Are You Already Doing Your Twitter Goals?

I’ve had a wonderful feedback – Thanks to All – of my previous post about why foodies should enter into the twitter stream
I gave resources, tips and a lot of people to follow, but there’s more and more. I hope you’re already using it and enjoying the experience!!

Twitter World

Articles that Worth Reading about Twitter

Any food blogger must do several tasks that involves knowledge completely different than cooking, recipes, food reviews..and how many headaches bring, don’t you?

For your activity it’s necessary to know about writing, blogging in general, internet marketing, social media, social networking, search engine optimization, basic programming and the list goes on and on!
I recommend you to follow these people that have the know-how in the non-food areas.

Bloggers You Should Follow in Diverse Areas, Non Food-Related

(at random order and pressing “ctrl” key + specific link, the same will open in a new tab for your convenience)

  1. @chrisbrogan…..
  2. @problogger…..
  3. @Nicksc…..
  4. @nowsourcing…..
  5. @onreact_com…..
  6. @copyblogger…..
  7. @tamar…..
  8. @seosmarty…..
  9. @zen_habits…..
  10. @kmunse…..
  11. @chrisgarrett…..
  12. @jquipp…..

Twitter Tips

Food Bloggers & Foodies You Can Follow To Exchange Your Tasty Tweets

(at random order and pressing “ctrl” key + specific link, the same will open in a new tab for your convenience)

  1. @LisaSD….
  2. @ultimatefoodie…..
  3. @peanutbutterboy…..
  4. @amyeats…..
  5. @gourmeted…..
  6. @thefoodgeek…..
  7. @greenmom…..
  8. @edlevine…..
  9. @Rebecca_C…..
  10. @haleysuzanne…..
  11. @WhiteOnRice…..
  12. @Feast……
  13. @avestas…..
  14. @antoniotahhan…..
  15. @eatlikeagirl…..
  16. @FoodStories…..
  17. @cheeseslave….
  18. @inuyaki…..
  19. @bherrera…..
  20. @kidappeal…..
  21. @GracePiper….
  22. @winecast…..
  23. @joythebaker…..
  24. @rumdood…..
  25. @wholefoods…..
  26. @Carolineoncrack…..
  27. @burntlumpia……
  28. @carlsjr…..
  29. @sophiemostly…..
  30. @gildedpalate…..
  31. @bigredkitchen…..
  32. @Key_Ingredient……
  33. @chiffonade…..
  34. @CircleOfFood…..
  35. @Lelonopo…..
  36. @judecee…..
  37. @everydayfoodsan…..
  38. @bronmarshall…..
  39. @jerseybites…..
  40. @mamaliga…..
  41. @thetuscangun…..
  42. @umami88…..
  43. @CucinaBella…..
  44. @NotQuiteNigella….
  45. @NenetteAM…..
  46. @foodista…..
  47. @leftoverqueen…..
  48. @GingerLemonGirl…..
  49. @tomatom…..
  50. @rouxbe…..
  51. @DrBrent_ …..
  52. @kitchengirl…..
  53. @chocablog…..
  54. @recipe4living…..
  55. @gourmet…..
  56. @noodlepie……

Which are your experiences and the principal uses with Twitter so far? Do you consider it is useful or useless?

And a very important thing – keep going submitting more food bloggers or interesting bloggers to follow!
Foodies, only the sky is the limit!!


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    Mark Dykeman - Broadcasting Brain

    Well thanks very much! I’m very pleased that you selected my blog as one to read! Cheers!

    Cajun Chef Ryan

    Too bad Cajun Chef Ryan is not on your list! +:~( Boo hooo….


    CCR =:~)


    @Mark Dykeman
    It’s really a pleasure to mention your blog, you deserve it Mark!

    @Mark Tosczak
    This is an article that worth mentioning because when I read it, I bookmarked for a later post, this is the case 🙂
    Thanks for the visit!

    @Cajun Chef Ryan
    Hey you’re already listed in my previous post 😉


    Hey, thanks for the shoutout! Much appreciated!


    Thanks for suggesting my Twitter! @frozen2late… But I am curious as to why you think of me as a foodie twitterer??


    I know the list is in random order, nevertheless it is fun to be #1 if only for awhile 🙂 Thanks for including me sweetsfoods!

    Lorraine E

    That’s brilliant, thanks so much for putting that list together! 🙂


    Thanks so much for your visit, we’re friends at Twitter!

    Following your tweets, url name’s better in a tech area, don’t you?

    Yeah is very nice to be some good theme ;-).. at least for awhile, thanks to you!

    @Lorraine E
    Your’re always welcome..thanks for stopping by!

    Kitchen Gadget Girl

    Thanks for the tips, and for listing my tweet. I agree, getting more foodies involved in Twitter is great for the community!

    BTW, someone started a Flock for Foodies


    Great list!


    Thanks for the mention! So many tweeple to follow 🙂


    A fantastic list and one I am very proud to be on – thanks!


    Awww, sweet. Thanks for the mention. 😉

    -Sea (Book of Yum)


    THANKS for including my “foodie” blog on your list! I am already following most of those listed and am honored to be included in such good company!


    gera-thx for including me on your foodie twitter list! i’m using twitter to find other bloggers (to learn from), food bloggers (to share with) and to spread the word about my new blog, foodwithkidappeal dot com

    Zesty Cook

    Gera – you are doing a great job – keep up the great work.



    @zesty Cory you’re doing also a great job in your tasty blog!


    you can add me if you’d like! @steamykitchen

    love this list…


    Jaden is a pleasure your visit and I’m already following you! 🙂

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