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The Truth About Chocolate and Health Benefits

* This is a guest post by Kitty Holman Recently, chocolate has been getting mixed reviews from physicians, scientists, and mothers across the country. For years, people blamed the sugary confection for their expanding waist lines, acne problems, and caffeine jitters. But more research is being presented that claims not all chocolate is this sinister,… Continue Reading

Celebrity Eating Habits

  When it comes to celebrity lifestyles, celebrity food habits are as interesting as celebrity fashion, dating, tattoos and celebrity offspring. Take Angelina Jolie, for instance, mother of six with fellow celebrity, Brad Pitt. Though a self-proclaimed McDonald’s and Cheerios junkie, Jolie kicks it up a notch when training for action roles, such as Laura… Continue Reading

Vitamin C in The News

* This is a guest post by Charlotte Walker Health and healthy food gets lots of coverage in the media, and rightly so considering the obesity and diet problems that many nations face. However, it can often be difficult to sort the truth from the hype: what are the stories we should pay attention to?… Continue Reading

Sweet Dessert Recipes for Picnic

* This is a guest post by Chen Sweet-tasting foods are often associated with desserts. However, sweet taste can also be found in fruits, milk, grains, and some vegetables. By nature, the taste of sweetness in food is moist and cooling. That is why combining sweet taste with any of the picnic ideas on food… Continue Reading