Sachertorte, Vienna and Salzburg a Torte-Cake-Chocolate Gourmet Recipe, One of the Best Gifts for Your Palate

A Sacher cake can make you ecstatic? I don’t know you, but this is my reaction every time I taste a variation of this sublime original torte (cake) of Wien (Vienna) Austria! The same reaction I’ve with sweets treats like a stunning Tiramisu cake or a dulce de leche recipe, both make me joyful as well 🙂

I’ve passion with culinary history and how a sweet-step can guide toward a famous hotel and a glorious culinary artistry of sweetness.

Sachertorte a Pastry Art

A Cafe with your Sacher?…Meantime we see a Sweet Culinary History

Back to 1832 a 16 years old – pastry chef apprentice Franz Sacher, when the powerful Klemens Wenzel von Metternich Austrian chancellor asked to his kitchen a special dessert for important guests…with 2 requirements: the dessert should be done those night and said, don’t make me look like a dumb!

The problem was that the chief in charge at the kitchen was sick, hence the young pastry cook apprentice took the challenge. Take in mind that weren’t conservatives or refrigerators for the desserts – can you imagine the pressure at that moment?
The daily banquets at that time, required to make the cakes with enough time and must look & taste “fresh”, even passed some days!

The result was a gorgeous gourmet chocolate cake with dense chocolate layers more a fine spread apricot jam between them; all recovered with an extra dark chocolate icing at sides and top…a Sacher Torte! Till today the original Sachertorte recipe is a well-kept baking-pastry secret!

The success continues and more than a half century later, Eduard Sacher son of the author of the masterpiece Sachertorte, in 1876 founded the Hotel Sacher overall targeted for selected aristocratic people.

The classical Sacher Torte is served with whipped cream, unsweetened (to not compete in sweetness with the cake) and a “Wiener Melange” in other words, a relative of the Italian cappuccino (coffee with milk). Can I say such a luscious sweet delicacy?

Sacher_Torte_Wien a Secret of a Pastry Chef

Sacher Torte Nowadays

The legendary five-star Hotel Sacher in Wein and Salzburg hosted big personalities in politics, arts and commerce. Celebrities like Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Indira Gandhi, Johm F. Kennedy, Ernest Hemingway, etc are some of the famous that stayed in this hotel. The Beatle John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono chose it for a documentary too.
Surely, that many of them enjoyed a pastry art like the Sachertorte!

Nowadays in the modern pastry, the Sacher Hotel continues with an exclusive style to the high society but remaining the original Sacher torte. In different shapes, boxes, you can order by mail and internet or shop it directly in the hotel, if you’re visiting it.
This chocolate cake Sacher are sold 360.000 units per year and the recession it seems can’t beat the sweet tooth of the clients.

Not everybody can order in that way, therefore similar Sachertorte recipes or perhaps sweetly improved 😉 are available to delight in all the world. Maybe not the original Sachertorte but hyper super ones where you might see your face in the coated exquisite chocolate glaze…there’re so many sweet temptations out there.

Sachertorte – Sacher Torte – Recipes

Is this Sacher cake one of your favorite? Or you’ve other ones!

Psss..don’t forget to tell me which are your preferred salads?

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Photos Credit by Mauricio Pellegrinetti and by Anna Majkowska


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