Weight Loss & Vegetarians – Overweight with Vegan Food, Is It Possible?

To be healthy is a must for everyone. Do you have in mind my post about health & fitness – 15 tips and benefits to get the best of you? Well going again about health-food and how to lose weight, I wonder:

Lose Weight can switch to Over Weight (Yes, Gain Weight) with Vegetarian Food?

A vegetarian diet like vegetables and fruits might give overweight…Yes, certainly it exists the possibility!

vegetarian food
In these cases, the answer is simple: in your vegan diet you’re having an excess in the consumption of starches and flours affecting the total calories you eat, either in quantity as in frequency.
The fact to not eat meats can induce occasionally a major eating of savory cakes with dough, gratinated with white sauces, even rice, pastas, potatoes & sweet potatoes… unfortunately delicious indeed!

Speaking about more vegetarian meals, the legumes and grains (peas, maize, lentils) might be an excessive consumption as well.

– I want to remark that I’m not vegetarian and I’m pretty sure that fatty meats doesn’t fit well to lose weight, actually the problem can be worst (the exception are the fishes with omega 3 & 6 like salmon, mackerel and herring… they’re good in weight loss programs, because they lower the bad cholesterol and give the sensation of plenitude in your tummy)

I know you don’t want to loose your clothes with extra gained weight but it’s necessary to change your eat-weight program.
If you want to continue with those vegetarian meals and dishes – utterly healthy vegetarian life – and to lose weight, here go 8 weight tips. (I assume that you consume some eggs and dairy stuff)

8 Weight Loss Tips and Guide

1* You should choose the vegan food in frequency and quantity with moderation- in a distribution of 6 or more meals per day. Try to eat a correct breakfast, this is the fuel for the rest of the day!

2* Dairy products: if you eat them, do it at least 3 portions per day or substitutes.

3* Eggs: try 4 units per week and perhaps 1 egg white per day.

4* Raw / cooked vegetables: 2 daily portions (especially carrot, pumpkin and zucchini).

5* Cereals: try to eat them preferably integrals.

6* Fresh fruits: try 3 units daily and at least 2 citric included.

7* Dry fruits: including walnuts, almonds, hazelnut and chestnut in adequate proportions on daily basis.

8* Oils: to consume preferably olive, sunflower (high oleic) and soybean but in little proportions.

Pss…as we’re in vegetarian food & cooking mood, don’t forget to visit the salad poll, voting and commenting your favorite salad (not only vegetable salads)

The vegetarianism not implies necessarily a good weight management, the key if you’ve weight loss plans are balance and self-control in your vegetarian cooking!

Foodies and food bloggers taste habitually, enticing delights hence it isn’t easy to have a healthy weight but it’s a permanent task to achieve your goals.

Being vegetarian or not, what’s your experience in your diet-weight (if any)? Do you need a weight loss help? …or moderation is your real name 🙂

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