Aromas an Exquisite Touch to Your Food & Sweet Memories

“For the sense of smell, almost more than any other, has the power to recall memories and it is a pity that you use it so little.”
Rachel Carson

If at this moment you feel a coffee aroma what kind of memories or enticing events are triggered on you?
You can be transported to distant places or memories that perhaps were extremely hidden.

Sweet white wine aromas evoke in me immediately wine tastings I’ve done, celebrations of the end of the year and other type lovely sweet memories.

delicious beef(I must put this photo of beef with olives and fennel cooked recently..mmmm)

The sense of smell is a powerful memory enhancer, incomparably superior to the sense of sight and hearing.
The memories of the scents and their associate elements have a permanency disproportionate in the memory, longer than images or sounds.
Both the vision and sound have similar forgotten-curves, past some days it isn’t easy to recognize something seen or listened.

With the smell is a totally different- scents or fragrances can be kept as precious memories for long time, even years.
The most obvious reason is that smell is closely linked with emotions. Not so much with facts or events, but with many emotions.

– Can you imagine being able to remember things from childhood perhaps school memories or other type of events that were sweet, only for the smell?
It’s very difficult that you can conjure up the smells, aromas and to reproduce them in the human memory – a person needs to perceive the aroma to recall.

The sense of taste is closely linked to smell, this is the reason when the smell sense is not very well, you can notice that the food has no taste. Aromatic molecules don’t get to your nose and you end saying ..this food needs more seasoning!

flowers aroma
– Can you forget the perfume of the person you fell in love used, the first time you meet her/him?
The woman/man fragrance is a very strong remembrance and this very well kept in the memory!

– The special meal that your grandmother always cooked and when you appreciate the aroma in the environment – immediately you go back to the love she gave you!

When someone cooks you dream to give each of your guests an aroma indelible and forever or at least, to evoke the fragrance-memory they’ve till the emotional point of being hypnotized!

Foodies are masters with olfactory memory and visual memory- trying often to get new dimensions, unexplored frontiers to satisfy our appetite with a variety of surreal sensations.

To reinforce all your senses with special scents and perfumes I have selected some aromatic recipes for your enjoyment:

Herb-Encrusted Grilled Salmon Recipe by Kalyn

Aromatic Giouvetsi (γιουβέτσι με αρωματικά) by Peter

Aromatic: Sun Dried Tomato and Purple Basil Pesto by Meeta

Homemade Garam Masala Recipe by Mansi

Which are your aroma-triggers and what types of memories bring to you?


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    Hugging the Coast

    I was raised Italian (I’m Italian and French) so the scent of garlic brings back happy memories of cooking with my grandmother as a child.

    Deeba PAB

    I usually judge what I see by the aroma or appearnce. My son will follow his nose to the kitchen everytime I'm working in there. How true your beautifully written post is Gera; yes, aromas evoke powerful childhood & other associations!

    Joie de vivre

    I love the smell of campfires. It brings back so many nice memories of huge family gatherings, summer campouts, lazy summer nights.


    Gera-What a interesting post. Thank you. Also Music has long-lasting effects on memories. Janet

    Tangled Noodle

    A wonderful post and excellent links! The strongest scent memory I have is the smell of jasmine (“sampaguita” in Tagalog) – I was only 5 yrs old when we left the Philippines but just a whiff of this perfume immediately and so vibrantly evokes memories. Interestingly, it’s not mental images or pictures but rather sensations and feelings that bubble up! I can’t seem to think of any food aroma-memories right now but maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Only when you smell that special scent is the memory brought alive!


    @Hugging the Coast
    Doug for Mediterranean people, garlic is a gem (for me too) I’m totally identified with you!

    @Passionate About Baking
    Aromas are perhaps more potent for mental associations and memories than the visual ones.
    Glad you like it 🙂

    @5 Star Foodie
    When a grandmother cooks is a full experience for kids but we haven’t still the knowledge to appreciate it. Sorry about your grandmother 🙁
    No doubt your daughter’s memories are going to be wonderful you’re a great cook and inspiring for her. Your girl will be a precocious cook 🙂

    @Joie de vivre
    Wow I haven’t realized that I also like that, because love outdoors activities. Campfires create a mystique nice atmosphere 😀

    Music can be long memories even after several hours after listening a song.. you’ve it playing in the head 🙂

    @Tangled Noodle
    The perfume can make to shake instantaneously memories that were apparently lost. It’s amazing the influence that they have!
    My pleasure to include your blog in the food blog list mentioned in my post of before. I’ll try to include in next posts more food-cuisine-culture info from my country Uruguay 🙂


    The smell of fried potatoes, freshly made bread, brownies…you are making me hungry!!! 🙂

    Reeni a.k.a. Cinnamon Girl

    Anise always reminds of my Grandma’s Pizzelles, garlic and onion of my Mom’s meatballs and sauce. I could go on and on, I have so many!! What a great thought-provoking post!


