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Best of this Week: Foodies, Blogging Resources and Social Media Tips

I didn’t post anything this week waiting IntenseDebate fixes the glitch about a sky-blue pop up that appears on the posts. They answered me, but the sky-blue pop is still there till today. It’s only a system glitch, you can ignore it completely. Hope it’ll disappear soon. ————————————————————————- Now to the weekly roundup! The Best… Continue Reading

Blogging, Social Media, Food Bloggers – Best of the Week

I much appreciate all the great feedback my last post free software applications for bloggers has had. As I mentioned on my poll result about social media foodies, I’ll be adding more blogging-social media-tech articles mixed with food-health ones. Why? Blogging is a recipe full of assorted ingredients: research, writing, copywriting, grammar, photography, internet marketing,… Continue Reading

Poll Results about Social Media, Foodies, Blogging and Health: Best of the Week

The best of the week – poll has ended and now it’s time to get conclusions. First, I want to thanks publicly for all the feedback received about this poll to: Claudia, Hesham, Claudia, Deeba, Rosa, Soma, Elra, Natasha, Belinda, Java, Ashley, Sophia, Mary, Amanda, Lazaro, Anncoo, Christine, Joan, Lou, Patty, Erica, Claudia, Reeni. With… Continue Reading