Louvre Museum (Musée du Louvre, Paris) on the Beach and 2 Blog Awards

Louvre Paintings
The Louvre Museum has arrived for a while to my country Uruguay literally at the beach and on the rocks!

 Louvre Paintings

Louvre Paintings Uruguay
Tangled Noodle and many more asked a little bit about Uruguay, this a good example how strong the French influent is here.. not only the food-stuff croissants, baguettes, gateaux au chocolat (slurp!) and I can go on…

Louvre Paintings

Louvre Paintings

These are the Louvre paintings courtesy of the French embassy exposed at the Rambla de Pocitos beach in Montevideo (Capital of Uruguay). I took some of them but there’re several block with plenty of them. It’s a very nice walk.

Louvre Paintings at the beach Uruguay

 Louvre Paintings Uruguay
Enjoy them!

Louvre Paintings Uruguay


Blog Awards

I’ve been awarded twice for 2 excellent blogs. This sweetness and happiness must be shared with others!

Lemonade Cheers Award

Lemonade Cheers Award

Kimberly of Terrier Lover Blog and also she manages Cooking With Kimberly thanks so much Kimberly!

I’d like to share this award with these great food bloggers:

Elra’s Baking

eCurry-The Recipe Blog

Give Recipe

The Adventures of Kitchen Girl

Healthy and Gourmet

Joie de Vivre An Amateur Gourmet’s Guide

Kreativ Blogger Award

Kreativ Blogger Award

The second Kreativ Blogger Award came from Natasha of Healthy and Gourmet also thanks a lot Natasha!

These marvelous food bloggers utterly deserve this award:

Megan’s Munchies

Passionate About Baking

Cooking With Kimberly

Savor The Thyme

The Duo Dishes

The Pink Peppercorn

In all cases go, visit and enjoy their fabulous food blogs. Take your time totally worth!

Note: I would like to share some these awards with Shelby, Natasha and Rosa but I’m pretty sure that they already have them 🙂 Therefore it’ll be for other occasion!

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    Thanks Gera:-) & Thanks for more than just the awards:-)u have done it again!


    Hey Gera!
    Thanks for this award and for sharing aspects of your beautiful country. Forgive my ignorance but I did not know that there was such a strong french influence in Uruguay. Now, I know.
    Thanks again and keep sharing your knowledge and experience with us.


    Dear Gera, thank you so much for sharing the award with me, very kind of you. And Congrats to you for these well deserved awards.

    I didn’t know the French influence, either. This post really helps me to have an image of Uruguay. I’ll keep learning from you.

    Joie de vivre

    Gera, Thank you so much!

    It is so wonderful to see the Louvre prints on public display like that. So few people get to see them in real life that it is wonderful to be able to just walk by them. That beach looks lovely! Are you headed into winter now? Does it ever really get cold?


    Congratulation on your award, and thank you so much for passing the award to me. I am so humbly honored. Thank you so much Gera!

    It’s a pity that I know very little about your country. You see, I didn’t even know that Uruguay is influence by the French. Where I have been all of this year? I shall start googling and learn more. The beach is gorgeous, and how they display all of those painting? They must have some protection, I suppose it’s a safe place too. Nobody try to steal them? I am just impress here.


    Those are some really great pictures!


    Hi Gera,
    What a wonderful setting for these works of art! I’m amazed that they can be out in the direct sunlight without being affected. Some of them are quite old if I’m not mistaken?! The beach looks gorgeous! How lucky you are, do you live close by? Thanks for sharing and also congrats on your awards and for thinking of me. I have received so many, and I’m grateful and honored, but it’s nice to see people who may not have them or who are fairly new to this get the awards. I remember how I felt to get my first ones, to have some recognition made me real happy. Thanks again, Reeni


    Congratulations on your awards and thank you SO MUCH for passing along the Kreativ Blogger Award! This is the first award anyone has ever passed on to Taste As You Go! I’m am so incredibly honored and touched!

    Carolyn Jung

    That is so cool that the Louvre paintings are displayed like that — outside in such a gorgeous, natural setting. It’s so intriguing to see them that way, and not hanging in a dim gallery as usual.

    Congrats on your awards, too. Well deserved!

    Tangled Noodle

    Congraulations, Gera! These awards are well-deserved for your efforts to highlight healthy and delicious food.

