Wine Cellars and Storages for Aging Your Wine Bottles, but Are You Really Sure?

You ordered an exceptional wine or have precious wine bottles of a remarkable vintage of a special event that you don’t want to uncork. For a wedding celebration, the opening of your new restaurant or for celebrate an anniversary, you received a premium-wine gift.

The idea is to age them for many years and one day, this rare and singular wine will take life enjoying the sublime wine notes inside the bottle, right? But are you pretty sure about that?

Aging Wine Bottles in Wine Cellars or Wine Storages
Few wines are in real conditions to be members of the selected wine club of called “old wines”. Why? The true is that wines worsen after 2 or 3 years, losing properties in which influence a lot of factors:

Wine Storage Factors You Should Consider Before Trying to Age Your “Wine Gifts”

Do you have a good wine cellar to keep it safe?

Your wine refrigerator has enough space to save them?

Do you have optimal conditions of keeping?
In other words good conditions of…
a) Light
b) Temperature
c) Humidity

Not everybody have rooms with best conditions, particularly in apartments with small space because you can not forget that…

* The ambient-odors can affect the wine
* The bottles can not stand in vertical position, must be a horizontal wine storage to remain the cork moist
* Exposed to certain hours to the light, but you don’t see it because you aren’t at this time in your house

Are those wine storage conditions enough for your top wines? Not really!

More Wine Information and Factors to Be Present in the Wine Aging

a) Alcohol: general speaking between the 12% to 14%. The quantity of alcohol helps to preserve them
b) Sugar: The natural sugar is a powerful preservative, clearly exposed in sweet white wines like late harvest or Port wines. They can live many years even improving their quality. The opposite phenomenon is with dry wines…no doubt sweeter, better πŸ™‚
c) Acidity: the level protects the wines from spoiling, more acidity provide a better maintaining.
d) Tannins: they act as antioxidants and give longevity. They’re present in red wines. The oak aging in red wines is helpful because the oak barrels give wood-tannins protecting from the oxidation.

Type of Wines that Can Be Aged Properly and Which Ones You Shouldn’t

Red wines: In the vast majority, wine makers and wineries produce wines to be consumed relatively sooner, no more than a couple of years. Following that time, the wine begins to degrade.
Counted exceptions can reach a maturity after an excellent wine making process. Overall, these fine wines are expensive but with good wine storages you can wait till it arrives to its best state.

White wines: sparkling wines and in general white wines after 1 or 2 years begin to lose aromas and freshness. The motive is the lacking of tannins. The exceptions are white wines that were fermented in oak, in that way the barrels supply tannins that longer their life. The sweet white wines including fortified wines explained before are good for aging too.

Rose wines: they’re fragile for the lower proportion of tannins, not indicated for aging.

The wine collector should have a detailed register of the wine stock in order to uncork the wine bottles that are at their best moment.

The popular belief that all wines are good as time goes by, it isn’t precisely true!
So think twice, before keeping a wine and when you’ll uncork finally, at this magical instant, to not end getting a wine in bad conditions, converting a festive moment in the contrary.

Have you passed an experience of uncorked a special wine bottle, postponed for many times, and you ended becoming frustrated?
Do you keep wines or know somebody that is doing it? Or you still think that in every case, wines: older are better? Let me know your wine adventures in the comment area.

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Very informative Gera! Thanks!


Good info! talking about it, I could have a glass now:-)


Great article, but I’ll just drink it on the spot πŸ˜‰


I’m not that much of a wine drinker but I do have it once in a while. Since I live in apartment I have no place to put the wine if we happen to receive it as a gift.

when we have dinner parties however,there’s always somebody who brings two bottles and it always goes fast! lol

Tangled Noodle

Wonderful post! Like 5 Star, my husband is the family sommelier and we have a fair number of bottles collected. None of them would be regarded as fine old wines, although he has some reds that he’s nursing through for a few years. Otherwise, the intent is to drink within a couple of years of purchase. We don’t have a wine cellar – it’s really more of a wine closet! – but the temp is constant and cool, and it’s nice and dark. So far so good!

I’m giving this post to my husband! Thanks again for some great information.

Heidi from Savory Tv

Great tips Gera! We don’t store wine, we drink it quickly! We have friends that do, and think it’s a good hobby if you have the knowledge behind the science!

Carolyn Jung

I also have to say that one thing that drives me nuts is when they show some newly remodeled kitchen that has built-in wine-racks in the kitchen, especially near the stove. Way tooo warm in there to store wine properly. People, don’t do it.

Rosa's Yummy Yums

Thanks for the useful information!

Cheers and have a great weekend,



Great information! I actually know nothing about wine, I need all the help I can get.

C.G. the Foodie

What an informative article. Thanks!


As always, great post Gera! It is true… I don’t have the space or the conditions and therefore, don’t keep too much wine on hand (well, that and I drink it!).
Once, I was given a very nice bottle, so I tried to hold onto it for as long as possible. Finally, we drank it. I am not kidding you to say, we got *high*! Our conditions (hot and cold here in SoCal) must have done something medicinal to our wine. I guess that explains my “mental” disorder LOL!


Glad you find it useful, thanks!

@5 Star Foodie
Wow thanks! You’ve all your wines bottles under perfect control, very nice that your husband is a wine expert πŸ™‚

Thanks! Enjoy your wine right now πŸ™‚

Thanks! As the majority, to drink them at the moment πŸ˜€

Parties are the special occasions when you uncork them, in general sweet white wines πŸ™‚ and they go very quick lol !

Light drinker being Russian lol! Olga perhaps some vodka hehe? πŸ™‚

@The Duo Dishes
Not everybody uses wine cellars, overall the good wine bottles are vanished fast! πŸ˜€

@Tangled Noodle
Thanks! Ohh like Natasha your husband is the family sommelier wow. Your wine bottles are very happy in this environment!
Hope this post will like to your husband πŸ™‚

@Heidi from Savory Tv
Agree Heidi is a good hobby if it’s well done, if not drink it fast πŸ™‚

@Carolyn Jung
Ohh Carolyn good point wine bottles and high temp in a kitchen is a bad combo πŸ˜€

@Rosa’s Yummy Yums
Thanks for coming by Rosa and a great weekend for you too πŸ™‚

Thanks! Hope this is a little help about wine bottles their properties and storages!

@C.G. the Foodie
Great you like them! Thanks for stopping by!

No matter, this is the popular belief that a wine older is better, but not always. If not you should drink quick lol!

If the conditions aren’t optimal for wine storage, the better solution is drink it hehe! Wow this was a top wine and medicinal one πŸ˜€


Dear Gera!
vey informative and positive posting!
Don’t ou think it’s about time to introduce the wines of your own country?


Gera, this is a wonderful article about wine storage. I never feel completely sure about those right conditions to store wines, so I prefer drinking them just after buying. πŸ™‚


Gera, your blog is amazing! Like AverageBetty, I have problems with storage space for my wine, so I actually just bought one of these for a pretty decent price, and it stays out of my way:

wine racksand it works really well for me!

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