Aromas an Exquisite Touch to Your Food & Sweet Memories

“For the sense of smell, almost more than any other, has the power to recall memories and it is a pity that you use it so little.”
Rachel Carson

If at this moment you feel a coffee aroma what kind of memories or enticing events are triggered on you?
You can be transported to distant places or memories that perhaps were extremely hidden.

Sweet white wine aromas evoke in me immediately wine tastings I’ve done, celebrations of the end of the year and other type lovely sweet memories.

delicious beef(I must put this photo of beef with olives and fennel cooked recently..mmmm)

The sense of smell is a powerful memory enhancer, incomparably superior to the sense of sight and hearing.
The memories of the scents and their associate elements have a permanency disproportionate in the memory, longer than images or sounds.
Both the vision and sound have similar forgotten-curves, past some days it isn’t easy to recognize something seen or listened.

With the smell is a totally different- scents or fragrances can be kept as precious memories for long time, even years.
The most obvious reason is that smell is closely linked with emotions. Not so much with facts or events, but with many emotions.

– Can you imagine being able to remember things from childhood perhaps school memories or other type of events that were sweet, only for the smell?
It’s very difficult that you can conjure up the smells, aromas and to reproduce them in the human memory – a person needs to perceive the aroma to recall.

The sense of taste is closely linked to smell, this is the reason when the smell sense is not very well, you can notice that the food has no taste. Aromatic molecules don’t get to your nose and you end saying ..this food needs more seasoning!

flowers aroma
– Can you forget the perfume of the person you fell in love used, the first time you meet her/him?
The woman/man fragrance is a very strong remembrance and this very well kept in the memory!

– The special meal that your grandmother always cooked and when you appreciate the aroma in the environment – immediately you go back to the love she gave you!

When someone cooks you dream to give each of your guests an aroma indelible and forever or at least, to evoke the fragrance-memory they’ve till the emotional point of being hypnotized!

Foodies are masters with olfactory memory and visual memory- trying often to get new dimensions, unexplored frontiers to satisfy our appetite with a variety of surreal sensations.

To reinforce all your senses with special scents and perfumes I have selected some aromatic recipes for your enjoyment:

Herb-Encrusted Grilled Salmon Recipe by Kalyn

Aromatic Giouvetsi (γιουβέτσι με αρωματικά) by Peter

Aromatic: Sun Dried Tomato and Purple Basil Pesto by Meeta

Homemade Garam Masala Recipe by Mansi

Which are your aroma-triggers and what types of memories bring to you?


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