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Fruit Smoothie and the Different Between Hypertonic, Hypotonic, Isotonic Drinks

I was craving a healthy fruit smoothie since I’m in winter and summer but all together!! The last days, the weather has been completely variable and the temperature tripled in few days. With the short summer you tend to delight with refreshing drinks and this one accomplished with its yummy mission. Banana, strawberry and orange,… Continue Reading

Crash Diets and Yo-Yo Dieting are Not a Good Idea for Weight Loss Diet Plans

Healthy weight loss often concerns: Tired of doing infinite diets to lose weight without any type of results in the long-term? Noticed that your favorite dress has been increasing your size dangerously? Other frequent sentence: I need to lose weight so I’ll begin a diet. Do you know all the consequences of the diet you’ve… Continue Reading

Chocolate Milk a Gift with Better Nutrition than Sport Drinks and Kreativ Blogger Award

I was reading this news again about health & fitness – chocolate related… yummmm that called my attention. The appealing data is recurrently coming over and over, from time to time since several years ago. Here it was published too chocolate milk: the new sports drink? The interesting point is for general active people (not… Continue Reading

Poll: Which Are Your Preferred Salads? and Sweet Tooth Poll Results

The poll about the level of your sweet tooth has ended with very interesting responses and votes!Several different sweet points were in the comments…by the way thanks to every one! The result about your Sweet Tooth: Huge – Immense : 11 (40%)Middle Range: 7 (25%)Little – Petit: 7 (25%)No Way: 2 (7%) Conclusion: although there’s… Continue Reading