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Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle 8 Weeks – Change Your Starvation Diet

Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Each week, follow these simple tips for a healthy lifestyle and create new healthy habits to reduce the risk of getting sick from some chronic diseases and also start to live healthier and more fun life. Plus, learn how some small changes can help you to lose your belly fats. Remember, you do not need…

Complex Carbs and Low GI Foods Promote Health

Good carb and Bad carb

  There is a difference between good or complex and bad or simple carbohydrates. Good carbs promote health, get absorbed slowly into the body, and help us to avoid blood sugar level fluctuations and spikes. Bad carbs are in the form of processed and refined carbohydrates and include refined grains, added sugar, and white sugar….

10 Ways and Tips To Lose Belly Fat

tips to lose belly fat

  There isn’t special diet, a magic pill or something that will quickly melt excess fat in your stomach. Eating healthy plus more physical activity, and practicing these two things in a while, is a winning combination for losing belly fat. Although for our body look usually we think during the spring period, because everyone…

Launching a Health, Wellness or Weight Loss Website – WP Themes, Plugins and Tips

Healthy Weight

  If all you have at the moment are vast knowledge and experience in the field of health, wellness or weight loss and an immense desire to share all that with those who need advice and support, you are off to a good start. However, a lack of programming knowledge can hinder your efforts, because…

Fitness Self-Motivation in Social Media Community

Fitness self motivation social

  Everyone wants to be fit and healthy and everyone wants to be happy with their physical appearance, but, despite the truth of that statement, there is no doubt that trends like obesity and sedentary lifestyles are often winning out over that desire for many people. Waistlines are growing, food is becoming ever more processed…

Fine Wine and its Fine Health Benefits

Red wine benefits for health

Most individuals choose to drink wine because of its delicious flavor, aroma and texture. These are three factors that any experienced wine drinker will stress the importance of. However, recent medical studies and reports are now linking wine consumption to numerous health benefits. So before you go questioning the negative impact of that second or…

Determining Your Body Shape and How to Make the Best of It

Determine Your Body Shape

  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and though people come in numerous shapes and sizes, the truth is that there’s no one ‘perfect’ body type. The three main categories: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph, each have different characteristics.     Let’s First Look at These Three Body Types in Detail:   1. Ectomorph:…

Why Should I Take Statins if I Can Lower My Cholesterol Naturally?

How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

High cholesterol is a serious problem that often requires intervention from a doctor to help lower the numbers. When cholesterol levels are too high, the risk of heart attack and stroke rises dramatically when compared to those who have normal or low cholesterol levels. While statin drugs are commonly used for cholesterol, it does have…