3 Outstanding Food Bloggers have Tagged Me!

I’ve been multi-tagged by Jo (The Adventures of Kitchen Girl) and Shelby of Grumpy’s Honeybunch at my profile at Facebook not long ago.

Now Elra (Elra’s Cooking) has tagged me too…there’s no escape 😉

The essence is the same – to know more about me – so here we go:

Diamonds or pearls/Diamant ou perle?
I recognize that both are gorgeous but not for me.

What is the last film you saw/Quel est le dernier film que tu as vu?
The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) with Pierce Brosnan, Rene Russo an old movie but worth to see it again.

Your favorite series/Ta série TV favorite?
I’m more of “channels” than series: Discovery, National Geographic, Travel and History.

What kind of breakfast do you have usually/Petit Déjeuner?
Well it depends. A cup of tea, bread toasts, cream cheese, jams and occasionally yogurt. If the day before I trained a lot, I can eat the table — literally up to 6 bread toasts..and it isn’t enough (I must regenerate up to 1000/1200 kcals for the day apart of the 2000 kcal average needed). Health food if possible.

Second given name/Deuxième prénom?
I prefer to give an extra data about my name: Gera is my short “international” name Gerardo (Spanish) Gerald (English) Gerard (French)…Everybody call me “Gera” – suitable for different languages!

Which kind of food can’t you stand/Quels aliments n’aimes tu pas manger du tout?
I’d like to get out of the list, like Elra, the reptiles, insects and snails.

Favorite name (at the moment)/Prénom préféré du moment?
I don’t understand. Could you repeat the same.. no case.

Which car do you drive/Quelle voiture conduis-tu?
Lately I’m in the French line Renault and now Citroen.

Which trait of character don’t you like/Quel trait de caractère n’aimes tu pas?
Hypocrisy, intolerance, not having sense of humor at all!

Favorite clothes/Habit préféré?
The sport-well designed high-tech cloth. You can remember to all the folks of Nike, Reebok or Adidas and so on…in an intense race because you can be more or less injured or loss your equipment if something failed and unfortunately it happens…

If you could take the aeroplane to go somewhere, where would you go/Si tu pouvais partir n’importe où en avion, où irais-tu?
To the opposites to the Himalaya and the Polynesia.

Where would you want to live when you are retired/Où veux-tu passer ta retraite?
I don’t like the word retire, I think if you stop, rapidly you get rusty very soon, hence I change the “where” to “how” and this to be healthy and 100% active to enjoy what you want.

Which birthday do you remember the most/De quel anniversaire te souviens-tu?
I’m terrible with dates but all of my family and the rest …a lot of electronic reminders.

Your birthday/Ta date d’anniversaire?
May 4.

If you were a color, which one would you be/Si tu étais une couleur?
As you’ve noticed I’m full of colors not a single one. Every color has its particular and sensual behavior.

Chocolate or vanilla/Chocolat ou vanille?
This is very easy chocolate chocolate chocolate …but I like vanilla as well.

Coffee or tea/Café ou thé?
Both, coffee especially in a cappuccino.

The last person you had on the phone/La dernière personne que tu as eu au téléphone?
An answering machine. I don’t like when they begin press #1 if you want and .. #2…

Sweet or savory/Sucré ou salé?
Both!! Someday – as you guess- I’m desperately craving sweets, other days the savory ones.

The day of the week you prefer/Jour de la semaine préféré?
Friday and Saturday synonymous of the weekend.

My turn! I tag the following people:

BB at Be Foodie
Heidi at Savory TV
Natasha at Healthy and Gourmet

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    Got to know somthing about u:-) Love that pciture of the mountains! My dream destinations are always mountains & peaks.


    for the longest time I did not know if you were a man or a woman: glad I now know for sure 🙂

    Gera is actually a Russian sounding name!

    Thanks for tagging me: I’ll be sure to post this and answer the questions soon.


    Your birthday is very close to my brother and grandfather’s! They were both born on May 1! Thanks for doing the tag AND for calling me an outstanding food blogger! ;o)


    Hi Gera 🙂

    This seems so fun to reply! Thanks for tagging me too 🙂

    I will hopefully blog this tag tomorrow or at the weekend the latest 🙂

    I love your full name btw 🙂



    I always enjoy mountains they’re awesome..very relaxing for me unless you’re doing some type of sport 😉

    I’m a guy, I say it in my profile 🙂 Yeah sounds Russian or German. Happy you’ll do it..see you thanks!

