Culinary Art School Classes for Becoming a Chef, Cooking for Fun or Simply Food Passion? (Poll) and Salad Poll Result

Why all these culinary cooking, professional or not questions? After my very short break (really little) with the last summer flashes, I’ve stayed and meet several people in the food & homemade gourmet industry.
How vast and diverse is the culinary world with chefs, event catering, modern/country restaurants, cooking schools or institutes…and certainly foodies!

A Culinary Artistry create a New Pastry Art like these Cakes

Therefore I think is funny to do a poll about your culinary interests whatever can be: just cooking for pleasure, a formal education-career to chef in a college, only love to eat or all together!

Endless options… you’ve the food word…
– Studied in local cooking schools in California, NY, Boston, Chicago; may be just western culinary or international like Thai or Japanese in other country?
– May be, cooking isn’t for you and you delight with gourmet meals but done generally by others?
– Perhaps, your dream is to become to the group of pastry chefs enjoying, both, baking and pastry reflected in your food blog, or other online/offline media?

Questions questions….go to the poll, you’ve the idea…

Food Passion as Culinary Career or for Pleasure?

– Taking culinary classes

– Ended culinary education

– Cook, baking, pastry chef

– Amateur cooking for fun

– Have a hospitality degree

– Food lover but don’t cook

– Food lover – Foodie

– Other: say it in comments

Please vote on the left & up of your screen and comment about your gastronomic interests!


Salad Poll Result

Well the poll about fresh healthy salads or not…has ended with some foreseeable results but not every one!
Take a look of the salad poll comments. The level and many different responses about salads and salad dressing are diverse. Not everybody wants a low fat salad hehe…really some wants with mayo I don’t the quantity, I presume a lot 😉

Low Fat Salad Greens are Healthy and Better with Cheese

The result about your preferred salads is:

Vegetable: 18 (72%)
Cheese: 4 (16%)
Fruit: 4 (16%)
Chicken: 3 (12%)
Pasta: 3 (12%)
Seafood: 2 (8%)
None: 0 (0%)
Other (say it in comments): 4 (16%)

A clear winner are salad-greens 72% (expected) but I see there’re many cheese lovers like Jessie, 5 Star Foodie, Olga, CookingwithKimberly with mozzarella, gorgonzola, and cambozola! Zerrin also with a cheese-curd salad with a delicious recipe.

Gourmet fruit salad is other fresh point (mine too) also with a (16%) Reeni♥ with “Mixed greens with diced apples, dried cranberries, walnuts, bleu cheese and homemade honey mustard vinaigrette” OMG!!, and VeggieGirl too. Navita is of my sweet team of sweet lovers! I guess fruit salads are for you too.

Mixed chicken/seafood salads we have The Duo Dishes “Mayo based” clearly a mayo fan ;), “fresh chicken salad made from leftover fried chicken” and The Food Site “mixed green vegs, tomatoes, crunchy carrots and I top it with grilled chicken”

Another very tempting one with “toasted pine nuts, prosciutto and a balsamic vinaigrette” Tangled Noodle excellent choice, Elra “prefer with simple dressing, olive oil and balsamic vinegar” – likewise and with a “fabulous vinaigrette, that really primes and cleanses the palate.” of Carolyn Jung.

I like also country style salads in the same manner with Rosa’s Yummy Yums “Asian-style”, AverageBetty “my absolute favorite is a Chinese/Thai Chicken salad” and Janet Rose-Bartlett.

Great salads have Soma in her food blog and vegetarian friendly dishes have Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella in her cooking blog to enjoy.

Concluding the salad can be a complete gourmet meal like Jude said, with “Truffle always a wonderful bonus combined with rich lettuces” of Elaine – The Gourmet Girl or simple but, all the times, nutrition meals where you can play a lot with ingredients and flavors.

I noticed that nobody hit no-salad, it is good to know that, because any nutrition consultant will say that veggies must be in any type of healthy eating plans. If your salad isn’t very healthy for the dressing, no matter….eating facts: some kind of vegetables must be in your diets.

Any comments to share about these 2 polls: the salad ended, or the new one with your engagement with food?

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