Healthy Cooking Warning: Poisons Secrets in Your Kitchen – Pantry!

The food contains natural chemicals that are essential for your health. The most obvious in your eating diets are the vitamins and minerals. But do you know that in some natural foods are lurking certain substances potentially harmful for your body?

Eating Healthy Foods: Some type of Almonds Can Be Toxic

7 Food-Points of the International Culinary World to Have a Pleasant Healthy Eating Diet and Not to Regret Later!

# Beans, the favism or fabism or favismo or fabismo is a genetic disease for having a different gen that codify and react against the fava beans producing blood problems and other important ones. The favism (a incurable disease) is found mainly in the contour of the Mediterranean sea and some focus in Africa.

# Cassava or yuca (Spanish) or mandioca (Portuguese) and many other names in the world. A staple food tuber originated in South America and an important source of carbohydrates globally but…it has a little quantity of cyanide.
From 2 types a “sweet” or a “bitter” one; the sweet after cooked/fermented, the toxic level disappear not the case of the bitter specie. Avoid eating raw; cyanide doesn’t need more explication!

# Almonds, the called sweet almonds aren’t toxic but a bitter variety has enough cyanide. Anyway, both can become poisonous in very damp environments…cyanide has a smell of almonds…

# Apricot kernels and in other fruit seeds like peaches, pears, cherries, plums, apples contain naturally cyanide but the problem begins with exaggerated quantities to have a toxic effect.

# Fugu this Japanese famous fish contains lethal toxins in several parts of its body. If your name is risk only as pure attraction this is for you. The difference with the other ingredients is that it isn’t available very frequently, at all, in every pantry.

# Green potatoes are poisonous. Avoid using green potatoes or take away always the green part of a normal potato. Store the potatoes in dark, fresh and dry places because when they’re exposed to the light they generate natural toxins.

# Nutmeg a classic in the cooking has a narcotic and toxic side in your heath if it’s taken in large amounts.

The potential food problems if we add specific allergies and others are a lot but, what type of dangerous food do you like to include?
Have you had a case to tell? Looking forward to your comments.

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