    Wow perhaps we’ve similar character with your brother and grandfather 😉 Outstanding is the right word for you Shelby 🙂

    Nice you like it, no pressure do it when you want. It took some time for me 😉
    I preferred to specify this detail about my name. Thanks Bal!


    I love reading these things! I always feel like I get to know the person a lot better and we have a lot in common. My birthday is only 4 days after yours too! 🙂


    Hey, thank you so much for you participation, so glad that you did it. Nice to know a little bit about you. I didn’t know that your name is your short from (one of) that International name. Really like the choice your clothing, I only wear those for my exercise. the opposite of himalaya sounds so adventurous, and polynesia sounds really exotic. I like that! You are so right about retire, my mother in law is nearly 80, and she still working energetically.
    This is really fun reading Gera. Thank you.


    Just like HoneyB your birthday is close to my grandpa’s and my dad’s.
    Thanks for sharing so much about yourself. How lucky you are to eat so much!!! You must have a heavy workout. I love your choice of travel destinations, such gorgeous places.


    Hi Gera,
    This is a great way of getting to know more about our fellow foodies. Got to know what “Gera” was short for and that you like Polynesia! It is also one of the places I must visit.
    I will post my answers soon.
    Take care!

    Rosa's Yummy Yums

    Great to know more about you! I really like reading National Geographic magazines and would love to see their programs…



    janet rose-bartlett

    Nice to meet you Gera. Janet


    You are very funny and I really enjoyed reading this.


    Gera, forgot to mention how beautiful those photographs are. Didi you take all of those photos yourself?


    @Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella
    I think help to know more a little bit the person…especially if you’ve practically the same birthday like me hehe 🙂

    My pleasure Elra! Sport-wear is very comfortable occasionally not only for sports 😉 I wish these awesome photos were mine, but no, below are the credits to the great photographers. Thanks to you Elra!

    We’ve to make only 1 birthday all together! The advantage of doing exercise is that you must eat a lot and better in gorgeous beaches 🙂

    Beautiful places to visit! Happy tagged you …take care and cheers Natasha!

    @Burp and Slurp~!
    I think this tagging is fun and lets to know more each other. Speaking about mountains Himalayas are the maximum in every sense to experience 🙂 Thanks for coming by!

    @Rosa’s Yummy Yums
    Thanks to you Rosa you passed this to tag to Elra and then to me. Nat Geo is excellent channel!

    You’re always welcome! 🙂

    Wow thanks so much Jennifer 🙂

    Deeba PAB

    Great & fun read Gera. Gonna meet you in the foothills of the Himalayas one day!! Good to know you even better!!! xoxoxo & sweets to you too!

    Happy Cook

    Good to know about you .
    I love chocolates yeah and i too dislike thos answering phones when they say press 1 for this or press 2 for that grrrr
    So you are tauraus , me too 🙂


    @Passionate About Baking
    I'd love to! You're nearer than me to this awesome place! Big hugs & splendid times to you Deeba 🙂

    @Happy cook
    Happy for your visit! We've several things in common chocolate and tauraus.. excellent coincidence – Sweets for you 🙂

    Carolyn Jung

    Snails?? So you’re not a fan of escargot then? I tell ya, that garlicky buttery sauce might sway you.


    @Carolyn Jung
    Not really, but with a delicious garlicky buttery sauce perhaps I change my mind 🙂

    Pleased you like it, thanks for stopping by 🙂

    Joie de vivre

    The Thomas Crown Affair is the last movie I have seen as well! I so want to be Rene Russo in that movie. She is so gorgeous.

    Navita (Gupta) Hakim

    great to know more about u dear! 🙂


    This was a fun post, Gera. It was nice getting to *know* you a little bit better.


    @Joie de vivre
    I want to be Pierce Brosnan also hehe 🙂

    @Burp and Slurp~!
    Positively I prefer the trip to SE Asia to try durian there!

    This is the idea..Thanks for the visit!

    Glad you like it! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


    wow!!! sooo beautiful pics 🙂

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