Cooking & Recipe Contests 2009 – Food Contest with Free Promotional Giveaways and an Award

Another roundup of free food contests have arrived! Win-contests are coming for you and do remember to check the previous posts including recipe contests with interesting prizes. In them you’ll still find contest to win of June and July 2009. Visit these 2 posts: cooking & food contests and recipe contests with giveaway items as well.

Cookies with Dripping Chocolate, Perhaps Fortune Cookies for my Blog Readers!I was playing around with these cookies with dripping chocolate…tender and they melt fast in the mouth.. hope they’re some of kind of fortune cookies for my readers 🙂

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Online Cooking, Food, Recipe Contests With Free Giveaways For You

* The First Contest of Give Recipe! One of you will win $50! Contest of Summer 2009 (Expire on July 15, 2009)

* Something Borrowed, Something Blue…Blogger Secret Ingredient (Expire on July 12, 2009)

* Chow and Chatters First Giveaway! (Expire on June 30, 2009)

* Garlic Scapes, 100th Post, and a Link Widget (The Free Link Widget is very interesting for Bloggers in General) (No Expiration Date)

* Barefoot Wine & Bubbly Summer Beach Giveaway (Expire on July 3, 2009)

* OLD BAY Gift Bag for Winning Recipe (Expire on July 10, 2009)

* Outdoor Cooking 2nd Annual BBQ Recipe Contest (Expire on July 4, 2009)

* 5 DOLE Premium Baby Blends Recipe Contests (Expire on July 18, 2009)


* “What’s Your Nirvana?” Recipe Contest (Expire on July 24, 2009)

* Tokyo Terrace’s First Giveaway!! (Expire on June 29, 2009)

* Food Network Recipes and Cooking Chairman’s Challenge Contest (Expire on June 30, 2009)

* Country Woman “Unbeatable Eggs” Contest. Get cracking on our great egg challenge—your recipe could earn you $500. (Expire on August 1, 2009)

* “Jambalaya Throwdown” Recipe Contest (Expire on July 31, 2009)

* “Tuscany to You” Recipe Contest (Expire on July 31, 2009)

* Sweet Times with Vidalias® Recipe Contest (Expire on August 14, 2009)

* Vilcek Foundation Prize for Creative Promise in the Culinary Arts (Expire on July 31, 2009)

* Kretschmar Sizzlin’ Summer Recipe Contest (Expire on August 15, 2009)

* Shortcake Recipe Contest (Expire on June 30, 2009)

* Mixing Bowl Red, White, and Blue Recipe Contest (Expire on July 19, 2009)

* The Succulent Seafood Recipe Contest (Expire on July 3, 2009)


* BIG Lucky Giveaway! (Expire on July 4, 2009)

* Giveaway: Snacks and Cookies for Everyone! (Expire on June 29, 2009)

* Aroma Ultimate Recipe Contest (Expire on June 30, 2009)

* Pumped-Up Protein Recipe Contest (Expire on July 20, 2009)

* Pamela’s 2009 Greatest Gluten-free Recipe Contest is here! (Expire on August 16, 2009)

* Dinner Together Summer Gift Card Giveaway and No-Cook Recipe Contest and Dinner Together (Expire on July 12, 2009)

* Recipe Contest. Caterers are always cooking up something delicious and creative! (Expire on October 1, 2009)

* Cooking with Paula Deen Recipe Roundup Contest (Expire on July 1, 2009)

* Healthy Cooking the Best Spring Produce. Send us your spring produce recipe and you could win $600! (Expire on July 15, 2009)

* Marsh Kettle Outdoor Cooking With a Twist! Recipe Contest (Expire on June 30, 2009)

* Mama Mary’s 2009 Pizza Creations Recipe Contest. Win $5,000 and a Trip to Disney World! (Expire on June 30, 2009)

* Lis Weihl Triple Threat Chocolate Cake (Expire on June 30, 2009)

* Ultimate Grilling Recipe Contest (Expire on July 10, 2009)



Food Blog Award

Hard Working Food Blogger Award

I’ve been honored with this “Hard Working Food Blogger Award” by Diana of Trydiani. Thanks so much!

As usual, I’m passing this award to these food bloggers:

Cook Appeal
Cre8tive Kitchen
Confessions of a Tart
San Diego Cooks
Uncovering Food

Meantime have fun and enjoy delicious dishes 🙂
Till next post with…an interesting beverage!


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Thank you for keeping us updated Gera, very helpful!

Chef E

Thanks Gera! I appreciate you thinking of me, I have been keeping up with you now that I see you on facebook, and I find that easier sometimes, as I am not always on blogger…

Chow and Chatter

I agree you are a hardworking blogger I have a giveaway


Rosa's Yummy Yums

Thanks for the roundup! Those cookies look delicious!




gera congrats on ye award. you rili is a hard working blogger :)thanx for the helpful updates.


Hola Gera,
You are amazing! Thank you so much for that info.

Buen trabajo,como siempre:)


Deeba PAB

Congrats on the award Gera…you really are hard working & it shows. Well done in the post! Love the cookies too…YUM!!!


Gera.. a long list or a collection! you do a great job in collecting these infos for us.

love the cookies, esp the dripping chocolate on them.


Thanks for putting this together for us, Gera! And for mentioning the BSI. Cookies + chocolate = heaven!


Thanks for putting this list together, Gera! I love to go through and see which ones I can quickly enter… ya never know!

C.G. the Foodie

Thank you for the award! And the AMAZING list of contests!!!

I am a follower 🙂


congrats on the award gera!


@Rosa's Yummy Yums
@[email protected]
@Deeba @Passionate About Baking

Thanks a lot Wonderful Ladies for your comments! 🙂

@Chef E several social sites lets to follow in different ways, my pleasure and thank you Elizabeth 🙂

@Chow and Chatter Rebecca already added your giveaway and thanks for coming by 🙂

@C.G. the Foodie You totally deserve it as a hardworking food blogger too, thanks for stopping by! 😀


Love these posts, thanks for all the information!


Hi Gera,

Your cookies dripping in chocolate look fabulous. We're a baking-crazed household, so those would fit right in.

Anyway, I found you on TasteSpotting and am writing to say that if you have any photos that aren’t accepted there, I’d love to publish them. Visit my new site (below), it’s a lot of fun! I hope you will consider it.


Carolyn Jung

Congrats to you! A well deserved honor for all that you do.

Femin Susan

Those cookies look delicious! I like it very much…


Congrats on your award! 🙂


Those cookies really look good, especially when you let the chocolate dripping like that. It make it more irresistible.


Ahhh thank you for the award! That's very sweet of you! I'm going to pass it on, of course, because we do know many wonderful and hard working bloggers!

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