Turron Torrone Nougat – Tempting Confectioneries You Should Enjoy!

The holidays season is coming quickly and it’s impossible not mention a classical dessert on these dates…principally Turron,Torrone!
I know that it isn’t consumed in every country – it’s traditional in which have influence basically Spain and Italy.
It’s a beautiful and very tasty sweet desired for these holidays typically a winter-dessert!

Italian Torrone - Spanish Turron - French Nougat
But you know one thing …I find it funny because we’ve this tradition in South America and just at this moment?
I understand that with snow falling and cold a few extra calories do not create problem in principle but in midsummer – is crazy 🙂

Now just in this period turrones, nougats, walnuts, almonds, raisins, all kinds of cakes… many of them rich and heavy…wait outside is hot -wrong! I love all of that, but it should be better in winter, don’t you think so?

We should be delighting with refreshing fruit salads, ice cream with chocolate and dulce de leche, mint, mango, but not, this is minimal! At least the beverages like chilled white wines and beer are appropriate for this season 🙂

What are the customs, came from Europe and stayed here – but with the seasons changed– this is the reason why everyone should enter urgently to diet after the holidays!!

What’s a Turron – Torrone really?

It is a delicious confection made with sugar, honey, egg whites, roasted nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, even peanuts and so on) with a rectangular form or round cake type. They can be covered with chocolate too…well really all dessert can be dipped in it!

What varieties are there?

Spanish Turron

I can mention mainly the 2 most famous:

Jijona Turron: paste of almonds, sugar, honey, egg whites (the soft chewy one – my prefered!)

Alicante Turron similar to the mentioned before but with whole almonds (the hard one – warning with your teeths!)

Italian Torrone

Has a similar composition of the Spanish one and the most recognized is the Cremona Torrone but nowadays there’re for all Italy.
The differences are the relationship between honey, sugar and the time of cooking, giving a soft or hard Torrone.

French Nougat

The ingredients are the same, it’s used in chocolates and candy bars. As always there’re soft or hard versions.
– The candy bars made with nougats are insane!

Turrones Torrones Nougats

More Variants

Several European countries have their own version and names but …do you know there’s a Philippine Turron made with a native nut “Pili”?

Ahh Halva or Jalva typical in Middle East countries is a sweet relative based in a paste of sesame seeds – absolutely awesome too…impossible to not nibble one if there’s near you…;)

Craving some Turron recipes?

Turron De Dona Pepa

Torrone Recipe – Nougat

  • Which is your favorite Turron? With fruits, liquor, ahh chocolatey, the rock one..are you sure?
    Love hearing your tastes!

Turrones Torrones Nougats

Merry Christmas!

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Hi Gera,
My Mom loves Torrone, she ate a lot of it when she was in Italy. I’m not a big fan, but I prefer the softer kind when I do eat it. I didn’t know it was so popular in other places! I know that it must be strange to eat these Christmas foods when it is hot out, I lived in the Sonoran desert for a while and it didn’t feel like Christmas to me without snow! Thanks for all the interesting information, as always! Merry Christmas!


Gera-wonderful. tx, java


Sounds delicious Gera!


Hi, Gera it’s me

it looks delicious, perfect for my Holiday party with my family.

Happy Holiday


So many variants and all delights!
Merry Christmas! to you too 🙂

If you’ve a sweet tooth you should like them but as my case, the softer is better. In Latin America is hugely popular but with snow always you can crave it more 😉
Merry Christmas for you! 🙂

Thanks Janet!
Merry Christmas!!

You should taste it’s so addictive!
Merry Christmas for all.. great your Mom feel good!!

Thanks for stopping by and you can try and all your family will love them!
Happy Holidays! 🙂

Carolyn Jung

I love torrone! First had it when I visited Spain many years ago. I’m a gal who loves almonds, so finding a confection just loaded with the nuts made me go, well, nuts! 😉

taste memory

I recall eating something similar to this when growing up in San Francisco. The white nougat was both dense + fluffy ~ very lovely taste memory! This is reminding me of fruit cake…..and I happen to like very well made fruit cake. It’s the yucky poorly made ones that give fruit cake a bad rap!

Happy Holidays 😉


If you visited Spain you stayed at the Hollywood of Turrones every type there.. Mediterraean countries are plenty of nuts and almonds basic ingredients for these sweeties!
Happy Holidays 🙂

Lovely tasty memory about them…I agree with you when they aren’t well made can be impossible to eat, bland or directly like a bad bubblegum!
Merry Christmas!


I love turron.. All variants of them, especially the Filipino version, of course 🙂


I was pretty sure that especially the Filipino version is your favorite, being of Philippines 😉
Happy Holidays! 🙂


I feel so sinful by just looking at it. Oh heck, sometime in life you just need a break. I hate you Gera. 🙂


OK I forgive you…..now who should I blame…..lol

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