Wine Thanks and Schedule Poll

sweet winesI want to thank in this post for all the recognitions of every kind, the good vibes and the great social media feedback I’ve obtained of the sweet white wines article, principally at stumbleupon and twitter, to mention only a few.

The wine is fascinating, rich to explore in all its facets and I’ve just touched a little sweet point of its universe.
There won’t lack opportunities to continue delighting with them.

I wish to mention the interesting contributions of these bloggers who brought different points of view and made the article more attractive to every one: Reeni, Phil, BaL, MeetaK, Foong, Betty, Kimberly, Robert, Sylvia, Elinluv, Natalie.

Specially, check out Bal post with extra-valuable-information about Tokaji wines here.

Dear Readers: keep going with your huge comebacks!

pollWell, let’s change the subject.

As a runner, I’m applying my experience in the races for blogging. For me it’s the same thing, longer than an ultra-marathon, as such I want to take it: slowly and breathing deeply. I don’t want to be left without battery in early stages, and then later, speed up my rhythm.
Step by step I’m being found in the search engines and improving positions, yay :)!

I’m also lowering the times of my post in Spanglish (Spanish + English) to complete a draft 60/70% pure English at the first attempt (I hope!), although it’s difficult for me to have the full vocabulary and subtleties of an English native speaker.

Meanwhile, in the cadence of a race, I’ve posts ready but I prefer to put them in appropriate days of the week, even skipping several days deliberately…but here you intervene!

I’ve put a poll for a while, to know which days of the week are your favorites to receive my posts. The same is at up and left of your screen. Please let me know your preferences (if you’ve any!).
One more thing, it’d be 100% in English, if not let me know, because I change the poll system for another one, thanks 🙂

My next post will be extremely delicious…stay tuned 😉

Have an excellent week!


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You are such a sweetie for mentioning me! Any time is good for you to post as far as I am concerned. You made a fan out of me!


Oh Gera 🙂 You’re sooo cute! There were no need to thank dear. It was pleasure to share things we know 🙂

I voted.

I’m ok with anytime you post. I like it when blogger writes whenever he/she really wants to write.

Have a nice week!


It’s always a pleasure to have your visit!! I take notice about your preference is anytime, thanks so much!! 🙂

I need to do it 🙂 I’m also like to share the knowledge of other bloggers like you! Noticed it doesn’t matter the specific day..
Thanks for stopping by and a wonderful week as well!!

Wayne John

Voted for Anytime! Thanks for your help recently. I hope that makes a difference in a few kids lives this season.



Thanks so much! Totally with you 🙂


There is something special for you on my blog!

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