Get Back to Your Back – 20 Body Tips and Fitness to Prevent Back Injury

Do you remember in your childhood some of these back posture-advices told by your mom or dad? Sit correctly on the chair, flex your knees when lift a weight, stand up straight.
But no, you were a super-hero and you didn’t need them!

As time goes by, you discover that you’re a real person and you can have potentially back problems for not have listened at that time.
Back Posture and FlexibilityThe difficulty is that you can develop bad habits with weakened or stiffness muscles.
Since I was a teen I had some back pains for a bad back posture and a little of scoliosis. The “back doctor” told me that I had to improve my muscles, avoid overweight not matter what you eat to reduce or stay away from low back pains in the future.
From that moment, I began to do some back exercises.

Foodies tend, occasionally, to gain weight (live to eat or eat to live? I don’t have the answer yet…) and they haven’t a healthy weight.
If I add the word exercise (I know perhaps you’re thinking, are you kidding me?) the result could be back injuries in more or less degree.
Certainly not only the food can be the trouble, being active – doing gradual and progressive stretching– lets have a better back flexibility.

Well, continuing with health and wellness tips, I want you take notice about your back!
In order to minimize back pains is necessary to follow back trainings that will help you to break unhealthy habits.

How to Prevent Back Pains & Injuries – 20 Tips

1. Never lift a heavy object higher than your size

2. Duck flexing your knees and waist

3. Do a small test of the object before lift it and be sure you can lift this weight

4. Avoid transporting weights not correctly balanced

5. Keep the heavy object near to your body

6. Do not move heavy piece of furnitures

7. Push, if it’s possible, instead to pull when moving heavy objects

8. Avoid sudden movements that can produce muscle-fatigue

9. Learn to have, in every position, the head straight continuing as a prolongation of the spinal column

10. Exclude soft beds and armchairs

11. Never lean forward without bending your knees

12. Avoid bad postures in front of the TV or screen

13. Do not slouch when standing and sitting

14. Contract you abdominal muscles frequently to help to your low back

15. In back exercises, avoid extreme twist movements or extensions of the spinal column

16. Try to avoid high heeled shoes, worsen your posture and produce fatigue

17. Sleep trying to have in line neck and spine, control the quantity of your pillows

18. Stand up straight (head up, chin inward, back and pelvis straight)

19. When reading a book or magazine, avoid leaning forward – this strength the neck muscles

20. Stretch to enhance abdomen and back flexibility often

I struggle till today with some of them in order to avoid or diminish back injury, but how about you? Any back tips or experiences to share? Waiting for your comments.

Note: I’ll be off-line next week for a little break. I won’t enjoy-reading other blogs & sites but I’ll be back with you soon 🙂

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    thankyou for all the tips…i'll try to do n tell you.


    Thanks for the great tips Gera. I have a bad habit of slouching when I sit. Now I will try to sit straight.

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