    This is a nice post… the power of smell… I always love the smell of coffee brew.


    Lovely post-I wish I could write so well. The first memory that pops into my mind (and makes me miss gma), ss her custard sauce. She would make this amazing sauce (must have had vanilla) and pour it all over pound cake and toss berries on top. I always asked her to drench the cake. I could never get enough of that custard sauce.


    I have a really keen sense of smell (sometimes too keen as far away smells bother me) and I definitely have scent memories. Scents and smells are instantly transporting, I can go back 20 years just from smelling something from my childhood!

    The Food Site

    I totally agree with you Gera. The sense of smell do conjure up memories, some sweet and some not so. Believe it or not, I even associated a certain scent in the air to the US and when I smell it I always think of my visit to LA not too long ago. Funnily, I got a sense of the US-scent when I went on a tour of a US warship recently, it sorta made me feel as if I was in US.
    Sense of smells also have the ability to transport us through time and some smells do bring back my childhood memories…
    Great post Gera!

    Carolyn Jung

    Very true about smell being so important to taste. I was at a food writers conference where a taste specialist did this fun test on us. Take some flavored jelly beans. Now, try eating them while pinching your nose closed. Because you can’t smell them, you won’t be able to tell what flavor they are when you eat them. While chewing, unpinch your nose: Voila! You will now be able to taste the jelly beans.

    Rosa's Yummy Yums

    The smell of bread, of apple tart, of cake, of Gratin Dauphinois, etc… bring memories back.

    A gorgeous post!




    What a great post! I really enjoyed reading. The scent of cinnamon brings my happy memories back. My mom used to add this magical spice into her specials. I used to wake up with its smell coming from kitchen.With its scent, I remember those days.


    The smell of bread baking makes me think of home… My mom makes the best bread 😉 Thanks for the memories, Gera!


    It isn’t my intention to make you hungry but I’m starving thinking about that too!! 🙂

    @ Reeni
    So many memories and all lovely. Garlic and onion touch very fast also to me…..Joy you find this a provoking post 🙂

    Coffee is a classic aroma! Almost everybody feel awesome only with this smell. Selba thanks for stopping by 🙂

    Nice compliment Jennifer – english is my 2nd language..always trying to improve it! Lavish sauce, for sure totally delicious. I’d like to have this recipe 😉

    @Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella
    I think this a virtue- you’re perfect for wine tasting and perfume tasting 😉 Scent memories are an ideal time-back machine!

    @ The Food Site
    Yes you’re right sometimes aren’t pleasant and some cities have special aromas only find there. Perhaps the oil of the cars but the better is the street food vendors – yummy transporting smells 🙂

    @Carolyn Jung
    This taste specialist is clever in his job! This gorgeous confections without the sense of the smell only are visual ones…have bland or null flavors!

    @Rosa’s Yummy Yums
    Bread, apple strudel delectable memories for me 🙂 Happy you like it Rosa!

    @The Duo Dishes
    Catalyst is a perfect word for this sense. Coffee is popular but for me tea also has a rainbow of aromas that can transport you always to nice places. Your great recipe deserves the link 🙂

    @ Alpinebluesky
    Typical in my breakfast when you’re stressed this aroma send to me to a relaxing mind-state 🙂

    The smell of bread just baked is universal and timeless all around the world..imposible to no sense a homey feeling 🙂
    My pleasure to include your blog in my round-up in my previous post!

    @ Zerrin
    Ohh the scent of cinnamon is so strong in homemade-dessert-memories of my childhood! Thanks for coming by Zerrin!


    Agree with you. Those are perfect 🙂

    Hungry and if you perceive an aroma of spaghetti sauce is tasteful-insane!


    Beautiful post!! How true it is that the aroma brings back so many things…I smell my mom’s cooking.. all the time.. but she is not here with me anymore.


    for me me, food has to be visually beautiful, lot’s of color, and of course smell good. Something unrelated to food that always bring me back to Bali is the smell of gardenia and the faringape. My grandmother had this fragrant flowers everywhere. On the entrance, in the courtyard, and of course scatter in the family temple. As for food, sadly no smell will bring me back of my childhood memory. The food just too different, unless if I can find a Balinese restaurant in the U.S, then maybe…
    Nice post Gera!


    @Soma we’ve had several communications by email recently. Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

    @Elra Joy you like it! I’m with you full colors too. I’m pretty sure that should be a Balinese restaurant in the U.S, only patience in the search. Btw I’ve done the tagged in my new post 🙂


    Ohh to cook specific dishes to remember, a nice way to triggers memories of the past!

    About the 70 food bloggers roundup, you totally deserve to be included …thanks for coming by Susan 🙂


    The frying onions is a important smell for me. It always brings up memories of my mother and grandmother cooking.


    Ohh I’ve the same about this aroma and if it has garlic is splendid 🙂

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