dont go out to eat nor ne of my family member but occasionally we do. use to shop during weekends specially when there is a sale and buy everything in a bulk enough for two or three weeks as to save time and money.. in this way i can enjoy making my home made food with my family and spend most of the time with them ๐Ÿ™‚


I voted Gera-so interested in the results! ๐Ÿ™‚


For me is keep it simple and use as many local produce as possible. The other thing is I grow my own vegetable and fruit, but then not everybody has yard, so I am lucky in that way.


There are many who think that tightening their budget means they have to sacrifice flavor. How sad for those people!
It is an opportunity to work with more spices and discovering cooking techniques that turn lesser cuts of meats into delectable, tender tidbits.
Your article should be a nudge for cooks to explore new avenues, or aisles, in the supermarket. The plethora of spices and seasonings that can turn bland to exciting is available if only they grab it off the shelf.
Planning is key, but don't put a lid on creativity. Plan to purchase one new spice a week and learn how to use it!


Hi Gera, The recession hasn't yet affected my food shopping. But I always use up leftovers, stock-up when things I use often are on sale, and shop in my natural food store where I can buy nuts, rice, beans, and dried herbs from bins, making the price much cheaper than packaged. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!


I'm all about getting no name brands at a fraction of the cost… Costco Kirkland brand is one of my faves.


I try to keep my grocery bill at a reasonable level, and we only eat out once a week anyways. So my habits haven't changed all that much.


Gera, great poll, definitely very pertinent for these trying times.
I have to say that – knock on wood, cross my fingers, cross myself – I haven't been affected by the recession. But I've always been frugal and thrifty, so I seldom eat out and I always shop for good-value ingredients (quality-yield/price). Eating at home is SO much cheaper than eating/ordering out… maybe that's why I've been less affected than others, because I've saved a few pennies beforehand!

Deeba PAB

Recession is a pain to deal with but thankfully it hasn't hit us too hard here. In fact our economy has turned around & is on the mend already. But I ma cutting down on fancy imported ingredients. That's a luxury I am cutting back on!! I love that first picture…Made in China LOL!!

Tangled Noodle

Like many here, we've cut back on eating out and I try to plan my menus so that I buy only what I need. With that said, cooking at home has turned out to be great! I'm developing new cooking skills and trying more recipes. By being careful with what and how much I buy, I'm able to purchase good quality ingredients and our meals at home have been really quite satisfying. I hope that even when things turn up, this will be a habit that we will continue!


Great Post!
* Plan ahead.
* Make a list (very important)


Eating out less for us.. esp. fancy places. We are not compromising on food quality at home. looking for deals & coupons in stores is another way.. which i usually do not do with food.


in france, it's really difficult.
a lot of poeple loose her job beacause the companies close.

people are sad, gloomy and not believes in the future.

for me, I prepare everything I can : yoghurt, bread, pizza, viennoiseries, jam ………….

il's really a pleasure for me not a constraint.


OK, I'm lame and only responding now. But I am totally with you on this list. Eating in is not only a great way but a healthier (often…or can be) and more delicious (often…or can be) way to truly dine! Plus you can wear your PJs to the table…if you want to eat at a table!

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