    Thank you for the mention and for sharing these beautiful photos. I can’t imagine how wonderful it would be to look at these masterpieces in such an amazing setting! I can’t tell you how much my husband and I want to visit – we know so little about Uruguay and most of South America to the extent that we didn’t realize the very strong European flavor and atmosphere of your country as well as Argentina, Brazil and Chile (just to name the other destinations we dream of visiting).

    Please keep up the wonderful work on your blog!


    Thank you for thinking of me Gera! The photos of the Louvre are great to see and I love how they are displayed….not to mention that beach is beautiful. Sure wish I could be there instead of here in 20 degree weather!


    Thanks Soma you totally deserve it 🙂

    Thanks to you Natasha! No problem my country is small and not everybody know it 😉

    Keep up you also with your great recipes, a pleasure to give it to you 🙂

    No here’s in Uruguay lol! Ohh you’ve both…well congrats for you too 🙂

    @Joie de vivre
    Really it’s special to see them in a public place and for free! The beaches are lovely but you’re right winter and cold are coming soon. Anyway, beaches are great for sports even in cold days 🙂

    I should pass you several awards at once because you’ve so many delicious blogs 🙂
    Uruguay only appears in the international news with our soccer and beef …but trying to improve this 😉
    The paintings are obviously excellent reproductions-photos and there’re persons to watch over them all day and night. They’ve cultural value no commercial and looks great by night, each with the correspondent light!

    Certainly they’re beautiful pictures that worth to see them slowly one by one!

    The paintings are protected with special plastic for the weather and all cover 6 centuries of European paintings!! I don’t live very near of them but it isn’t far for the centre of the capital. Reeni you deserve many many awards.. I should design a new one to give 🙂

    @5 Star Foodie
    Happy you like them! Only I posted few photos to not slow the loading. Thanks to you for your wonderful posts 🙂

    A really honor to give you and keep up your great tasty blog, still craving your cinnamon pecan cookies 🙂

    @Burp and Slurp~!
    My pleasure Sophia! At least, I can show the pics virtually 🙂

    @Carolyn Jung
    This is a splendid and typical place in the capital, targeted perfectly to show them and without anything to pay 😉
    Thanks so much Carolyn!

    You deserve a lot this award! Yeah a little tiny bit of Paris very near 🙂

    @Tangled Noodle
    I’m flattered 🙂 We’ve here a strong European flavour perhaps, as a country, more than the rest of the South continent. In old times, Uruguay was called the Switzerland of South America. I really want that you can visit some of the countries you mention, all have beautiful places and foods! Thanks a bunch 🙂

    Shelby I’ve present permanently in my brain and tummy your delicious posts! The photos will be there for some months but the beaches are becoming lonely…the cold is coming quickly like you’ve there 🙂

    J.A. ROSE

    Gera-Hurray for you–TWO AWARDS!And beautiful Artwork on the beach too. Cool.
    Those other food blogs you mentioned-Great Blogs also-enjoy them too. YEA.
    Keep up the great work/
    Janet Rose-Bartlett


    Wow! Great post!!! And a tremendous thank you!! Whoa, the other blogs are all the ones I think of as creative; and super honour coming from you!! 🙂

    Rosa's Yummy Yums

    A great exhibition! Congrats on the awards!

    Cheers and have a great weekend,


    Deeba PAB

    Hey there Gera…you are sweet. Thanks for the award. It's precious beyong words! Love the window to your world.It's lovely to peep into other places, & yours is a beautiful spot on the glboe! xoxox


    @J.A. ROSE
    You’re always welcome and glad you like the artwork-pics. Thanks for stopping by!

    An honor for me to give it you! You’re a great food blogger Gail 🙂

    @Rosa’s Yummy Yums
    They’re lovely pics..thanks to you Rosa for your wonderful-delicious posts too 🙂

    @Passionate About Baking
    I like a lot to explore new places and you truly deserve the award! for your gorgeous articles with impressive photos 🙂


    Hi Gera!

    Thanks so much for this awesome award!

    I really appreciate your friendship and talent as a food writer, Gera!

    I will certainly pass this award on too!

    Have a marvelous week!

    Kimberly 🙂


    Wow Gera you are lucky! Great place to live eh?

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