Guglhupf – Kugelhopf – Ringcake – a Culinary Art Experience Worthy of an Austrian Emperor & of course of You!


Name this cake: Guglhupf, Kugelhopf, Gugelhopf, Guglhopf…(a tricky twister!)…in plain English a typical ring-shape exquisite Austrian cake, with a gratifying culinary history behind it. Independently of the varied names and more or less ingredients, this Ringcake can achieve the maximum of your sweet expectations if you try it.

If you enjoyed the Sachertorte / Sacher torte especially of Wein (Vienna) or Salzburg in Austria you should taste this marvelous Guglhupf, a real pastry art for your joy.
The Sachertorte and the Guglhupf are different cake styles but for sure, both, deserve a big slice right now together with a cafe-coffee! The Kugelhopf is also delectable with sweet white wines like an aromatic flowery Riesling wine, typical of that area.

Guglhupf - Kugelhopf - Gugelhopf - Guglhopf a Vienna Ringcake Slice

Let’s do it, Cafe-time with your Kugelhopf! and see the Guglhupf Culinary History

The Ringcake history goes back to the ancient Romans that were near to Vienna about 2000 years ago. Archaeological excavations on that region show that the used Roman baking pans are practically the same till today.
About the Ringcake shape, some explains that the form could be of the rotating sun at the Romans period, others to the Turkish turbans because the Turkish were in Austria at the 17th century.

As always in food history often the origin isn’t very clear but the Guglhupf came from the Austrian pastry and baking school. Anyway, dreamy variants can be tracked in Germany, Swiss and Alsace-France similar to a brioche.
One history is that the Guglhupf recipe arrived to France with Marie Antoinette coming from Austria; she had fondness for sweet breads and became very popular.

When the Emperor of Austria Franz Joseph began to order the Guglhupf for his daily breakfast, the Ringcake history changed for ever, switching to a next level.

The marbled cake Kugelhopf can be perfectly fruit topped or mmmm (sorry!) and as your morning-bread more honey or butter.

Do you know that there’s a luxury 5 star hotel that has a secret recipe of the original Vienna Ringcake that the Emperor Franz enjoyed for breakfast?
I’m talking about the sumptuous Grand Hotel Wien located in Austria, who has an original Guglhupf recipe.

Only I know that the original Guglhupf cake has white flour, butter, cacao in powder, salt, sugar…and many other ingredients more…taste it and tell me later!

As foodies… take a look of a Restaurant of the Grand Hotel!

Restaurant Grand Hotel Wien Vienna to Enjoy a Guglhupf

Can you imagine delighting the Guglhupf and other enchants in some of the magnificent places like these?

Grand Hotel Wien Vienna Terrace to Delight a Ringcake

Grand Hotel Wien Vienna and a Coffee with a Kugelhopf Ringcake!

How about to wake up in the morning in a great room like this and enjoy the first meal of your day with a Guglhupf?

A Dreamy Gugelhopf in this Senior Suite Bedroom at Grand Hotel Wien Vienna

Grand Hotel Wien Vienna Pras_Wohnraum a Breakfast here with a Guglhupf

The Guglhupf, Kugelhopf is nowadays heritage of the international culinary world with many recipes and available in different countries; but if you want the Original Wiener Guglhupf of the Emperor Franz, visit the Grand Hotel Wien for this Vienna-Ringcake.
The same is baked in the Grand Hotel bakery and It’s available in two sizes but with identical results, your tasty enjoyment!

Kugelhopf a Pastry Art like this Original Wiener Vienna Guglhupf
I know that you’re wondering for Guglhupf recipes to try and to compete with professional ones. Well here they’re and enlighten me your delicious outcomes.

Guglhupf – Kugelhopf Recipes

Have you tasted or baked a Guglhupf? How was your experience with this heavenly cake?

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